dissertation topics management   Technological Issues Affecting The Organizational Growth of Airlines Industry- Jet Airways

1. Background of the Study

The current study deals with the issues relating to the technology that have a huge impact in the growth of the organization in the airways industry. There are several factors influencing the technological use in the airline but due to certain issues it has been not meeting the expectation of the company. Currently, the research sheds light upon Jet Airways as the illustrated company in the study. The research will be highlighting the issues and the ways to overcome the issues to enhance the growth of the organization. In addition, the research also sheds light upon several factors apart from the use of technology that indirectly becomes the causes of the issues. The discussion will be focusing upon the perception of the employees and the company concerning the destruction of the organization growth. Therefore, study will be dealing with the internal and external factors that affect the organizational structure of the Jet Airways.


2. Aims and Objectives of the Research

The aims and objectives of the research are as flows:

  • To ascertain the significance of the use of technology in airline companies
  • To assess the organizational growth and the key factors encouraging the growth
  • To evaluate the relationship between the use of technologies and organizational growth
  • To highlight the major issues obstructing the organization to grow in the airline industry
  • To suggest solution to the major issues that will be highlighted

3. Research Questions

The research questionnaires highlighting the outline of the current research are:

  • What is the importance of using the technology in promoting the business of airline companies?
  • What are the factors that encourage the growth of an organization?
  • What is the role of technology in enhancing the function of an organization?
  • What are the major issues faced by the organization while dealing with the use of technology by the airline companies?
  • What are the ways of overcoming the issues faced in the airline business?


4. Literature Review

The section of the study highlights the elements of technological issues faced by the airline corporations while handling the business activities of an organization. It also shows the significances upon the uses and innovations of new technologies affecting the business activities of an organization. The section of the study is supported with conceptual framework to highlight the significant object concerning the important objects of the topic. The study has been highlighting the issues that came in the path of organizational growth. The safety measures are also highlighted concerning the technologies used for the safety of the passengers and the staff in the flight. On the other hand, the introduction of certain new technologies has made it difficult for the customers to handle the services provided to them.

Therefore, the issues relating the technologies may include the use of irrelevant modification of the equipments used for the conveniences of the customers. In addition, the issues have also been highlighted concerning the preference of the customers relating to the technologies used for the luxury of the passengers. Therefore theses are basic issues highlighted but are very significant for the operation and business of the airline company. The knowledge of travel has improved extremely over the years. The quality of airline services and products provides a huge variety of choice from complete luxury to a very essential seat, but positively experienced moments of aggravation with the processes that have been put in place around the actual flying experience. With intense rivalry in the airline industry, latest technology must be adapted by airliners in order to carry on in the already strong environment. Additionally, the use of newest technology in aircrafts would not only lower fuel expenditure, but also the cost of airline operations and progress efficiency.


5. Methodology

The research carried out here is from the primary data. Therefore, quantitative data analysis and qualitative research analysis is applied in the current research. For analyzing the interview conducted with the managers of the company, qualitative data analysis is applied. On the other hand, quantitative data analysis is applied for justifying the perception of the employees of the organization. The subject of the research is clearly defined; therefore using the philosophy of positivism will be relevant for the current research. While choosing the design for the research, exploratory research design will be best as the issues must be explored to find out the way of overcoming. The research is supported with deductive approach as it uses various existing theories and models to enhance the quality of the research.


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