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What is a University Dissertation?

The final years of university life can be tough if you have a dissertation to write. All universities require a well written thesis ranging anywhere between 80,000 and 100,000 words submitted to a panel of experts who will grill you with the most unnerving questions possible just to test your mettle. But if you have decided upon a rigorous academic life, then writing a dissertation is almost a sacramental ritual that all academic disciples must follow. If not, you will be an academic heretic, ostracized by the intellectual community.

So what is a dissertation? A dissertation is a written piece of work which you will be required to write in the final years of either an undergraduate or a graduate program. Depending on the country, it is called either a thesis or a dissertation. A PhD thesis usually takes anywhere between three to five years.

In Australia and UK, a PhD degree takes three years and is thoroughly research based. In the US, PhD degree takes a minimum of five years which includes a coursework of up to two years. Within this period of time, you are expected to do original research work and state your findings in your dissertation. All these will be done under a supervisor of your choice.

Why University students need help to write a Dissertation?

Any PhD survivor will tell you the horror stories about their experience of dissertation writing. Writing multiple drafts, spending hours in library and reference work and trying to please an impossible supervisor are some of the usual complaints of students.

Having written the thesis, students have to go through rigorous exercises of proofreading and copy editing. Finally plagiarism check has become an important part of several PhD courses. Surviving all of these is not easy, but if done correctly they can reap rich rewards. Alternatively you can skip some of the above steps and avail of online university dissertation writing help.

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