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Five Important Chapters of Dissertation

Dissertation is a discussion where students raise an issue and cater suggestions to alter it in a better way. Dissertation is narrative writing routine, where research work is presented to strengthen the findings. Dissertation mainly contains five main chapters and a few additional chapters which carry through the development of writing.

The five main chapters reckoned as most significant part of a dissertation.

Dissertation chapters

Chapter I: Introduction

In the Introduction part, the readers get a brief synopsis of most significant background research on the topic and discuss relevant theories to support the research. Under the heading of Introduction, General Statement of the Problem,Significance of the Thesis, Research Question(s), Limitations and Delimitations, Assumptions, and Definitions of Terms.

Chapter II: Literature Review

Literature Review is outlined to provide information about the literature work that is utilized in your discussions and to present relevant theories. In this part, a student presents convenient answers on the uniqueness of dissertation.

Chapter III: Methodology

The part of Methodology helps the readers to know what the techniques and methods that are used to accomplish the task. This section is

dedicated to give the information on the tools and strategies that helped to signify the stand on the matter. Under the title of Methodology Instrumentation/Data Collection and Data Treatment Procedures are mentioned.

Chapter IV: Findings

In the Findings part, you have to produce the result that you have come across during the research sessions.If your study is quantitative, then figures facts numerical reviews should be mentioned in a proper way. Conclusion and Recommendations for Further Research are discussed in this part.

Chapter V: Conclusions

This part is a brief discussion what you have already presented in your dissertation.Here no new information should be added,and this part entirely reserved to clarify your findings.

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