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What Is Meant By Aerobic Respiration? Explain How This Process Works

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What is meant by aerobic respiration?

Aerobic respiration is the process living things undergo to use food energy. Here, we will investigate the definition, the steps of the process, what goes in and what comes out of the process, and the chemical formula. Get ready to breathe

Aerobic Respiration:

Take a deep exhale. Does one feel it? Each time you breathe element and exhale CO2, you are exchanging gases that are a vital a part of your energy metabolism. we have a tendency to don't ordinarily equate element and respiratory with metabolizing food, nonetheless the latter cannot occur while not the previous.

Most living organisms bear this method, from one-celled bacterium to the multi-celled whalebone whale. whereas several microorganisms will accomplish this task at intervals their single cell, we tend to larger microorganisms have evolved body organs dedicated to expeditiously getting enough atomic number 8, and eliminating enough carbonic acid gas, to bear enough aerobic respiration to fuel our massive, advanced selves.

Respiration is the metabolic process of most living things in which food molecules or glucose are turned into usable energy for the cell, called ATP. Respiration is the anti-process to photosynthesis, the process in which plants use sunlight and carbon dioxide to build food molecules releasing oxygen as a waste product.

During aerobic respiration, oxygen is present and helps the process to crank out energy very efficiently. Some organisms can also undergo anaerobic respiration, in which oxygen is absent, and a somewhat less efficient method of metabolism takes place. While photosynthesis takes place in the chloroplasts of plant and algae cells, aerobic respiration takes place in the cytoplasm, or the gooey inner cell space and mitochondria of all eukaryotic cells.

The Steps of Aerobic Respiration:

It starts with a sugar. An organism takes in carbohydrates for energy, and the digestion process breaks the carbs down into their smallest units, glucose, a type of sugar molecule. Cells then make energy by breaking the glucose molecule down and releasing its electrons, which are later used to help crank out ATP. There are three main steps in this process.

There are three main steps in this process. It begins with glycolysis. During glycolysis, the 6-carbon glucose molecule undergoes a series of reactions that break it down into two 3-carbon pyruvate molecules. The purpose of this process is to release electrons from the bonds in the glucose, which are scooped up by an acceptor molecule called NAD+, turning it into NADH when it accepts the electrons. In this process, two molecules of ATP are made. This step occurs in the cytoplasm, and the pyruvate and NADH molecules then enter the mitochondria for the next step.

The next phase of aerobic respiration is the citric acid cycle, also known as the Kreb's cycle, named for the biochemist who discovered it. To prepare for this stage, the pyruvate molecules from glycolysis are converted to a 2-carbon compound called Acetyl CoA. What happened to the third carbon? You just exhaled it in the form of carbon dioxide.

With each turn of the cycle, the Acetyl CoA is broken down and rebuilt into carbon chains. The purpose is to extract electrons from them and generate more ATP, similar to the more simple process of glycolysis. NAD+ is used again to pick up the electrons released, as is another acceptor molecule, FADH, which becomes FADH2 when reduced. These acceptor molecules get loaded up with electrons, like cargo trucks, and carbon dioxide is released as the carbon chains are broken down and new Acetyl CoA comes in. Exhale.

Different Parts of Aerobic Respiration


The first step of aerobic respiration is glycolysis -- which can also be the first step of anaerobic respiration, as oxygen is not expressly required. Here, glucose is converted into pyruvic acid through several enzyme-driven reactions that use the energy of two ATP molecules per one glucose molecule. Glycolysis creates four ATP molecules, however, so there is a net gain of two ATP molecules by the end of the reactions. Glycolysis transpires in a cell’s cytoplasm, the liquid surrounding membrane-enclosed organelles.

Krebs cycle:

The Krebs citric acid cycle transforms the pyruvic acid generated in glycolysis into molecules of two coenzymes, NADH2 and FADH2, and produces two molecules of ATP for every one molecule of original glucose. In addition, the Krebs citric acid cycle creates carbon dioxide -- six molecules of it per one glucose. All this occurs within the “power-house” organelles called mitochondria.

Final Step:

Two more reactions, often married together because of their interconnected nature, finish off aerobic respiration: the electron-transport chain and oxidative phosphorylation. These steps are the ones relying directly on oxygen, which is used as an electron acceptor during the electron-transport chain, which takes place in the interior mitochondrial membranes.

Oxygen is indirectly important in aerobic respiration for glycolysis and the Krebs cycle, because NADH2 and FADH2 are transformed into more basic coenzymes used to drive some of the reactions in those earlier steps.

ATP Production:

Electrons are juggled from one compound to another, finally being transferred to oxygen, and this produces water. The electron-transport chain and oxidative phosphorylation transform adenosine diphosphate, ADP, into ATP: three molecules, conceivably, from the passage of each pair of electrons through the cycle. All things considered, aerobic respiration could theoretically generate roughly 34 ATP molecules from every one of glucose.

Waste Removal:

Aerobic respiration creates a number of other products besides ATP. Some of this cycle back into the process, as the NAD and FAD coenzymes recreated from NADH2 and FADH2 during the electron-transport chain. However, the carbon dioxide generated during the Krebs citric acid cycle and the water generated from the electron-transport chain are waste products that must be removed from the body.


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