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What Are The 4 Chinese Dynasties? Was The Tang Dynasty Ad Or Bc?

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The four major dynasty in chine are the Shang dynasty, Zhou dynasty, Han dynasty, and sui dynasty. The brief details of every dynasties are given below:

Shang dynasty 

The Shang dynasty was focused in the northern china and did not cover much of the china, it is considered as one of the first true dynasties. it had a large cultural influence on the area provides written evidences that offers a view on the world around them, and has archeological evidence to support the existence of the dynasty. The Shang dynasty consists of the of the city-states that had large palaces, temples and other buildings and industrial areas, which was surrounded by houses. The dynasty was ruled by kings who are very popular for two reasons, their military supremacy and there religious reasons.

In Shang religion the king has a priestly role in the worship of the  high god Di and the royal ancestors. It was felt that the king could best communicate with his own royal ancestors and the royal ancestors communicate with the Di. It was during the Shang dynasty the writing was first introduced in the Chinese civilization. The writing began as pictographic in nature and later turned into more compel ideographic writing method. Most of the writing manuscripts of the Shang dynasty was lost as these were written in the bamboo strips. However, some of the writing were found in the bronze pieces and oracle bones.

Zhou dynasty 

In 1050, the Zhou captured the dynasty and dethroned the king of the Shang dynasty, which vastly increase the Chinese dynasty. The Zhou wrote of their successful conquest as victory of just and sober warriors. The Zhou dynasties have large number of great warriors that help them to win the battles against the enemies. The war strategy of the Zhou warriors was very innovative, that confused the enemies, and they give up their fight in front of the Zhou warriors.  The political arrangement of the city-states continued in the Zhou dynasty. however rather than attempting to rule all the territories like the Shang rulers did , the Zhou rulers sent out trusted the member of the family or subordinates with the troops to construct walled garrisons in the territories. If it was not possible to send a trusted person the emperor knew, local chiefs were appointed as the emperor’s representatives. During the Zhou dynasty, many of the important philosophical ideas and philosophers that would define china through the centuries came into being.

Confucianism, which was founded by Confucius in the 5th and 4th centuries BC, provided moral principles for the Chinese society, which emphasized both the family as microcosm of society and filial piety within the family and the society. Confucianism also purported that the government could benefit the people by acting as a sort of figurehead to its family or society. Confucius‘s ideas on family and society were developed and spread by his followers, specially Mencius, and continued to have a very influential role on the china for almost 2000 years. The two other philosophies that were founded during the Zhou dynasty were Daoism and legalism.

Han dynasty

The Han dynasty was marked by the appointment in the administration based on their merit rather than birth, military expansion and the development of the Silk Road. It was during the Han dynasty the principles of the Confucian theory were applied and therefore the men of this dynasty were trained under the theory of the Confucianism and the principle of the Confucianism become very popular in china.

The Confucian principles of self restrain concern for others, ritual devotion to principle and filial piety were recognized as  being the most important traits in the government officials.  The focus on Confucianism led to the wide spread of the education of the young men in the confusion thought. The wide spread education become very popular and most of the Chinese people in this period become very knowledgeable and that become a very important factor of the development of the Chinese socio economic condit5ion at that time.

It was during this time that the government becomes more bureaucratic in nature than the previous dynasty. The Han dynasty also increases the size of the Chinese territory and influence to the west and the south. During the Han dynasty the nomadic tribe banded together and invaded china. This led the Han dynasty to send troop to conquer the nomadic tribes and extend the Han territory in order to obtain new allies and extra supplies to the military. The expansion also results in the discovery of the new areas for trading of Chinese goods.

Sui dynasty

After the fall of the Han dynasty the Sui dynasty evolved, china was plunged into 400 years of political division without one group being able to gain firm control over all the territories in china.  The Sui dynasty (581-617) and then the tang dynasty were able to reunify china and strengthen the government structure. During the sui dynasty the administrative control of the government of china increased rapidly and that brings more economical development in the china. To further unify china a new law has been introduced by the sui dynasty that combined the legal traditions of the north and southern parts of the Chinese dynasty. During the sui dynasty civil service examination were introduced that create a large body of administrative personnel that was chosen based on the merit rather than the privilege or connections. The examination focused on the Confucian classics, thus ensuring that the men appointed to civil service positions were well versed in the Confucian ideology.

