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Teaching Plan for Client Learning Needs in Professional Nursing Care

To provide an opportunity for the student to create a teaching plan that will meet the learning needs of a client.

You are assessed on how you apply the following General Learning Outcomes:

? Integrate the nursing metaparadigm, nursing theory, and related knowledge into professional nursing care

? Apply principles of teaching and learning to basic nursing care and to client teaching

? Demonstrate application of a teaching plan for personal and professional growth and continued competence

? Examine research findings that support evidence of informed practice in the delivery of basic nursing care. Choose a scenario from the list below.

Mrs. Rosenshine is 64 years old living independently in condo and was diagnosed with diabetes twenty years ago. Her diabetes has been managed with Metformin 500 mg BID and diet up until a recent HgbA1C result of 10 last week and therefore has just been prescribed a long acting basal insulin pen. She is a 3 cigarette a day smoker and has had Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) for the last 10 years, is on oxygen and uses a Ventolin Inhaler prn. Mrs Rosenshine requires glasses to read however due to her financial situation has not been able to afford her new prescription for the last 2 years. She lives with her best friend, her little dog who often barks a lot.

You are caring for Robin, a 73 year old recently admitted to continuing care after having several falls at home. It was determined that Robin recently had a hearing test done and requires a hearing aid. Robin has a history of eczema and currently

Practical Nurse has patches of red, flaky skin on elbows and knees. Robin uses a medicated creamand applies it sporadically. Robin is originally from Nova Scotia and was a fisherman by trade. He has a grade six education.

Mr. Goldblum is 72 years old and lives in a continuing care facility. He has had a recent ischemic stroke and has right-sided weakness. He was also diagnosed with difficulty swallowing. He has a history of hypertension, treated with Ramipril 10 mg daily. He has recently been started on Coumadin due to the stroke, and has an INR
performed weekly. He is on Level 3 thickened fluids. He does not like the thickened fluids and has been asking for regular fluids. His speech was affected by the stroke and at times he is difficult to understand.

• Clearly identify your client and provide an outline that provides the reader with an overview of who your client is, what your teaching plan is about and a brief summary of what you learned from the experience.

• Identify Two learning needs for the client.

• Describe your rationale for each learning need (rationale: assessment data from the scenario)

• From the two identified learning needs, indicate which learning need is the priority for your client and write a knowledge deficit nursing diagnosis for that need.

• Write one goal for this priority learning need.

• Write one expected outcome using SMART Criteria

• Identify two domains of learning that will best fit the teaching method you wish to use for the identified priority learning need. Provide rationale for your choice, and include literature support for each.

• Identify two client barriers that may affect the teaching/learning process and include rationale for each barrier.

• Outline specific educational content (topics) of your teaching plan (what the client should learn). Provide literature support.

• Outline teaching methods to be utilized (including: setting & timing, type of session and specific teaching strategies). Provide literature support.

• Include teaching resources (materials) needed. Provide literature support.

• Ensure your teaching plan is related to the domains of learning you chose in step 5.

? Identify how the client will be evaluated to ensure expected outcome has been achieved.

? Include how the evaluation criteria is related to the chosen domains of learning.

For cognitive domain learning, evaluation may include questioning the client, having the client explain what was taught, or providing a written test/quiz. For psychomotor domain learning, evaluation would involve having the client do a return demonstration of a task (that is, have the client repeat a task he/she has just been taught). For affective domain learning, evaluate learning through the client’s response(s), attitudes, and feelings expressed.

? Provide literature support for the method of evaluation.

This part of the assignment requires analysis of the teaching process as you apply it to your professional practice as a nurse. Incorporate the following

? Identify and discuss at least two reasons why patient teaching is important in the care of your client.

? Identify and discuss two strengths and two challenges of using this teaching plan.

? Discuss the benefits of developing a teaching plan and how teaching plans will benefit your future practice.

? Literature support provided.

Step 10: Conclusion

Provides a clear and concise conclusion summarizing main points of teaching plan.

This assignment must be typewritten, well-organized (Title page, Introduction, Template, Conclusion, References) and utilize proper writing conventions (see rubric). Submit the Teaching Plan to the assignment dropbox in Moodle.

1. Follows the correct APA format where required [refer to “Start Here” in Moodle for APA resources] including:

a. Title page

b. Introduction and Conclusion

c. Headings

d. In-text citations per APA guidelines

e. Reference page(s) per APA guidelines:

i. Minimum of three (3) references of which, two (2) must be articles from current academic journals.

ii. Journals are to be current to seven (7) years

2. All assignment components must be submitted by the date and time that is communicated to you through your Instructor.

3. Your assignment will be marked using the marking rubric provided.

4. Assignment is to be submitted as a word document, no PDF’s, google docs or Mac pages will be accepted.

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