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Essay Title: It’s Time Electronic Notebooks Should Replace Textbooks 

Textbooks are often regarded as the best companion for students. They are often told to follow their textbooks and references precisely to secure good grades in exam. But in this fast changing world, a textbook is not enough to give you the best grades which you aspire for. Today in the undergraduate and post graduate levels, students are advised to research about their subjects on Internet. To develop a comprehensive knowledge on the respective topic, electronic notebooks are preferable over textbooks.

Electronic notebooks or tablets are devices which allow the student to read the e-version of the textbook as well as search for references through Internet. It also allows taking down the necessary notes. Nowadays, students prefer these electronic gadgets than the simple textbooks. Some of the most important advantages of using an electronic notebook are as follows: 

 • Portability

Textbook is pretty heavy and difficult to carry. Students often develop chronic shoulder and backaches carrying such weighty books in large bags. But the electronic notebook easily accommodates all the e-version of your textbooks without adding any extra weight. It is easily portable and can fit into the smaller compartment of your bag 

• Easy search ability

The electronic notebook offers easy search option whereas in case of textbooks you need to follow the indexes. This exclusive feature allows you to find anything you are looking for with ease. 

• In-depth study

Some of the subject topics require graphs, 3D figures and videos to understand. As you don’t expect these facilities in your textbook, you need to access your library computer or search on the internet otherwise. The electronic device can provide all these features that will assist you to comprehend the topic.

• Accessing Internet

You can access the Internet from your electronic notebook any time. So, when you require references on your subject, you can quickly take the assistance of the Internet. You can contact the online assistance provider through your gadget and ask for expert help. You can also receive the most updated information about the topic which is not possible if you are dependent on your textbook. 

• Less deforestation

Decrease in the usage of paper-made textbooks implies less deforestation. Huge number of trees is cut ever year to produce paper. If all the students start using electronic notebooks then we can save many trees and subsequently our planet from desertification and climate change. 

• Computer literacy

Using these electronic notebooks in schools and colleges will develop and intensify the technological abilities of the student. This computer literacy will help them in their professional world in the future.
In the last decade, educational system has witnessed several significant changes. Keeping with the pace is necessary. Students now prefer these electronic devices even if they follow their textbooks. With the passage of each year, textbooks are losing their traditional value as most of the leading publishing houses have also launched their e-book series. To secure the best grades in the exam, the students need to have an electronic notebook. Many schools have introduced these helpful gadgets and replaced textbooks. 

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