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3BM060-Organizational And Decision Making Strategy

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To what extent do organizations need to consider both micro and industry environment in their decision making? Critically discuss how such analysis would contribute to their overall strategic decision. 




This essay is focus to what extent that the organizations such as fast food industry (Burger King), Automotive industry (Ford Motor) and Beverage industry (PepsiCo) in Asian countries which need to consider both macro and industry environment in their decision making. The organization environment and that need to confront industry equal, providers, clients, potential new contestants, substitution of item and services. The industry means that all companies that produce goods and services are the same or can be replaced, and those highly competitive companies can meet the same needs of the same type of consumers. Environmental analysis is a study of the organizational environment to identify factors that may have an impact on the organization, whether positive or negative. With environmental analysis, organization can better identify the opportunities and threats that the business environment provides while making decision. The analysis of the competitive condition is a challenge matter, which include: characterizing, recognizing the primary highlights and qualities of the aggressiveness investigation of the opposition, and situating it as an association that work to accomplish a comfortable of competitive advantage for the organization. 

All organizations need to determine the external factors in their environment that may affect their operations. Mussnig (2007) says that an organization just can be success in the event that it can figure out how to utilize its own particular possibilities and to adjust that to the organization's condition of macro and organization environment factors. Kieser (1976) says that the decent variety in the organization development of the company are influenced by external segment they are environment factors, competitive position, customer situation, technological, environment, social situation and cultural differences. These all are the factors that every industry should consider on while making the decision in organization.

Porter (1985) analyzed that five workforce is a Structure that effort to determine the altitude of race in the strategic development of an industry and a business and it uses the economics of internal organization to obtain the five workforce that attempt the violence of contest to determine the attractiveness of the industry. For all the companies, the tension of competition is the main stimulation of industry competitiveness (Porter 1980). Potential aspect include continuous rival advantage brought by motivation, compete between online and offline companies, strong competitive strategies for advertising expenditures, corporate concentration and transparency. (Porter 1985)  Five-factor analysis helps companies understand the factors that affect the profitability of a particular industry, and can help to make information about to enter appropriate industry; whether to expansion capital in a distinct industry; and to improve a competing strategy while making decision in organization.

Important of Decision Making in Organization

Decision Making is the way toward picking the best choice in the distinctive decisions. Every organization needs to settle on choice as a component of the administrative procedure. For any organization, quality and opportune basic leadership are basic to the achievement (Kieron & Andrew 2014). If there is no decision-making, arranging, association, order, control, staffing and other diverse administration capacities won't have the capacity to complete. The type of decisions that can guide the organization are concerning  long term business development strategies, competitor strategies, core management strategies and other essential operational and functional strategies. Hence, it can be said that organizational decision making largely depends on the various strategies that can be implemented in organizational scenarios. The companies need to make decisions that can guide their future progress and essential development. 


Decision can help in assessing the accomplishment of organizations (Gould, S 2008). In the planning procedure, rights choices ought to be made in numerous viewpoints. Thusly, basic leadership is a fundamental measure that help arranging. In this aspiring world, associations can achievement when settling on right and significant choices. Consequently, the correct choice helps the effective activity in each association of the business. The correct choices can help the companies to make better use of the opportunities that are present before them in any given market. Moreover, risk management also requires significant decision making to tackle the crucial challenges that are present in the given organizational environment.

PESTLE of different industry

Political factors

Adequacy in tending to these issues brought up in the PESTEL/PESTLE investigation enhances each industry in worldwide business execution in the long haul. The accompanying with are the fundamental political outside segments in the full scale state of every industry:

  1. Government help for web based business
  2. Political solidness in economies
  3. Increase governmental exertion for foundation in developing countries

(Singh, S 2009) add that Growing worldwide Exchange assertions is any authoritative courses of action between nations on exchange relations and Exchange understandings can be common or worldwide among two states or more than two states. (Daniel Kissinger 2017) Burger King get the odds to increment their business on the base of enhancing worldwide exchange and set up the worldwide store network. The external factor of political security diminishes difficulties to the organization's development and extension of their business. (Christine R 2017)  The government is increasingly supporting technological innovation to improve the economy. This situation provides Ford with the opportunity to use government incentives for innovation, environmentally friendly products and sustainable development. (Ferguson, E 2017) Government help for ecological items is a shot for organizations to build up their items to meet or outperform natural expectation.

