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What is Dissertation Introduction?

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Writing a dissertation is unconditionally a whole new arena that you would experience in your master level or undergraduate course. Dissertation is almost similar to a length of book; you have to keep your reader interested in this prolonged argumentative writing piece, and to grab the attention of your readers you need to present a good introduction where the readers are pushed to move forward. If your introduction failed to appeal the committee, your effort would not be considered. When you are writing a dissertation you have keep in mind that the introduction part should consist 10% of the total content of your dissertation.

How Introduction Should Be Introduced

In dissertation writing, introduction always comes after the abstract and before the literature review. So the introduction plays a major part in developing the writing. The introduction should be designed in that way that it definesresearch problem or research question and also the reasoning which justifies your stand. In first give a general description of your problems list, then specify the significance of the problem, after dealing with the analysis of the reasoning, you have to state the purpose of your research, and lastly conclude it with the list of research question and hypothesis. Don’t shove everything in introduction, save more interesting for later. This is the introduction part of a dissertation.

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