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The Mass In Grams Of 5.00 Mol Of Oxygen. The Molar Mass Of Oxygen Is 16. G/Mol

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Oxygen is the only component in the air that helps humans and all other living animals to breath. The gas oxygen is a colorless gas, which is also odorless.  The chemical element with the symbol ‘O’ and with 8 atomic number is known as the Oxygen. Atomic number is the number of protons that the nucleus of the oxygen has. Isotopes determines the neutron number and the stable isotopes of the oxygen has 8, 9 and 10 number of neutrons respectively. The group in the periodic table of which the Oxygen member is known as chalcogen group. It is nonmetal which highly reactive and oxygen is also agent of oxidization that forms oxides when oxygen reacts with other compounds and most of the elements. When oxygen is compared by the mass, it has been seen that, in the universe the element is the third most abundant. The first two elements are the hydrogen and the helium respectively. Dioxygen is formed when the two atoms of the oxygen is bonded in the standard pressure and temperature. In the whole earth’s atmosphere, the element oxygen occupies around 20.8% of the atmosphere. After observing the crust of the Earth, it has been found that the element including the oxides makes up Earth’s half crust. The operation of the cellular respirations is completely dependent in the Dioxygen. Many organic molecules of the living organisms including major classes of the molecules have the presence of the oxygen. The examples of the organic molecules are the proteins, fats, carbohydrates and nucleic acids. Living animals has inorganic compounds such as teeth, shells and bone. The inorganic compounds have the oxygen as the major constituent. A human body consists of 90% of the water and as the water contains oxygen thus, oxygen makes up the living organism’s most of the mass. The animals are the only alive because of the oxygen and water as the oxygen is the major component. The amount of oxygen is consistently being replenished in the atmosphere because of the photosynthesis. The procedure of the photosynthesis is done by the plants with the help of the sunlight which available in the day, the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and the water. The ratio of the oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is stable because of the photosynthesis. The element cannot remain free in the air as the oxygen is too much reactive chemically. Ozone is another form the element oxygen and the ozone is known as the allotrope of the oxygen. The advantage of the ozone is that the element has the power of absorbing the radiation of the ultraviolet ray, which comes from the sun and very much harmful to the living organisms and creatures of the Earth. The gas ozone is present at the atmosphere as a layer, which is covering the entire earth and protecting the Earth’s biosphere from the high-altitude. However, the presence of the ozone at the surface level is considered as the pollutant as the ozone in ground level is smog’s by product.

The first discovery of the element oxygen was happened in the year of 1773. The scientist Carl Wilhelm Scheele discovered the oxygen. A year after, which is in the year of 1774, the scientist Joseph Priestley from Wiltshire also found the oxygen. They both are known as the joint discover of the element oxygen though the priority of the discovery is credited to the Joseph Priestley as the publication of his discovery of the element came first. In the published work, Joseph Priestley called the element as "dephlogisticated air". Also, in his published work the element was not considered as the chemical element. Antoine Lavoisier was the first person to call the element as oxygen and recognized the element as a chemical element in the year of 1777. There are numerous use of the oxygen, which includes plastics, wielding, cutting, brazing, steel, life support, diving, submarines, spaceflight.

Every element occupies some space in real life, thus, they have mass. In the field of the chemistry, the molar mass is known as the sample’s mass of a chosen compound and it is divided by the substance amount that the sample has. Usually, the measurement of the mass is done in the moles. The molar mass is the bulk substance property however not molecular. A compound has many instances and the average of them is the molar mass. The mass sometimes varies because of the presence of the isotopes of that compound. The molar mass is the average of the terrestrial as the computation of the molar mass is done from the atomic weights in standard form. The conversion between the substance mass and substance amount in bulk quantities cannot be done by the molar mass, as it is inappropriate. Often the molar mass is referred as the molecular weight as it is a very common synonym. In the case of the compounds that are non-molecular, the usage of molar mass is often referred as the formula weight. The features of the molar mass is that the size of the sample does not determine the molar mass. The molar mass is defined as the substance’s intensive property. The kg/mol is the molar mass’s base unit in the SI unit but the most of the times the molar mass is expressed as the g/mol for some historical reasons. The average mass of one molecule is equal numerically to the compound’s molar mass. Example of molar mass is, water’s molecules average mass is 18.0153 daltons and 18.0153 g/mol is the molar mass of the water. The common symbol for the molar mass is M.

Here in the problem, the mass of the oxygen have to be determined. The mass of the 5.00 mol of oxygen need to be figured out. Provided the molar mass of the oxygen is 16 g/mol. Here, in this problem, we have the number of moles and the molar mass provided. Hence, the required mass of the oxygen in grams is 5 x 16 = 80g.


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