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What are the essential elements of dissertation abstract?

It is important to consult your tutors to perceive how your dissertation abstract should look like and what should you include in your abstract. The dissertation abstract mainly defines these elements:
I. A reasoned explanation of why you chose the particular subject/problem/question of your dissertation that is being investigated. For example, ‘the dropout rate of students with behavioral challenges has fluffed in five years.’ Here the purpose of your study is to explore the reasons behind students with behavioral challenges leaving schools before graduation. This tells the readers that the researcher saw a problem in this subject and decided to investigate it.
II. A description of the methods you used in your dissertation. This may also cover the literature review process that you went through along with the quantitative and qualitative methods you have utilized.
III. An outline of results covered, mainly what is the outcome of your research? What did it prove and what it did not?
IV. What are the implications of these results? And importantly how they relate to your main subject/topic/question of your dissertation.
V. Any comment on future research possibilities or recommendation related to the subject.

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How to write an abstract?

Dissertation abstract boasts a few components that are essential to build an ideal abstract. If you include these components in your dissertation abstract properly, you will be able to write an abstract that delivers the results you expect. These suggestions are provided by our best dissertation abstract writing experts.

Component#1: Build the background of the study

Use introductory sentences like:
• Examines the roles of…..
• Investigates the effects of…….on……
• Explores why…….
• Developed and tested the idea of…..

Research questions
This study (dissertation) is motivated to answer two research questions:
Research hypothesis
This study (dissertation) offers one/two hypotheses:
(in case you have two hypotheses).
Tested hypotheses regarding the relation between…..and……
Dissertation aim and goal
This research study (dissertation) has three goals:
Literature component

Previous research indicates that…. or offers a descriptive account of….. or has shown that………..
Literature on has focused almost exclusively on……..
The research has been built and tested on a theoretical model linking….
This research model addresses two major gaps in the literature…..
Drawing on research, we argue that…..
In bridging the literature gap, a model of has been proposed.
Significance of the study
We develop the theory to explain….. 
Our contribution to the discipline/subject/topic is…..
This study advances our understanding of…..
Till date, no practical investigation has been conducted, so we examine how organizations/society/a group of people use our proposed model to overcome…… 

Component#2: Elements of research strategy

We conducted an in-depth case studies on enterprise in 
We administered a laboratory experiment and field study to test our hypothesis. We have employed multiple methods to test using……….
A sample of ………
We have collected data from these sources
By this comparative case analysis, this research study has explored the role of……..
To demonstrate the originality of these ideas, was utilized as a case study to showcase how…….
We examined the hypotheses using data (for eg. results collected from students’ scores) to measure (for eg. teacher performance).

 Component#3: Significant findings

The findings from the research study illustrate how………
It demonstrates the impact of on is significant for this field
Addresses a controversial belief among practitioners that…..
It suggests that the effect of and was moderated over time when…..

 Component#4: Conclusion

The results, implications and future research are discussed here.
The findings provide support for the key arguments that support the model 
Offers insights into……..
We conclude………….
If you follow these suggestions, your dissertation abstracts will shine through among the all the other abstracts created by your peers. However, since many elements are needed to be involved in your dissertation abstract, most of you counter numerous complications while building the abstract of your dissertation and hence require dissertation abstract writing help. If you too, do not feel confident with the task, refer to the dissertation abstract help online service.

 A dissertation abstract example:

Here is an impeccable example of dissertation abstract by our dissertation abstract help online UK expert for your reference:
Dissertation Title: Knowing and Being Known — Sexual Delinquency, Stardom and Adolescent Girlhood in Mid-century American Films
Sexual delinquency was overpowering feature in mid-century cinema based on adolescent girls in 1940s, 50 and early 60s. By assessing the history of adolescent and the context of mid-century female juvenile delinquency, I present an argument that teen girls and studios struggled with censorship, publicity and expectations regarding the sexual license for teenage girls. Until the late 1950s, exploitation and B-movies projected the sensitive issues like teen sex and pregnancy, while mainstream movies ignored those issues. The image of postwar and sexually autonomous girls began to be seen in mainstream cinemas in late 50s and the teen girl stars like Sandra Dee and Natalie Wood created a new image of ‘post delinquent’ star images where the teen girls were projected experiencing sexual episode. This image forced to depart the widespread belief that sexually active girl was a threat to a nuclear family, and proposed a liberal counterpoint to those many conservative teen girls like Hayley Mills.
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