Economic factors

This section of the PESTEL / PESTLE analysis outlines the economic changes and trends that affect business performance. The following are the main economic external factors affecting of each industry:

  1. Currency rate is not the same
  2. High economic development in creating markets
  3. Growing worldwide exchange assertions

In the Asian market economies are rapidly developing. This causes the currency rates in these economies to keep on changing. Changing currency rates affect the decision making functions of organizations as they are unable to fix pricing and estimate the actual value for the products in the given market (Daniel Kr 2017). Fluctuating currency rate is a significant factor that affects the decision making of organizations in terms of pricing, placement and promotion.

There is high economic development is certain markets whereas other markets in the same economy might not experience growth that is significant. Hence, companies like Burger King have to look out for specific markets where there are more development opportunities than other markets. PepsiCo has a more extensive marketing policies in economies such as United States where market opportunities are larger. However the company has to consider specific markets in Asian regions with high growth rate (Pauline M 2017). Ford has a better and wider marketing network in the USA, where the market prospects are uniform in the vast majority of the country. In countries where markets are more niche compared to the bigger economies, the organizations still have restricted presence (Christine R 2017).

The economic growth rates across the world keep on fluctuating. The exchange rates are subject to government policies and administrative decision making. More regulated economies tend to have slower growth in exchange rates. In essence, companies have to keep these factors in mind while making decision concerning expansion into newer markets. Some of the aspects that concern decision making in regards to the factors mentioned are.

Pricing- Companies tend to decide on pricing considering the feasibility of acquisition of resources, government policies and other significant factors.

Promotion- The promotion in the newer markets depend upon the specific audience preferences and other related factors.

Exchange- The exchange rates determine how much investment the company is willing to make in a company and how much profitability the company can realize as a result of the exchange rate.

Revenue- The revenue that companies can gather from given economies greatly affect the decision making factors in that specific economy.

Sales- Sales decisions depend on how much the organization can actually sell in the given area. The sales decisions that are to be made by the organization depend on the projected sales ratio.

Sociocultural Factors

Every industry should dependably represent sociocultural impacts in its remote/full scale condition. The social patterns and changes and their impacts on buyers and workers are considered in this piece of the PESTEL/PESTLE investigation.

  1. Expanding consumer assorted variety
  2. Additional separating states of mind about product quality
  3. Expanding wealth gap

 Social decent variety is a various number of individuals from differing societies or social orders. Social contrasts is check into account vernacular, religion, race, sexual presentation, sex, age and race which three industry need to consider.(Daniel Kr 2017) The expanding population assorted variety introduces the open door for Burger king to develop its items to draw in customers of different foundations. The value that consumers add with a given product like Burger king affects the demand for a product in a given market. There is a direct effect of the variety of products that the consumer would like in a given market over the decision making of the organization like Burger King. Organizations have to make sure that the public of a given market like their products.

PepsiCo can likewise exploit the bustling ways of life of customers, particularly in urbanized and industrializing markets the world over (Pauline M 2017). Individuals with these ways of life will probably be more prepared to buy the more urban focused products of Pepsico. (Christine R 2017) add that Ford can develop by giving items that address the expanding interest for cross breed and electric cars. Ford additionally has the chance to enhance its administrations, particularly aftersales administrations to draw in more clients. The state of mind that the people of a given region have dictate their buying behaviors. Hence, the company has to keep this in mind while trying to sell products in a given market. 


