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Management studies are the most flourishing discipline in the 21st century. Every year, the business schools receive countless applications from which they select the best minds. The students pursuing management need to complete a variety of practical coursework. It ends with a final practical task known as the dissertation. The hardest of all, in the management dissertation the students need to do a comprehensive research, planning, exploration and analysis. Most of the students cannot determine which topic will suit them the best. The thumb rule is the students should decide on the dissertation topic based on their specialization, course module and interest. Here the students can find some effective management dissertation topics which will instigate new ideas in their mind. They can also refer to the experienced dissertation writing team for impeccable dissertations.


Management Dissertation Topic 1:


Technological Issues Affecting The Organizational Growth Of Airlines Industry- Jet Airways

1. Background of the Study

The current study deals with the issues relating to the technology that have a huge impact in the growth of the organization in the airways industry. There are several factors influencing the technological use in the airline but due to certain issues it has been not meeting the expectation of the company. Currently, the research sheds light upon Jet Airways as the illustrated company in the study. The research will be highlighting the issues and the ways to overcome the issues to enhance the growth of the organization. In addition, the research also sheds light upon several factors apart from the use of technology that indirectly becomes the causes of the issues. The discussion will be focusing upon the perception of the employees and the company concerning the destruction of the organization growth. Therefore, study will be dealing with the internal and external factors that affect the organizational structure of the Jet Airways.

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Management Dissertation Topic 2:


The Impact Of Change Management On The Successful Implementation Of Product Lifecycle Management - Apple Inc

Background of the Study

Developing innovative and quality products and services are the core business strategy of Apple Inc. Innovation and qualities both are not only helping the company to stay ahead of the competition but also enhancing their brand value. As a result, the company now is currently holding a large share of loyal customers. The company has been following Product lifecycle management (PLM) technique for supporting their business. Their change management strategies are helping them to implement PLM successfully. The management of Apple Inc. has given key priority towards their organizational structure and culture as these are mostly affected by the process of change management and they also have significant contribution towards product development, quality and innovation.

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Management Dissertation Topic 3:


Role Of Innovation In Application Of Systematized Project Management: A Case Study On Uk Companies


Innovation is adopted by very organisation as it is increasing helping organisation in uplifting the quality of production system. The competition level, that is ever increasing is forced to have much impact on high quality products in large volume so that more customers with better quality can be attracted. Innovative strategies are supposedly believed to be capable of bringing more synchronised and structured form of study. In the particular study of the research work, study related to innovative strategy is focussed where analysis related to UK firms will be considered.

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Management Dissertation Topic 4:


Innovation and Technological Change and How it Impacts Consumers

In recent times, the businesses have become highly competitive. Hence, they take every possible step to outperform than their competitors and remain ahead in race. One of the methods adopted by businesses is to generate new ideas which are critical for the success of a business. Experts in the industry state that although every organisation has different priorities and objectives but the businesses that fail to innovate run the risk of losing their success (Frankelius, 2009). Innovation and technological changes are key factors that differentiate between market leaders and their competitors.


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Management Dissertation Topic 5:


Necessity of Integration of Bigdata Analytics in CRM in Retail Industry

As the retail industry is growing day by day, the need to maintain healthy relations with clients and customers is becoming vital too. There is cut throat competition in the market and only a firm which is able to handle its customers properly and efficiently can survive in the market. Due to this, there was a need of a software which will cater to marketing, sales, after sales service and complete follow up and feedback for the sold products (Piskar, 2009). Hence, a software application is developed which can help organisations cater to all customer related issues in turn saving a lot of time and money. Often people believe that CRM is a software application handling all activities related to customers but in reality it is more than that.


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