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A sample essay

Topic - Is Recycling Important?

According to the latest estimate, the global population has crossed 7 billion. This massive population and dwindling resources of the planet have made recycling important like never before. Recycling refers to the process that converts wastage into reusable material. The obvious benefit of recycling is that it conserves resources by putting them back into productive usage. The recycling experts comment that the efforts of recycling is still not enough and we all need to effectively intensify recycling to conserve our environment and protect it from further deterioration.

In today’s world, landfills cause massive environmental damage. In UK alone, there are more than 1500 landfill sites which are regarded as the main sources for emission of greenhouse gases. Existing landfill sites are almost filled and there is limited space to prepare the new ones. These landfills not only release greenhouse gases like methane, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide but also cause hazardous contamination of the local rivers. Recycling products will help to reduce the huge pressure on these landfills. It will also be effective in checking the contamination levels in those areas.

Recycling helps to conserve raw materials for our future generation. The planet earth has limited resources which, if not used wisely, can have disastrous effects. Recycling every resource that we regularly use, from papers to bags, will reduce the need of precious resources extracting, refining and processing all those products. The manufacturing sector creates enormous air and water pollution. Recycling the products saves the valuable resources, keeps the production cost down and saves energy. On the other hand, recycled products require much lesser material, water and energy which directly lessen the amount of hydrocarbons in the atmosphere.

Other than the plentiful positive effects on the environment and atmosphere, experts also value the economic importance of recycling. It has enormous job creating potential and it can play a major role to make the economy stronger. Some of the economists even comment that recycling can develop as a complete industry which would help to avoid another recession as the whole world experienced in the year 2007-08. For the common people, recycling gives them an opportunity to save more as recycled products cost significantly less than the original products.

Since the industrial revolution in Europe, our environment has experienced catastrophic damage. Now the whole world understands the importance of saving our planet and recycling is one of the most prominent and effective ways in front of us. Today recycling can be no longer termed as important but it has become an essentiality. So, this is the time to shift to solar energy from fossil fuels, this is the time to plant trees and stop using deleterious plastics. It is possibly the last resort to save our beautiful planet.

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