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What Is Thunderstorm? The Stages and Causes Of A Thunderstorm

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Thunderstorm is characterized by the presence of lightening with thunder and heavy rain. It is also known as electrical storm. The effect of such lightening on the atmosphere is considered as thunder. It is imperative to note in this context that Thunderstorms can happen with the presence of cloud, which is known as cumulonimbus. Strong wind and heavy rain are some of the major characteristics of thunderstorm. Squall line is the major type, in which of thunderstorm may happen at the series of time. It is worth to mention here that severe of thunderstorm may incorporate dangerous phenomena on environment such as strong wind, large hail and tornado.  Thunderstorm usually occur at afternoon or evening especial;;y in the summer or spring. Due to making thunderous loud noise, it is being considered as thunderstorm.

There is different type of thunderstorms. Mesoscale Convective Systems (MCSs) is the major type of thunderstorm, which is a collection of multiple thunderstorms which may act as one and arise at a broader range. This can affect an entire state and may happen for more than half of a day. Single-cell is another vital type of thunderstorm, which is comparatively small and week and can happen for 30 to 60 minutes. The possible time of this type of thunderstorm is summer afternoon. Super cell is comparatively long lived thunderstorm, which can result in raising air current, which can have critical impact on the vegetation. Multi-cell is another vital type of thunderstorm, which can cover many miles and may last for long period time. This can produce hail and strong wind. The chances of flooding are comparatively high in this type of thunderstorm. However, it is imperative to note here that mesoscale convective systems MCSS) is one of the most dangerous types of thunderstorm, which can have a devastating effect on the entire state.     

Moisture, unstable air and lifting mechanism are some of the major factors that can form dangerous thunderstorm. Thunderstorm can consist of two different types of writing, which include cloud-to-ground lightning and In-cloud lightning. Cloud-to-ground lightning discharges majority types of lightening, which move from the sky to the ground, which can have critical impact on vegetation, mankind along with infrastructure. This type of lightening can affect the power line and can pose a major threat for the people outside.

In-cloud lightning is also a major type of lightening which can discharge more than 80% of light. However, this type of lightening never drops in the ground and moves from air to air. It is relatively less dangerous, still requires constant monitoring. It is worthy to mention here that tornadoes, hail and wind gusts are some of the major types of thunderstorms, being formed by this in-cloud lightning. Total lightening is another important type of lightening in thunderstorm. This is a combination of cloud-to-ground and in-cloud light. It has been reported that, during 2017, the rate of lightning strike as detected by earth network is 106,348,251 each of which has resulted in injury and even death. Thunderstorm generally travels from approximately more than 4 miles within a second. The fundamental reason, behind measuring this ratio is that, it helps in determining the probable time, by which thunderstorm may happen.

Thunderstorms is the most uncontrollable an unpredictable phenomena related to weather, which can have a devastating impact on the environment. It may happen at any point of time, during the afternoon of summer and spring. Both severe and non-severe thunderstorm goes through three different stages. The Towering Cumulus Stage is the initial stage of a thunderstorm. Cumulus is one of the most non-threatening types of cloud, from which thunderstorms form initially. It is true that this ideology to initial formation of thunderstorms is quite contradictory. Still, thermal instability is the fundamental factor to trigger cumulus and thus form thunderstorm. Thermal is the very process from which the non-threatening cloud is being formed. Due to the heat from sun, there are some of the areas in the earth, which get warm faster than that of others. This eventually decreases the density of water and causes to form cloud. This cloud evaporates easily in the dry air. If such situation happens for longer period of time, it can moist the air and promote growth of the cloud. In this stage, the normal cumulous cloud can develop into cumulonimbus and can go to the height of 6km. In this longer height, the cloud crosses the freezing zone. This is the way, through which precipitation is being formed initially. The inclusion of precipitation accelerates the weight of the air and thereby drags the air into ground. This creates a downward detection to the air, which is defined as downdraft     

 The mature stage is the second imperative stage of forming thunderstorm, in which heavy and gusty wind generally felt in the surface. The downdraft of the storm is one of the major causes behind these two weather condition. The tine, when the cloud reaches to the surface, it spreads easily. This can ne considered as gust front, which is the fundamental reason behind cool and breezy weather condition. Both updraft and downdraft of storm happens together, which leads the cloud to enlarge continuously. It has been observed that, sometimes sometime, the stormy region reaches into the lower level of stratosphere. At the time, when the updraft reaches to that height, this can spread into sideways, which can result in anvil top and thus create ice crystals. At the time, when the cooler or drier air began to form outside, the cloud begins to incorporate with that of the cloud environment.

The Dissipating Stage is the final stage of thunderstorm. In this stage, the cooler air outside from the cold environment penetrates the developing storm cloud. This is the reason, for which the downdraft of the storm easily overtakes the updraft. This overtake leads the moist air to strengthen its structure and leads the storm to be weak. Therefore, in this stage, more smudged cloud is being appeared.

 The entire lifecycle process of thunderstorm generally takes not more than 30 minutes. The storm may happen in accordance with the type of thunderstorm. Cumulonimbus is one of the most significant factors to create thunderstorm, which produce gusty air. Moistures unstable air and lift are also some of the major factors that can result in thunderstorm. Oceans are the major source from which moisture in the air forms. Thus, the areas near to the oceans are highly moisture. The intensity of moisture in the air plays a major role in creating thunderstorm. In addition to that, unstable weather also forms warm, moist air close to the ground, which is another vital reason behind thunderstorm. Different air density results in creating lift, which is utterly a great threat towards the atmosphere and can create thunderstorm. The combination of strong and downward wind can result in severe thunderstorm.

However, thunderstorm cannot be considered as severe all the time. A thunderstorm can be characterized as severe when it produces strong hail, the diameter of which is more than 1 inch or larger, wind greater than 58 mph and funnel cloud or tornado. Severe thunderstorm can also be accelerates ahead of cold fronts, in which strong contradiction m between cold wind and hot wind is being happened. Lightning strikes, hail, driving rain and wind gust are some of the obvious outcomes of severe thunderstorm. Lightning strike can pose major threat for the human being, which can even injure or kill the people. At the same time, lightning can also affect entire vegetation. Cloud-to-ground strikes can result in sudden outbreak of fire, break the branches of tree and create sudden power cut. The size of wind gust during thunderstorm can be more than 100 mph, which can have devastating effect on the earth. Tornados are most significant type of thunderstorm, which can have a firm impact on buildings. This can damage the entire infrastructure of a state in most devastating manner. Hail is also a major type of thunderstorm, which can also have devastating effect. Based on its size, it can damage the home or car or even kill the animal or plantation. The occurrence of rainfall due to thunderstorm can result in flash flooding. Sometimes, it can take the dangerous form like hurricanes or lightning, which come quickly without any kind of warning. It can sweep people or car easily.

Thunderstorm is extreme dangerous and unpredictable which can really have alarming effect. Thus, it is imperative to give the people with proper protection from thunderstorm. Mobile Alerts is one of the most popular ways, through which effective weather warning system can be implemented. This is the great decision maker, which can generate increased awareness among the people. This is the way, though which people can take necessary protection whenever they are. Desktop Alerts is another major type of weather warning mechanism. This can make to easy for the decision makers of business, which is located into multiple locations to set multiple alerts at the challenging time.  


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