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  • Published: 15 Mar 2015
  • 0 Pages, 222 Words

Potential side effects for bariatric surgery. • Dumping syndrome (early dumping and late dumping). • Gastro-esophageal reflux disease. • Vitamins deficiency. • Osteoporosis. • Kidney stones....

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  • Published: 07 Apr 2015
  • 9 Pages, 2281 Words
Angiotensin II- And Salt-Induced Kidney Injury

Use the research article “Angiotensin II- and Salt-Induced Kidney Injury “ to answer the following questions: 1-      What are the novel findings the manuscript “Angiotensin II- and Salt-Induced Kidney Injury”? 2-      What is the effect of low and high salt on blood pressure and kidney function in normal mice (C57)? 3-      What is the mechanism of actions of hydralazine and eplerenone? 4-&nbs...

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  • Published: 21 Apr 2015
  • 8 Pages, 2066 Words
Catheter-associated Urinary Tract Infections

Read the attachment article and answer these two questions. quickly do it with all necessary information and send to me tomorrow. 1.The most important information in this article is/concerns . . . [Identify the facts, data, or resources the author uses to support his/her argument. To expand on this statement you will have to look at the foot or endnotes] 2..The main conclusion[s]/inference[s] in this article is/are . . . [Identify the key conclusions the author comes to and presents in the artic...

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  • Published: 26 Jun 2015
  • 11 Pages, 2939 Words

1-      Describe the PINK1 and Parkin pathway in healthy and PINK1 phosphorylated by Kinase activity. 2-      Discuss the genetic mutation in PINK1 and Parkin that could lead to mitophagy by oxidative stress in mitochondria cell.   3-      Evaluate the importance of fission and fusion dynamics in mitochondria....

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  • Published: 24 Aug 2015
  • 10 Pages, 2588 Words

You should answer the question below using your own words. If you use any resources other than your Respiratory System practical notes, please use in-text referencing and list all references at the end of your answer. The word limit is 300 words (+10%). However, you may only need 200 words.  HERE IS YOUR TASK: Question 1: Outline (using terms with arrows between terms rather than compete sentences) all of the anatomical structures an oxygen molecule would pass through, in the correct orde...

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  • Published: 12 Jul 2016
  • 1 Pages, 415 Words

What is the scientific name for the disease known as River Blindness? Describe the role of the vector in transmitting the disease? What are the environmental conditions suitable for the life of the vectors?  what is the name of these larval worms?  Explain how these juveniles cause the disease symptoms? State the lifespan of juvenile and adult worms? ...

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