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The 2011 T?hoku Earthquake and Tsunami Report

Statement of Aim

The 2011 T?hoku Earthquake and Tsunami Report Outline In 2011 a megathrust earthquake occurred off the coast of Japan with a magnitude of 9.0 (Mw). The quake and the resulting tsunami were devastating to Japan. I think that after you have done even a little bit of reading on the subject (Wikipedia is a good place to start) that you will agree that this was a regional catastrophe. Although we have evidence that large megathrust earthquakes have occurred in the past (e.g. Vancouver Island, see class notes), this event is the 5th largest earthquake recorded with modern instruments – it is intriguing to see how modern society is affected by and deals with an event of this magnitude. Your assignment is to write a scientific report about the environmental, health and/or societal impacts of the T?hoku earthquake and subsequent tsunami (e.g. what were the details of the event, what were the consequences, how did Japan deal with everything?). Below is an outline of what I expect you to cover in your report. As always, use your own words, and follow instructions closely. Introduction Begin by just stating very simple facts – all the details will come in later in the report. Note the time, date and location (a map is essential) of the events You’ll need to include a definition of ‘megathrust earthquakes’ and “tsunami”. You’ll want to provide some introductory facts that will convince the reader that the event was a catastrophe (Your reader will wonder why you are writing about T?hoku so it’s best to explain briefly in the introduction why the event was significant). I suggest that you draw comparisons to other megathrust earthquakes (e.g. Vancouver Island) that have occurred in the past.The T?hoku event was the 5th largest quake in modern history – but what other factors make it significant or unique (again you are trying to convince the reader why T?hoku deserves to be the topic of this assignment). Statement of Aim (this may be a subsidiary heading under Introduction or simply a separate paragraph): just a sentence or two about what the report will cover. The megathrust earthquake and tsunami This is the story of the “main event”. Give the history of the event including more detail than you stated in the Introduction. Provide information on the tectonic setting, the history of the fault zone (past slippages, past damage).What was the sequence of events that led to the megathrust earthquake?What caused the tsunami? How big was the tsunami etc. After you have covered the events consider what has happened since then... what is being monitored?How are aftershocks affecting the region?Include some statement as to potential future earthquakes at this rupture. Dealing with (some of) the consequences of the catastrophe From your readings, you will know that there are many very dire consequences that resulted from the T?hoku events (for example: shore erosion, destruction of buildings, human deaths, debris, loss of communications, failure of three nuclear power plants, loss of transport, and long term health effects... the list goes on). In this section you should discuss the impact of the earthquake/tsunami on the region and choose one or two of these consequences to discuss in further detail. The focus of this section will vary from student to student depending on your research and what interests you.Your goal should be to convince your reader that the T?hoku event was a catastrophe. What is being done now to prevent similar catastrophic consequences in the future? Think hard on this section, do lots of reading, rewrite often.......and write it up with documenting evidence. Conclusions This is a summary of the important parts of the report; neither new material nor personal opinions should be included.

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