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Essay writing can be quite challenging for college students. Throughout their college careers, they are excepted to come up with brilliant academic essays each suiting a particular occasion: admission, college debate, class assignment etc. Each essay is different and has its own style, norms and rules. Very few students can play by such rules given their variety. promises to solve all these issues at the click of a button. By logging on our website, you can now order custom essay help on a wide variety of subjects. Further, you can also try out our various formats: admission, argumentative, persuasive, comparison, classification and so on. The list is endless and while it is impossible to cover all essays in one article, we shall not only deal with most of them but also let you know how can help you out with them.

What is an essay?

The precise definition of an essay is rather obscure. To put it simply, it can be defined as a scholarly piece of writing supporting the author’s own argument. It can be written by a student, a research scholar or even a professional writer. It is known by various names depending on the purpose it fulfills: assignment, research paper, term paper, dissertation or a thesis. A brief perusal of each of these terms would not be entirely out of place. 


A scholarly task assigned by a professor or a teacher to undergraduate and graduate students in colleges and universities on a specific topic.

Research paper

A written essay usually meant for publication in an academic journal.

Term paper

An essay assigned to a student at the end of an academic term in a college or a graduate school.


A lengthy piece of essay written by a student on a highly specialized subject as part of a research program in order to obtain a PhD degree.

Needless to say that each of these genres has precise rules which are to be followed by students in order to write a successful essay. not only provides useful information in each one, it also provides custom essay help on each. Depending on the style of writing, essay can be of various types. They are discussed in the following section.

Types of essay

Here is a list of essays which students need to know:

Admission Essay

An essay written for admission application in order to gain entry into an undergraduate or post-graduate course in a college or university. Such essays are also called statements of purpose or application essays.


  1. These essays have to very well written since they make a case for your admission into a college.
  2. They should be personal and intimate rather than formal and impersonal.
  3. Candidates must harp on two things: the qualities which make a candidate special and the importance of the college for the career of the concerned student.

Analytical Essay

An analytical essay analyses, examines and interprets a piece of writing such as books, poems, plays, films etc.


  1. Film reviews, book reviews, political commentaries are examples of analytical essay.

  2. Argument is the king in such essays.

  3. Try to be convincing while placing your arguments.

Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays ask students to choose a particular side on an issue and argue in favor of the merits of the choice


  1. Such essays are common for international competitive examinations like GRE, GMAT and TOEFL.

  2. Students are required to make a strong argument in favor of one particular choice.

  3. These choices are usually ethical choices and there is as such no right or wrong answers.

Comparison and Contrast Essays

Compare and contrast essays discuss the similarities and dissimilarities between two variables.


  1. Organization of the essay is more important than the style.

  2. There are two ways or organizing: block organization where you discuss all the differences and similarities at one go and point by point presentation where you take up one point at a time.

Deductive Essays

In deductive essays, the author draws specific conclusions from general premises


  1. Such essays are popular in subjects like anthropology and sociology where broad societal trends reveal specific results.

  2. It is a good way to test a particular hypothesis.

Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay like a narrative essay is meant to describe or narrate a story or an event or situation.


  1. It gives much freedom to the writer.

  2. Writing style should be free and not restricted by conventions and rules.

Expository Essay

An expository essay introduces a short theme, idea or an issue.


  1. In such essays, personal opinions matter the most.

  2. Students are expected to state their opinion on a particular political event, a film, a book or even a personality.

  3. Expository essays are usually much shorter in length than other forms of essay writing.

Inductive Essay

Inductive is another style of reasoning. In such a style of reasoning, a writer moves on from the specific to the general.


  1. Try to follow the inductive style of reasoning.

  2. Start with a narrow premise and move to general conclusions.

Narrative Essay

Narrative essays are those essays which provide you with a story.


  1. Like a story, a narrative essay has three parts: a beginning, middle and an end.
  2. The topic is usually given by the teacher.
  3. It should resemble the style and format of creative writing.
  4. Plot and prose style are important.

Persuasive Essay

As the name suggests a persuasive essay is meant to persuade a reader to acknowledge and adopt the author’s point of views.


  1. Such essays are polemical in nature meant to incite debates and discussions.
  2. Reasoning and persuasion are important.

Essay topics for Australian students

Australian colleges and universities are no different when it comes to assigning essay topics. Usually teachers assign essay topics. For undergraduate students, essay topics are usually those covered in class. For PhD students, students are required to come up with essay topic ideas in consultation with professors. Here are some essay topics in three major subject areas:

1. Law

Legal sphere essays are usually chosen from a variety of sub-topics:

  • Business law
  • Corporate law
  • Consumer and competition law
  • Contract law
  • Civil law
  • Criminal law etc.

2. Management

Management essays usually come from the three main sub-disciplines:

  • Human resources
  • Finance and accounting
  • Marketing

3. Computers

The two main areas of computer science are:

  • Computer programming
  • Computer networking

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