Expanding wealth gap refers to the rising differences in the wealthy and the general classes. The business decisions in regards to these situations need to be based on which segment of the customers would be attracted to the products of a given organization.

Technological Factors

PepsiCo, Ford motor and Burger King are mainly depend on technological tools. This estimation of the PESTLE factor demonstrate chooses the effect of mechanical or advancement designs. The accompanying specialized outer components must be settled for all the industry:

  1. Higher accessibility of computerization advancements
  2. Enhancing information administration frameworks
  3. Rising utilization of mobile computing

Ajay Kaarthic (2017) said in the 21st century, web assumes a vital part in our everyday life. It is one of the apparatuses that impact a man's life. Which has conveyed extraordinary comfort to our life and work. At the point when organization can give free network access, it will draw in more clients. (Daniel Kr 2017)  More robotization advancements are currently accessible for organizations. Burger King can apply these advances to enhance operational proficiency. (Pauline M 2017) PepsiCo can misuse the advantages of learning administration frameworks to help its different business forms, for example, item development and in strategic decision-making. (Christine R 2017) The rising utilization of versatile registering is an outside factor that makes open doors for Ford Motor Organization to develop through mobile services support and portable advertising.

Environmental Factors

(Kristie 2018) add that Environmental are likewise worries in association key decision making. Ecological insurance is currently a prevalent standard for all the business to issue. These are the factor that all the business industry have to follow:

  1. Accentuation on business supportability
  2. More perplexing desires and gauges on squander transfer
  3. Climate changes

As now a days each nation is consider about the biological and ecological factors so the greater part of the organization need to consider with regular undertaking and the natural insurance issues. Environmental change debilitates to diminish the security of Burger King's inventory network (Daniel Kr 2017). (Pauline M 2017) found that PepsiCo can enhance its waste transfer systems, for example, reusing, to acquire bolster from clients. Then again, environmental change represents a danger to PepsiCo's store network. (Christine R 2017)  Ford can offer new items that utilization elective fills or power to address the effect of the declining oil holds on the remote or macro environment condition of auto firms.

Ford is a vehicle company and relies on non-renewable fuels that are a great concern for the prospects of environmental development across the world. It is important to note that the organization has to maintain an image that focuses on making lesser pollution. At the same time the important decisions for the company to make will be how they can enhance the performance of vehicle despite using lower energy. The factors that affect the decision of ford are how much pollution levels are present in a given market. Moreover, how much the government regulates pollution control measures would also have a clear impact on decision making.

Legal Factors

All the organization must take after the legitimate condition variables of laws and control. The accompanying are the representative factors that all the business need to seek after:

  1. Ecological assurance laws
  2. Improving security directions
  3. Expanding licensed innovation laws around the world

Each nation have their own particular laws and direction, The most minimal rate pay allowed by law is a legal structure that limits administrators from enrolling delegates underneath the hourly, step by step, or month to month the least pay allowed by law. (Daniel Kr 2017). Hence, the companies such as Burger King, Pepsi and others have to spend more towards recruiting the locals. The laws of a given market regulate the kind of production that the company would be able to make in the given market. Hence, laws can regulate everything from resource usage to land acquisition or market sales. Thus, decision making functions need to consider these aspects strongly. (Christine R 2017) add that Ford can enhance its business manageability to address the impact of natural security control. Likewise, ford can enhance item configuration to accept the open door in view of wellbeing directions. Security, laws can make the company invest more towards security arrangements. The decisions that need to be made are how much productivity the company can make despite being affected by legal factors and how legal factors can essentially be addressed.

Discussion on PESTEL analysis of each industry

The PESTEL examination of Burger King Organization domain that there are significant possibilities for business change and danger which association need to consider while settling on Decision. Burger King must organize the accompanying concerns: (1) Development and extension, particularly in creating markets (2) Internet business and portable exchanges (3) Item change for wellbeing cognizant customers.

