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Compose a reflective paper which presents your personal nursing philosophy and mission statement. 

Throughout your nursing program you have learned about and may have experienced change theory and paradigm shifting. 

This assignment will require you to revisit your professional goals and the views that you may have held prior to startingthe Practical Nursing Program. Your views, thoughts, values and beliefs may have changed now as you have gained more experience in the program and during your clinicals. 

1.Examine and reflect on what, if anything has changed about your personal vision for your nursing career.

2.Upon reflecting, you will create a personal nursing philosophy that is suited to your views now, and anticipatory of what lies ahead for you as a LPN.

3.Clarify the focus and direction of your life as a (soon to be) LPN. 

Reflect on your time in semester one and two; review your reflective journals and learning plans.

1.What worries or struggles did you have? What struggles do you continue to experience?
2.How has your learning affected those struggles?
3.What about your earlier reflections stands out to you the most? Why?
4.What has changed about how you view LPNs, nursing, your own goals and capacities?
5.Can you identify what experiences were responsible for such a change?

The Importance of Caring for Patients

Nursing can be define as the practice that aims at protecting and preventing illness as well as injuries with the goal of alleviating suffering from the patient through diagnosis as well as treatment (Strout, 2012). Nursing always aims at responding to human calls and advocating for care of the population, communities and families. Philosophy in nursing refers to an attitude towards human life as well as reality that often evolves from the belief of each nurse. Therefore, from this definition, I have freedom to use my own beliefs while executing my duties in my entire career. I believe that for me to be a good nurse, I must have acquired and apply the art of caring for patients and use the knowledge of science to carry out diagnosis and effective treatment thereby enhance quick recovery (Hawthorne & Yurkovich, 2016). The art of caring usually enable the nurses to easily connect with the patient, develop relationship and trust leading to occurrence of effective therapeutic nursing. Additionally, a competent nurse should have technical knowledge such as the anatomy and human body physiology, pathology as well as the current pharmacologic therapy guidelines. My personal philosophy of nursing tackle four important elements: environment, society, interaction between a person, society and environment as well as the recipient nursing care recipient.

Vision plays vital role in ensuring there is emergence of new ideas though creation and innovation to improve nursing services within the health care facilities. There is a need to address health and illness thereby prevents suffering and pain experience by patients. My personal vision as a nurse is that I will to provide excellent leadership and research in nursing as well as holistically care for all patients. I will give patient time to participate and give their ideas concerning the care they want and that they are experiencing. I will give room for the patients to integrate some of the experience they have had in their lives thereby enabling me to plan my care based on the experienced they have shared. I will view the patients as exceptional human beings and treat them with dignity as well as respect. I will incorporate values which allow me to embrace everything that I undertake (Sharp, McAllister & Broadbent, 2016). Therefore, this will allow me to be accountable for every action and practice inside the latitude my nursing license.

When growing up as a child, I use to admire nurses and the work that they were doing to help sick people gain back their health. I remember how I long to grow up and put on the caps as well as the white uniform that I used to see on the television. However, after a long period of time, my personal idea concerning what it entails to be a nurse as changed. I have understood that nursing is not just wearing uniform but rather a person who is capable of making a change in somebody’s life. Through studies, I have come to realize that nursing is all about caring as well as compassion that is delivered with the help of technology to offer enabling environment which supports healing. Personally, nursing is a practice of giving back to the community (Kay Hogan & Cleary, 2013).

The Role of Nursing in Society

I definitely met a lot of challenges, struggles and stress. I remember almost changing the course during my second year in the 2nd semester. I was tired of routine nursing practices but I hanged with it, thanks to my encouraging classmates. One of the major struggles that I face was finding enough studying time as well as meeting the grade requirement (Rolfe, 2013). There were occasion that I had two to three trials within a period of one week together with finishing clinical time at the hospital as well as going to class. Additionally, passing proficiency exams such as ATI and HESI to advance to another semester in addition to classes, going to clinical and undertaking projects was so stressful. The struggle that I still face is juggling a lot at one time. Sometime, nursing practice requires me to attend to clinical work, do projects, and manage my everyday life such as doing chores as well as family obligation. I often become overwhelmed and feel like I have no life.

