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How to conduct literature review for good dissertation?

In case you are writing a faulty literature review, you are going to abate your chances of bagging a commendable grade during higher education.  Since it is placed before your main analysis, a faulty review might invite negative impression on your dissertation, as the project experts believe that, it is impossible to perform significant research in case you fail to understand the literature in the respective field. A poorly written literature review indicates that the dissertation paper might fail to live up the expectation. So, it is needless to say that you need to invest sufficient time in developing the literature review so that you can achieve deserving grades.

Literature Review: An Integral Part of Your Dissertation

The main purpose of a literature review is to establish the knowledge of an author and his depth in his research area; history, related theories, phenomenon, key concepts, etc. By conducting an effective literature review, a student can gain valuable knowledge pertaining to the influential works or research scholars in the respective fields. A literature review plays a crucial role in determining the genuineness and validity of a dissertation paper.

According to eminent educational research expert, Gall and Borg, a research question typically plays the following roles in a dissertation paper:

  • It helps in demarcating research problem.
  • Probes new questionnaires for people.
  • Plays a significant role in ridding the researcher from useless approaches.
  • Marking the variable components of your project.
  • Gathering commendable information to back up the dissertation.
  • Framing the questionnaires for the research survey.

Conducting an Apt Literature Review

A literature review if conducted properly can thus, benefit you in ways more than one.The following steps offer valuable guidance to conduct an effective literature review for your dissertation paper:

  1. Identifying a problem
  2. Collecting valuable data
  3. Examining the available data
  4. Evaluation of data, and Interpretation
  5. Presentation

By following the steps respectively you can easily conduct a literature review, that will help your mind in synthesizing and adapting new perspectives for your topic which will be an additional reward for your dissertation.

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