While many of the highly sophisticated family in china try to apply their power and give their children confusion method of education to their children but the Han dynasty many people from lower ladder of the society get the opportunity to get education from the confusion methods. Buddhism started to gain popularity during the tang dynasty and the people of china started to follow the principles of Buddhism. The Buddhist monks provided school for children of class of the society and united the Chinese people to become one of the most powerful civilizations in the entire world.

Song dynasty

The end of the tang dynasty saw the disintegration of the centralized political and military power. Local warlords who were able to defend against the rebels and the bandits, they took control of the local and regional areas. During the song dynasty, the military power of china developed rapidly and that lead to the further extension of the Chinese territory. The ruler of the song dynasty was very aggressive in nature and they strongly protect the Chinese territories from the attack of the invaders. The famous ruler of the song dynasty was taizu who removed all the military governors and appoint civil officials to control the military forces of china this decision has made china very powerful and lead to capture more areas that were previously captured by the rebels and the invaders. During this dynasty, many technical improvements were made.

Unlike the tang dynasty, the song dynasty was more politically stable. The economic situation of china also developed during the song dynasty. The economic development of the song dynasty was because of the expansion of the rice cultivation. The rice cultivation allowed the population to double between 750 and 1100. The huge increase in the population and the agricultural prosperity due to the rice cultivation helped to bring about the growth of the commercialization and the growth of the economy. With the growth in the economic prosperity, women’s life vastly changed, especially in the upper class of the society.

Upper class women started to read and write, thus enabling them to write letters, write poetry, and teach their children. In addition to that, women received greater legal claims ton property. Orphaned daughters were given a share of the family’s property to be used as their dowries they bought into their marriage. With the improvements of the life style of the women, the entire socio economic structure of china changed and that lead to the huge improvement in the life structure of the Chinese people.

Was the Tang Dynasty AD or BC?

The tang dynasty was formed in between 581 AD to 617 AD so from this evidence it can be said that the tang dynasty was from AD and not BC.

What did the Qin and Han dynasties have in common? How were the Qin and Han Dynasty similar?

There are many common factors between the Qin dynasty and the Han dynasty some of the major factors that are common between the two dynasties are stated below:

Both the dynasty contributed in the development of the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall of China is the most remarkable thing that china have and both the dynasty helped in the development of t5he great wall of china. The Great Wall of China was designed during the Han dynasty and the Qin dynasty helped to complete the construction of the great wall of the china.

Both the dynasties economy largely on trading goods and that lead to the improvements of the economical situation of the country. The trading system was very effectively used by the two dynasties and the rulers used all the resources to make the goods more marketable and tradable. The trading methods were used by high efficiency and that makes china as one of the largest economically developed country in the world at that time.

Both the dynasty used the bureaucracy method for ruling and that effects the development of the socio economic structure of china at that time. The control of the king was very strong and that creates fear in the mind of the common people of china.

Both the dynasties split there land into provinces and that help the dynasties to rule more effectively and taker control of all the affairs of the country. All the matters of the country can be monitored effectively and  for that reason the dynasties ruled for longtime.

Both the dynasties believed in legalism and for that reason they have bring many new rules and laws that help them to control the common people and to rule effectively.

Which Chinese dynasties were Confucian?

The confusing theory was started from the Zhou dynasty. The Confucian principles get immense popularity during the Zhou dynasty and every young people of china at that time stated the principles of the Confucian theory. The theory give highly advanced education methods among the children of the china and teach them how to maintain a peaceful and simple life. The confusion principle helps to remove the old traditional methods of living life and thought to the Chinese people ton live with unity and not to make discrimination on the basis of caste or social or economical position. Due to the Confucian theory the Zhou dynasty make huge progress and during that time the entire life style of china changed and become one of the most powerful country in the world.

Was the Qin Dynasty successful

Qin dynasty was the first unified, multinational, and power centralized dynasty in the Chinese history. It lasted from the 221 BC to 207 BC. Although the dynasty survived for a short span of 15 years, the dynasty paly an important role in the history of china and it exerted great influence on the following dynasties. Only the two emperor Qin Shi Huang and his son Hu Hai ever ruled the dynasties , which was lastly overthrown by the people’s uprising.

During the late warring state period the state of Qin was in its full development. when yingzheng was in his reign he defeated the other six states and bring an end in the chaos caused by wars among vassals that had lasted over 500 years.

Though it cannot be said that the Qin dynasty was not that successful due to the cruel behavior of the king and his ancestors but the dynasty also implemented some strong measures that lead to bring unity among the people of china. The Qin dynasty will be remembered for the strict laws and the concept of the construction of the Great Wall of China came first during the Qin dynasty.


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