Learning various skills in nursing has enable me encounter various challenges and struggles that i used to face over time. Gaining different knowledge has enable me to set my priorities right, manage multiple patient and effective time management (William Rosa, 2014). Additionally, gaining nursing skills and knowledge as enabled me to identify whenever there are real problems and handle them within the stipulated time. Moreover, I have been able to capture as well as understand importance of clinical trends.  

Viewing nursing as a way of giving back to the society stands outs among other reflection that I have concerning nursing practice. It stand out because I often have a good spirit and peace of mind knowing that I have given myself out while trying to help other patient gain their healthy condition back.  The view stands out because I have a feeling that the community deserve to have a health generation having contributed immensely to have us educated and gain relevant skills. They have contributed through prayers, parental support and ensuring that there is peace for daily activities to be carried out.

Initially, I used to view LPN nurses as only individuals who are trained to carry out duties as bedside nurses within the health care facilities (Corrigan, & Kwasky, 2014). However, I have come to realize that LPN nurses have wide scope of practice. For example, LPN undertakes duties such as administering medication, initiate intravenous (I) fluids and taking care for patients who are mainly ventilator dependents (Schug, 2012). Moreover, my view of nursing as a practice that only aims at promoting health and prevention of illness also change. I have nursing as an entire practice that aims at promoting research and ensuring that there is safe environment free for both the sick and the healthy people.  The view of my nursing goal of wanting to become top manager in the health sector as also change to advocating for better health care to all ethnic groups and people from all walks of life (Titzer, Shirey, & Hauck, 2014).

Challenges Faced by Nurses

My personal philosophy involve commitment and working to avoid repeating mistakes thereby providing opportunity for individual grow mostly from older self into a new person which is a measure of success. Therefore, my mission statement is to employ my skills, knowledge as well as compassion in making difference on people’s lives that I serve (Braun, Wesche, Frey,Weisweiler & Peus, 2012). The above philosophy can be achieved through factors such as accountability, teamwork and innovation.

I believe that fostering collaboration and interdisciplinary association that encourages mutual respects as well as teamwork always strengthen patient care in addition to promoting transition of smooth care for the patients. Through challenge from colleagues, I will be able to accomplish excellence and enable continuous improvement in quality of activities.

I believe that becoming accountable for everyday care that we provides as well as upholding main medical center of excellence throughout. I believe in continuous professional development with the help of ongoing training and certification. Additionally, my nursing philosophy believes in nursing that is based on scientific evidences as well as the highest professional standards.

My philosophy is also based on utilizing creativity as well as innovative approaches in problem solving. Additionally, I believe in continuous commitment and adoption of the best practices as well as state of the art technology to help daily care. I believe in embracing of new opportunities thereby contributing to the discipline advancement in nursing practice hence enhancing patient care delivery standards (Read, Betancourt, & Morrison, 2016).

Like majority of us, deciding to pursue career in nursing was as a result of past experiences which made me compliment the field together with its merits. Therefore, one of the main vital goals as a nursing to be is to be able to achieve core characteristics capable of defining an individual who is successful in nursing (Haberstroh, Duffey, Marble, & Ivers, 2014). Secondly, I want to commit myself for lifelong learning. My main goal is stay current with the information about nursing through attending of various conferences, taking different course and getting certification. Moreover, am aiming to provide continuous community services to the people who require medical assistance. It will be a privilege for me to assist the deprived population thereby furthering the significance of being a registered nurse.


Nursing is a profession that I have wanted to be part of because I believe nurses represent the essence of compassion and caring. Through development of commitment as promising to avoid mistakes in an effort minimize pain and enhance recovery. My personal philosophy in nursing gives me a reason to carry on with daily service delivery. It helps me to avoid burning out as well as encouraging me to do the best every day. Moreover, my nursing philosophy also helps me to higher as well as better goals to myself and moving forward.


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