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What Is A Team Charter? The Key Elements Of It: Purpose and Importantance Of A Team Charter

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A Team Charter

The document that is constructed in a scenario of group setting and simplifies direction for the team with the establishment of boundaries is known as Team charter. The construction of a team charter is initiated in the early phase of developing a team. The designing of a team charter should be executed during group sessions for the purpose of encouraging a level of understanding in the team. The main purpose of team charter is to act as a base, standard or source for direction and focus for the team members. Another purpose of team charter is to educate other group of employees like, leaders and managers regarding the set principles for a specific team. Team charters offers various benefits, it helps in reducing misperception regarding the objectives of team and helps the leaders in framing training programs. The team charter also offers help in eliminating or reducing risks of modification or in-correction, thereby facilitating an effective execution of performance for teams.  The main purposes of team formation can be represented by the help of team charters as it explains the objectives, procedures, schedule and expected outcome for the constructed team. Team charters act as roadmaps for teams and helps with the initiation of journey in ensuring a clear goal and drive for performing required tasks. The direction from the team charter allows an individual to understand the possibility of challenges in the route of accomplishing goals. Designing team charters at the beginning of journey helps with the right direction of team and helps in executing the first step towards the required task. Team charters reflect versatile applications as it can also be constructed during the identification of problems within a team. Team charters can help identify the cause of the problems by presenting required standard and procedure in alignment of the objectives. Team charters can help the team with issues; regain their direction towards productive outcome.

Elements of a team charter

The key constituents of team charter can be represented as:

  • Team purpose or context: The main reason behind the construction of the team or the identification process of the issues in an already existing team. This element can also present an overview of the overall objective of the team formation. An overview of the result will also be incorporated in this section of the team charter. The importance of forming a team will be explained in the element of purpose.
  • Objectives and mission: The exhaustive list of the objectives and mission will be mentioned in this section. This section or element can help the team members to understand the main objectives of required tasks and will offer clarity regarding the significance of efforts towards the mentioned direction. This section will present a clear set of agenda for the team.
  • Duration: This element will demonstrate the required amount of time, in which a team will be functioning together. The duration of the operation of team will be scheduled depending on the number of members for achieving the purpose of the team, the existence of capability and the set standards.
  • Composition and roles: Effectiveness of teams is dependent on experiences and skills required for executing specific tasks, approach towards the set objectives with wide-range of backgrounds, sufficient or effective number of people for performing a job. Allocating different role to each team member depending on the level of experience, skill and background can lead to a productive start for the team. Aligning specific roles with the set objectives and mission will majorly influence the efforts towards effective outcome.
  • Members: A detailed list regarding the team members and leader is crucial for better understanding on ‘who’ to approach.
  • Scope: The clear explanation of scope can present parameters for designing team efforts and training programs.  
  • Authorities and limitations: The authoritative boundaries and specified limitation can act as a guide of framing ‘what not to do’ and helps in setting priorities. Limitations can also help in addressing conflicting situations. Constraints will help in setting budget regarding money and time.
  • Support and resources: This element can help in listing the required resources and assistance available for the team. The resources may include required equipment, human resources, departmental support, financial aid and technology support. The assistance from human resource depicts the support from different functional areas like, finance, IT and Human Resource department (in case of extra requirement of team members).
  • Desired outcome: This section or element act as a base for the team members in scheduling or/and designing their efforts in accordance with the final outcome. This step will involve the clear understanding of goals and objectives amongst team members.
  • Operations: This section will clearly state the operational plan of the team on how to function on a day-to-day basis.
  • Reporting plan: This element will represent the form and procedure of reporting progress. This will present a structure of presenting a detailed report of progress. This element of the team charter will demonstrate the effectiveness of the specified procedure and will help in identifying issues (if any).
  • Deliverables: The definition of the outcome can be explained through desired outcome. The detailed information of the Key performance indicators will be explained in this section or element. The documentation of the key deliverables and key performance indicator will help in the designing of assessment criteria for the team performance.
  • Links: The link of the constructed team with different other functional department in the form of assistance and/or application will be specified in this section or element.

Importance Of team charter

The importance of team charter is listed below:

  • Team charter helps in establishing a shared vision for the team, which helps in building teamwork and combines/collaborates the efforts of each team members towards the desired goal.
  • Team charter represents offers clarity in the understanding of the team members and leaders regarding responsibilities and roles in performing specific function in the team.
  • Team charter frames clear and transparent scope with associated milestones for the team members and team leaders, which can help in developing a strategic vision for the team performance.
  • Team charter also helps in building an effective route or basis of communication by involving different functional teams, leader, managers and stakeholders in a common ground.
  • Sourcing and allocating resources becomes easier in case of the presence of team charter as it lists the required number of team members, significance of departmental support, financial support and required equipment for the process of understanding the allotment.

Purpose of the Charter

The main purpose of the team charter is:

  • To understand the objectives and mission of performing a task
  • To clarify the reason for constructing a team
  • To understand the required number of people in a team for the purpose of accomplishing desired goals or objectives
  • To present a basis for designing training programs and leadership style for a specific task
  • To understand the required resources and assistance for accomplishing desired objective
  • To develop an understanding of the issues or concerns amongst the team members for while assessing the alignment of team activity with set standards
  • For understanding the direction of team efforts
  • For understanding the level of team dependency on other support areas
  • To develop effective communication system in an organization or venture
  • To understand the skills, capabilities, roles and experiences of each team member for a specified task
  • For executing desired tasks by motivating and engaging members
  • For identifying the gap in understanding the employee involvement rate by assessing the actual and desired value

A team charter example

Example of team charter:

  • Purpose: The main purpose of the team is to increase cooperation between business establishments of the multinational company
  • Objectives and mission: The main objective is to build a team with different backgrounds and from different functional areas of the company. The mission is to enhance the level of cohesion amongst various branches existent in different part of the world.
  • Duration: The duration for accomplishing the desired goal is 6 months.
  • Composition and roles: Composing team from employees of each establishment and assigning roles depending on the functional background in the company.
  • Members: A participant from every single branch along with a team leader and Human Resource manager from each country.
  • Scope: The scope of the task will majorly influence all the functional department of the business
  • Authorities and limitations: Top management and a budget of 5000 dollars.
  • Support and resources: 5000 dollars, Human resources from all the functional departments and IT and technology support
  • Desired outcome: Multicultural and productive cohesiveness throughout the multinational organization.
  • Operation plan: The tasks will be executed by bringing in the designed team in the headquarters and implementing different challenges for building trust and understanding of each country’s efforts
  • Reporting plan: Top management at headquarters
  • Deliverables: Increased collaboration and increase productivity
  • Links: Link with other departments


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