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What Are Main Chapters In A Dissertation?

Dissertation writing is considered as a major part in higher education system, are included in the third level undergraduate work, and as well considered as a significant part of any master level program. Writing dissertation bestows the opportunity to advance many of your skills, which would provide success in your future persuasion. The profound knowledge in certain subject develops you as an independent researcher in addition advanced intellectual skills such as evaluation, analysis and synthesis, as well as management skills.

Dissertation is outlined in five different measures, when you are writing a dissertation you should be aware about the format of dissertation writing.


In the introduction part student has to mention the background of study, the conceptual part or how they have developed this idea, then concentrate on stating the problem or your question, and then the significance of the study that you are going to pursue and lastly the list of question that you are about to discuss in your study.

Literature review-

In literature review is designed to support your research work what you have already mentioned, in this part, you should demonstrate our major ideas and findings, present a theory that is relevant to research questions.


In this section you should produce sufficient details about the methods that you have used to develop the study. You have to specify measures, research designs, procedures and data analysis.


In this part, you are expected to analyze the findings or the data that you have come across during research. Here you only analyze your facets not rushing into conclusion, which is saved for next and the last part. Here you have to present your data in tables and figures.


This part is a summary of the whole work you have done till now, and a brief of your non-statistical findings, here you have to draw your conclusion in the light of your findings along with the recommendation of future research possibilities.

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