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Analytical Essays, their Simple Samples can Help you Out

Many students feel that it’s hard for them to crack an analytical essay. An Analytical Essay is a kind of essay which is written on an issue or factual based opinions of the writer. In school days, students were given this kind of essay to write by taking reference from a film or a book’s story. At the college level, an analytical essay can be given to write based on an idea or an issue related to current affairs. In such essays, the essay writers can go for research work to support the material of their essay as evidence.

When you start with an analytical essay then make sure to plan your essay material as per the topic given. Here, you will have to analyze over the given topic. If your teacher does not provide you with a topic then you will have to come up with a topic of your own. You will have to deal with a particular topic of an analytical essay in a unique style each time, depending upon the genre of the essay topic. It’s like framing custom essays on your own when you get down writing over a couple of them. unique features

If the analytical essay is based on fiction then your argument could be based on the specialty of a character or a group of them, it could even focus on a particular line or phrase which can influence the entire essay. If the essay is based on a historical event then your argument can be based on the factors which lead to the occurrence of that event. If your essay is based on scientific research then your argument could be formed through scientific methods for analyzing the results.

Even in an analytical essay, a thesis statement is very important to mention within the introductory paragraph. It gives the reader an idea about the analysis of the topic you will be doing further within the essay. Here is a sample, “Antonio as the character in the Merchant of Venice Play was a great example of humbleness and selfless friendship”. Here, the thesis gives an idea that the analytical essay may be defining the motto or relevance of selfless friendship.

Your next step is to find evidence that backs your argument in the best possible manner. Your essay’s thesis statement will only be validated if you put forward strong evidence in support of your findings and research work. A sample is as follows, “If you want to believe on the character of Antonio then it’s better to refer to a reputed book on The Merchant of Venice like the one published by Saddleback Publishing Inc.

You have to further focus on the outline of your essay. An analytical essay is usually made up of five paragraphs. They are the Introductory Paragraph, three Body Paragraphs and finally the Conclusion Paragraph. Here, you can decide that which three main factors you will discuss in the three body paragraphs. You can frame the evidence from the film or article you’ve mentioned about in these three body paragraphs. Here is a sample:-

  • Introduction
  • Body Para 1: Results of Antonio’s humble and caring nature
  • Body Para 2: The actual deeds which Antonio committed due to his nature
  • Body Para 3: The consequences Antonio faced due to his humble nature
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When you start writing your analytical essay then make sure that you avoid writing the introduction in First Person (I) or in Second Person (You) Language. You should also avoid using interrogative or exclamatory sentences in your introduction. Here is another sample of such an intro:-
“Antonio was a very helpful merchant in his community. The entire of Venice knew him for his helpful nature. He would at times weave off the loan given to peasants if they would fail to return back to him.

When we come to the body paragraphs then make sure that they consist of three features. They are the sentences, the analysis and the evidences of the topic under consideration. Have a look at this sample:-

Topic Sentence: “Antonio was a merchant loved by entire Venice but Bassanio was amongst his closest friends”.
Topic Analysis: “Even though Antonio had a best friend and was liked by many people, it doesn’t mean that he didn’t have enemies”.

Topic Evidence: “Shylock was one of the toughest enemies of Antonio who was always there to seek revenge from him. His character has been well portrayed by Shakespeare (Ref: The Merchant of Venice by Saddleback Publishing Inc).

You should even remember to quote or paraphrase within the analytical essay that you are working upon. Quotes by others within your essay if used at the relevant time can act as great evidence validation materials to strengthen your argument. The style of paraphrasing within your essay can be important to reflect the background of your text.

At last, you should even focus on the conclusion of your essay. It should not just be a repetition of your thesis statement but something more to it in convincing the reader to change his or her view t match with that of yours. In the last, make sure to proof read your analytical essay aloud that too from your teacher’s point of view. In this way you can analyze your mistakes to rectify them faster.

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