case-study   Rolls-Royce Case Study- Competing within a Changing World

When students come across case study writing related to engine manufacturing brand like Rolls-Royce, then they need to keep two things in mind. One thing is Relationship Marketing, and the other is Aero Engines. These engines are products they primarily deal with, but they also manufacture and sell other machinery related products.

Rolls-Royce SWOT Analysis - Marketing Assignment & Essay Help

Some key issues regarding the SWOT Analysis Writing of Rolls-Royce can be stated as follows.The Strength Issue of Rolls-Royce is that it is one of the top power solution providers in the World. Its Weakness Issue is that since the buyers in their field are limited so they at times act as the price makers. Its Opportunity Issue is that it claims to have the best Relationship Marketing in the industry. Its Threat Issue is that it may face competitors from brands that may develop in solutions of other verticals apart from aero engine manufacturing.


Rolls-Royce PESTLE Analysis - Marketing Assignment & Essay Help

The PESTLE Analysis of Rolls-Royce can be described in the following manner.Its Political Issue is good as fourteen nations welcome it for its production facility. It’sEconomic Factor extremely strong as it employees’ more than forty thousand people across nations. Its Social Factor is impressive as it serves in the back end of products related to the transport sector that are part of today’s social fabric. Its Technological Factor is good as it designs engines for marine, air and automobile vehicles through the state of the art design. Its Legal Factor is strong as it adheres to the rules made by ministries like Heavy Industries across nations. Its Environmental Factor is positive as it designs modern engines for transport that enable minimum or no air pollution.

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