The PESTEL/PESTLE examination shows that the organization has numerous openings and various dangers with respect to its development and worldwide extension. The accompanying are a portion of the key focuses that PepsiCo must address in view of the consequences of the investigation: (1) Extension in creating economies (2) Item development to address worries on quality and health impacts (3) Store network expansion.

Ford has significant open doors for development and change, as appeared in this PESTEL/PESTLE investigation above. Ford can improve its item advancement to deliver different open doors connected to environmental change, interest for cross breed and electric vehicles, and related outer components. 


Porter's Five Workforces of each industry and their analysis

Porter's five forces is a device to decide the powers in the business condition that could influence the productivity and intensity of the association in the business (OXFORD 2016).

Competitive Rival

The level of rivalry is analyzed in this part of the Five Powers Investigation display. The accompanying are the principle outer elements that make the solid power of focused contention of each industry:

  1. Many competitors
  2. Low exchanging costs
  3. High assortment of firms

(Lawrence G 2017) Companies like Burger King should think more about their rival firms in a given market environment. Local companies often sell more than large global brands that expand into newer markets. Lower exchange rates increases the cost of certain items that are provided in the given market. Thus, people are not willing to buy often the more expensive products of a given international brand. The larger existence of competitors in a given market affect the performance oriented decision making of organizations. In a given economy there might be large global players already present. For example- in a given car market Ford needs to contend with top players like Toyota. Additionally, the car business has high leave boundaries, which implies that organizations would preferably continue contending with rivals than close their business, due to the high expenses and ventures. (Smithson N 2017) Most firms in the food and beverage industry take part in aggressive marketing. For example, in item advancement and advertising, in this manner applying a solid power on PepsiCo. Focused contention is additionally fortified in light of the fact that purchasers can undoubtedly move starting with one supplier then onto the next (low exchanging costs).

Power of Buyers

The more choices purchasers can pick, the more power purchasers have. New options and new participants erode the imposing business model appreciated by standard universe (Collis, 1999a). Porter trusts that acquiring power is fundamental on the grounds that the vast majority of the purchasers don't purchase in excess of a solitary provider (Porter 2008). The following outside effect are the primary purposes behind the purchaser's great power or dealing power in the distinctive business condition:

  1. High substitute accessibility
  2. Direct size of individual buys
  3. High access to item data

(Lawrence G 2017)This condition engages clients to settle on choices that straightforwardly influence Burger King's business. Moreover, there are numerous substitutes to Burger King's items, in this manner giving customers more decisions. Hence, it can be said that customers exert more power over Burger King. Thus Burger King needs to make essential decisions in regards to how they will be promoting their products and how they will provide better value for the consumer base. Thus, customers have more power to influence the business decisions of Burger King. (Smithson N 2017)  Buyers have broad data for them to effectively settle on decisions between PepsiCo items and contending items.

The factors discussed affect pricing decisions greatly. For example- A similar kind of product that is being sold by the competitor can be a reason to reduce the price of another product to induce value for money. Moreover, the company will give more importance to competitors in the pricing decision making process due to these factors.

Power of Suppliers

(Porter 1979)The limit of the purchaser to deal is the degree to which purchasers can impact industry members. This can be accomplished in different courses, for example, constrained value cuts, higher quality prerequisites and rivalry. The following external point are the main reasons for the buyer's powerful power or bargaining power in the industrial environment:

  1. High number of providers
  2. Low forward vertical coordination
  3. Direct size of individual supplier

(Lawrence G 2017)There are numerous supplier that contend to give their items to firms like Burger King. In connection, there is a plenitude of supply of crude materials and fixings. These conditions restrain the impact of providers on Burger King and other fast food industry firms. (Ferguson 2017)The direct generally overall supply and direct populace of providers give providers critical however restricted dealing power on firms like Portage. Additionally, a large portion of these providers have low forward vertical reconciliation, which implies that they don't claim or control the dispersion and offer of their items to Ford. (Smithson N 2017)  The high in general supply expands of PepsiCo's alternatives in securing raw materials, along these lines diminishing the bartering intensity of providers. This power is likewise debilitated in view of the low forward reconciliation, which restrains providers' control of PepsiCo's store network.

