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  • Published: 30 Mar 2022
  • 26 Pages, 6548 Words
The Logic Paradigm

1 The Logic Paradigm Joseph Spring Discussion • The Logic Paradigm • Propositional and Predicate Logic – See also notes and slides on Canvas • Horn Clauses • Definition, Examples and Theorem • Resolution and Unification • Practical/Lab: – Logic Programming in Prolog 2 The Logic Paradigm • Logic paradigm also known as Declarative or Rule Based – Emerged in 1970’s – Different to other paradigms in that programmer has to declare the goals of the computation a...

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  • Published: 15 Jan 2022
  • 10 Pages, 2520 Words
NX0422 Business Dissertation Proposal

Task: At the completion of the Masters Dissertation module, students will be able to:1. Plan and complete a major research project on a contemporary business, financial, management or leadership topic and organise the findings into a comprehensive and explicit structure that is critically assessed and is linked to the conclusions drawn;   2. Demonstrate skills of analysis and synthesis in the selection and application of appropriate research methodology and method(s) to their chosen re...

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  • Published: 11 Mar 2022
  • 7 Pages, 1947 Words
MGB105 Bachelor Of Business Management

Case Study: The Local Deli  Janie likes shopping in her local area. For many years there had only been one deli- Hugo's Deli. Hugo's stocked a large range of goods and it was well laid out and clean. Janie ran a small business from her home and as she was so busy she found herself popping into the deli at least twice a week to purchase "home made meals". Her purchases ranged from most weeks.  Despite the fact that she was in there so frequently, Hugo never appeared to recognise her....

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  • Published: 05 Jan 2022
  • 4 Pages, 1066 Words
NURS 1082 Electronic Documentation And Nursing Informatics

Task: Not A Discussion  Review and make sure you can answer these questions    Computers and Nursing: According to Wes Simons, an eHow Contributor, "as of 2000, technology has become more prevalent in hospitals and nurses are increasingly using computers as part of their daily routine. Computers aid nurses in managing patients and in running the administrative side of the hospital."    1. What are some common uses and applications of computers in nursing and health care?   2. How...

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  • Published: 27 Oct 2021
  • 12 Pages, 3012 Words
FIN321 Security Analysis And Portfolio Management

Question: You will communicate your knowledg of investment management with a research paper that reflects both an academic and a professional viewpoint. Your paper will be written from one of the following perspectives: Mutual fund manager Portfolio manager Retirement planning manager Requirements The paper should describe the specific responsibilities of the position as defined in the corporate setting. The paper should analyze the political, economic, social, and technological (...

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