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A dissertation is a written draft of in-depth research on a particular issue that you think, need to address to draw attention. When you have made your mind to start off the writing venture of dissertation, make sure that you have an outline that represents your plans of project execution. Dissertation template helps a student to keep the track of his or her work. Students should understand the impact of presentation in dissertation writing. It allures the readers to browse further.

Dissertation format

Basically dissertation is separated in five parts,

1. Introduction

2. Literature Review

3. Methodology

4. Results

5. Summary and Conclusions

By laying out your work, you would understand how when you have to put your right research work, and how to manipulate them according to your study.

Before starting the Introduction part, one should present the Title page, which is a cover page of your dissertation. Then the abstract comes, the summary of your findings, after that if you are attaching anything with writing, mention those in the part Attestation. If you have anyone acknowledge, state their names in Acknowledgement section. You have to mention the Table of Content with relevance page number. If you have projected figures in your research then put the information under List of Figures. After finishing with Conclusions, a student should mention the sources from where they get the information from, state them in Reference part. Lastly, Appendix and Bibliography, where you describe the meaning of unknown words and the Appendix part is used to set additional specifications, and references or the tables of figures.

If you maintain these in your presentation in a correct way, you will a good impression in the dissertation committee. You should maintain the flow of information throughout the writing. If one chapter seems illogical and out of the place, the reader will lose interest in your writing.

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