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  • Published: 01 May 2015
  • 21 Pages, 5279 Words
HI5018 Business Law

Imagine that s25 of the TAFE Education Act 2002 in your jurisdiction makes it an offence ‘to bring heroin, cannabis, cocaine or any other drug onto a TAFE campus’.  The Education Minister said in parliamentary debate that s25 was introduced to prevent drug trafficking on TAFE campuses.  Explain how the common law and statutory rules of interpretation could be applied to the following situations; (a)  Winnie is caught by a security guard as she is licking white aspir...

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  • Published: 12 May 2015
  • 2 Pages, 731 Words
ECO1002 Economics

How much to complete the attacheIn your opinion, based on Sources 1 and 2 what type of market structure is the egg market most similar to? Why? Justify your answer with reference to the above sources and theory. (7 marks) 2. What is the long-run equilibrium in a perfectly competitive market? Explain this with the aid of theory and diagrams. (5 marks) 3. Why do you think it is it that in 2010-2012 egg farmers planned “to kill millions of hens prematurely and bury their eggs as part of...

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  • Published: 31 Aug 2015
  • 16 Pages, 4086 Words

Literature review for research paper: Present three quality journal articles of relevance to your proposed Research paper. Write five sentences on each of the three papers: describe the text's subject; its purpose; a summary of content; analyse its evidence; and evaluate its worth. Ensure your response lists the papers alphabetically in correct author-date style fully referenced so that they are reachable. Online posting 1#. 1. Proposed Title  “The Role of a Culture of C...

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  • Published: 04 Oct 2015
  • 15 Pages, 3791 Words
Accounting: Concepts And Principles

(c) Would the decision not to revalue adversely affect the wealth of the shareholders? FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING IN THE NEWS11.2 Lion Nathan rethinks bricks and porter strategy Leon Gettler The Age, 29 January 2004, p. 3 Lion Nathan has put its pubs operation under review, four years after embarking on an aggressive plan in which it spent $65 million on hotel assets to ratchet up its low share of the Victorian beer market. The brewer said yesterday that it was reviewing its ownership of 41 pubs in Me...

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  • Published: 30 Oct 2015
  • 11 Pages, 2778 Words
Business Law Assignment

Tony is the proprietor of an Italian restaurant called ‘Taste of Italy’. Tony’s pasta sauces are highly regarded and his restaurant is always busy.Max, a real estate agent, often eats at Tony’s restaurant and sometimes entertains his clients there. On one such occasion Max invited Joe, a property developer, to have dinner with him to discuss an upcoming deal. Max went up to the counter and ordered a ham and cheese pizza for himself, a plate of pasta for Joe and a bottle o...

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  • Published: 28 Nov 2015
  • 1 Pages, 397 Words
Requirement Analysis And Modelling

Use DELTAGRAPH or similar curve ftting program to determine the dissociation constant(K) for Ligand(L) and the number of L-binding sites on Protein(P) using a Scatchard plot. You should turn in 1) your plot 2) the curve t equation and 3) your values for KL (the dissociation constant) and n (the number of moles L bound to P) PLEASE SEE THE FILE ATTACHED(THERE IS A DATA FOR EQUILIBRATION )...

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  • Published: 02 Feb 2016
  • 2 Pages, 599 Words
Business Management

Watch a video and then get five key take aways from that video in 200 words pargraph this is a master course (Entrepreneurship and Innovation) and it is mainly about innovation at organizations keeping in mind two topics 1-Entrepreneurial Transformation 2- Types of Innovation the link of the video as following : Steve Ballmer Microsoft CEO and watch...

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  • Published: 21 Apr 2016
  • 12 Pages, 3231 Words
Business Management

Read Taxation Ruling TR 2009/5 and answer the following questions.  Taxation Ruling TR 2009/5 can be found on the ATO website at .(a)    Seller Pty Ltd makes a payment of $10 000 to Buyer Pty Ltd to cover the cost of in-store promotional activities relating to its products.  What effect will this payment have on the cost of trading stock that Buyer Pty Ltd purchases from Seller Pty Ltd?(b)    What is the appropriate tax treatment of the paym...

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  • Published: 09 Aug 2016
  • 6 Pages, 1730 Words
Macro Economics

1.Using COUNTIF, construct a frequency distribution for the availability of rental properties. (Complete Table (a)). 2.Provide an appropriate chart showing the percentage of rental properties in each availability category. (Complete Graph(b)). 3.Briefly summarise the information obtained in the above table and graph about the number of rental properties in each category (3 to 4 sentences – Textbox (c)). The remaining questions are based on analysis of the similarities and differences in...

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  • Published: 14 Sep 2016
  • 4 Pages, 1163 Words
Psychological Association

Assessment Title Research Exercise Task Description This is an online and individual research exercise. The online link will open on 9:00 am Monday in Week 9 and will close at 5:00 pm on Sunday in the same week. The link will open for only 100 minutes. You need to complete this task in one go. You cannot exit and re-enter the site. There will be 20 short questions based on several brief case studies. You will read these case studies, do some calculations (if required) and then provide the correc...

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