Threat of Substitutes to market

(Dobbs, M 2014) add that recognizing elective things incorporates finding diverse things or organizations that play out an unclear limits from the consequences of the business. The accompanying outer elements add to the direct danger of substitution against of each industry:

  1. Low exchanging costs
  2. Low execution of substitutes

(Lawrence G 2017)Clients can easily stretch exchange from Burger Ruler to substitutes (low exchanging costs). Furthermore, there are numerous substitutes to look over, including fine feasting eateries and home cooking. (Ferguson C 2017)There are extensive substitutes to Ford Motor items, including open transportation and bikes. Be that as it may, these substitutes are not constantly accessible or proper in specific regions or circumstances. (Smithson N 2017) Most substitutes to PepsiCo's items are agreeable. For example, shoppers effectively appreciate genuine natural product squeezes and prepared espresso items as opposed to drinking Pepsi or Tropicana items.

New Entrants to market

Porter (2008) New entrant can disturb the execution of each industry. The outer variables that prompt the direct danger of new participants against each of industry are the following:

  1. Direct cost detriment
  2. High Capital
  3. Can be easily replace

(Lawrence G 2017)New participants confront direct cost impediment since huge firms like Burger King Advantage from economies of scale that numerous new firms don't have. Additionally, the direct cost of working together could represent a money related test to new participants for Burger King. (Ferguson C 2017)Organizations like Ford focus on immense spending to set up and keep up their organizations and offices. These expenses are a boundary to section that debilitates the risk of new participants. (Smithson N 2017) New firms debilitate PepsiCo on the grounds that buyers can without much of a stretch move starting with one organization then onto the next (low exchanging costs). Be that as it may, through direct client reliability, PepsiCo has a comparing level of assurance from new competitor. 


Discussion on Porter's Five Analysis Workforces of each industry 

PepsiCo's is worldwide achievement is connected to its business capacities, particularly in beating the difficulties appeared in this Five forces analysis. Michael porter built up the Five Powers investigation model to decide the most critical outer elements that impact firms. For PepsiCo to keep up its market position as the second greatest sustenance and-refreshment organization on the world, it must address the potential issues recognized in this Five Powers investigation.

Ford Motor Organization keeps up its situation as one of the greatest vehicle producers on the planet by transforming its procedures to address the issues appeared in this Five Forces analysis. Michael porter built up the Five Powers investigation show for examining the outside elements in firms' industry surroundings. Ford mortor needs to create strategies and methodologies that react to the most critical powers in light of the outer factors in the worldwide car industry.

Burger King is one of the best rivals in the worldwide snappy administration/junk food eatery advertise. The organization specifically goes up against firms like Wendy's and McDonald's. To guarantee aggressiveness, Burger King must address issues brought up in its Five Powers Forces. Michael porter built up the Five Powers examination model to decide outer variables that impact firms' execution. Many competitor is waiting for Burger King in the fast food environment to compete.


After all the analysis and discussion of each industry can conclude that to high extant that all the organization and each industry need to consider both macro and industry environment while making a decision. PESTLE analysis is expected to give decision-maker a comprehension of changes that might happen inside a market. These can impact promoting and connections that an organization has endeavored to developed. Knowing early that a change might happen will help in settling on better business decision. The PESTLE analysis can help settle on the decision regardless of whether a specific nation or area holds any potential for beneficial business. Any market has the potential for good or bad, and the analysis measures things in an extremely target development for organization.

Porter's five-forces display is a vital and simple to-use in strategic decision making demonstrate that help business structure and rivalry levels. It is important that all the business need to consider all the forces that mention above especially while making important decision for organization. Many important theorists and professor show that decision-making is the most important management process to all organization of each industry. 



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