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1. Introduction

As mentioned by Kaur (2015), with the increase of crime in UK, the social security is hampered. So the administration department introduced new method of reporting crime. The online crime files management system in reporting any kind of crime easily. 

1.1 Aim of research

The main aim of this research study is to analyze the online crime file management system of UK. In addition to this, the aim of study is to analyze the complete process of reporting crime or missing report and database maintenance. 

1.2 Objective of research

The objective of research study is as –

  • To analyze the complete process of online crime reporting system in UK
  • To determine the importance of online crime file management system adopted by UK government.
  • Impact of online crime reporting system and other similar process opted by UK on their society and security system.
  • To analyze the database management or online crime file management system. 

1.3 Hypothesis

H0- Online crime file management system is beneficial for UK society and security system

H1 - Online crime file management system is bad for UK society and security system 

2. Literature review

2.1 Introduction

As mentioned by Chainey and Ratcliffe (2013), online crime file management system adopted by UK government is web application. That is, the crime file management system is software developed by their IT experts. In context to this Walton (2013) stated, the server can only be operated by people having registered on this website. The application is having option of registering new users, which help new users of crime victim to report. The database of crime victim or crime reporting person is kept secret from public. 

2.2 Analysis of online crime files management system

As stated by Alvaro and Shore (2014), the online crime file management system help people to report crime or missing person or other similar case file. In this system, there are two ends, that is, one end form which crime victim or other report file. The other end is of administration, in this end, database is generated and other work is done. Apart from this, the user email and other details are stored in temporary from. In context to this Yilmaz (2013) commented, user have to register them initially so that no one can misuse the system. The database of each crime is stored separately in directory format. So that while retrieving process the experts do not face problem. On the other hand, the online crime file management process adopted by UK consist of three different components as, registered or verified user, administrator of the application and guests or visitors. 

2.3 Importance of online crime files management system

In context to this Jarman (2013) commented, the main reason behind implementation of this process is, reducing manual work. With the help of this application UK government have tried in introducing number of crimes and also reducing the chance of error in database. As mentioned by Walton (2013), the crime such as, missing, most wanted, theft, lost or others can be reported. The main focus of this application is to reduce the workload from employees in crime department and others. In addition to this Alvaro and Shore (2014) commented, with the help of online crime file management system UK government has reduce their operation cost. And security officers directly get the alert regarding the report. For example, if anyone is victim of theft in their neighborhood. Then person will directly login or register in server and report the crime. Once the crime is recorded, security officer will get alert as per their location. 

2.4 Summary

The online crime file management system is implemented to reduce the chance of error in UK and also to reduce the database related error.  

3 Research Methodology

3.1 Research approach

The research approach used in this study is qualitative and quantitative method. As mentioned by Walton (2013), the research approach helps in completion of study with the help of various theories and others. 

3.2 Research Design

The research designing is the main factor on which study is dependent. So to complete the study in proper manner descriptive form of designing is opted. 

3.3 Research philosophy

The research philosophy help in collecting information from various theories and principles based on this topic. 

3.4 Data collection

The collection of data is done by using both primary and secondary methods. It helps in collecting proper information regarding subject. 

3.5 Sample Size

The sample size in this study is 20 users of applications and 10 security officer who solved the cases. 

3.6 Research ethics

The completion of study is done with the help of rules and regulation or the code of conduct. 

3.7 Limitation

The main limitation is time and limited amount of information provided by security officers and others. 


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