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Today’s world is by and far moving at a jet set speed and an exponential rate towards the horizon of collaborating the whole world into a flat world with the help of globalization. The topic chosen is of global concern and provides an opportunity to dwell deeper into the concepts of emerging competent world. The use of online sources for learning have enhanced in these days due to availability of resources, ease of access, a storehouse of information and increased awareness about reliability and informative content provided on plethora of topics of interest. Critical selection of online resources is of prime concern to fetch relevant and trustworthy information for study and analysis.


Some of the resources selected for study of the topic are Khan Academy, TED, Google Scholar, Coursera, YouTube, Wikipedia, Encyclopedia etc. Globalization is widely discussed and analyzed in the light of the modern world as it critically important to have an insight into the opportunities and advantages available globally. All the selected online websites provide deep analysis of the topic chosen and also helps in understanding the core concepts, modern day changes, updated information, recent activities and research carried out over globalization. These online sources provide a range of articles, reviewed and published journals, interactive courses, informative videos for any topic of interest.

The storehouse of information

The online resources chosen were extremely valuable and stored treasures of information.

The resourceful content

The content provided in some websites used to learn theoretical concepts of globalization like definition, meaning, history, famous quotes, literature findings, recent updates, success stories or failure reports. A phase by phase description is presented in a coherent manner to be able to gather a full command over the theoretical concepts of the topic. It is learn that globalization is a process to form international integration of views, products, services, ideas, culture and trade etc. The content on text-based websites like Wikipedia or Encyclopedia also puts light over the technical and infrastructural advantages as an outcome of globalization. Various examples of historic globalization evidences like Silk Route(Beck, 2000) are explained. The website quoted pieces of quotes like globalization is compression of the world and intensification of social relations for mutual benefit of all. It also highlights works by various economists or intellectuals in the field of globalization. These websites summarize the content present in various books, online resources or journals and help the readers to completely comprehend the subject matter.

The valuable lectures

The websites providing a range of courses or lectures(Swan, 2002, pp. 23-49) by famous personalities, economists or professors from different prominent professors and lecturers around the globe. The courses provide a routine study for the topic and hence by interactive videos and lectures recorded by professors, it is quite easy to understand the basic concepts by listening to lectures and solve some of the assignments and test(Song,2004, pp.59-70) given to evaluate the level of understanding. Websites like Coursera and Khan Academy provides intensive study material, free of cost (Palloff, 2007) over globalization. With videos, the learning capability is enhanced and refined and mind is able to grasp and retain to a greater extent.

A scholar touch

Online journals or research papers present in numerous numbers at Google Scholar is a boon for having a formal study of the concepts. Academic resources, reviewed journals and citations are provided for deep analysis and study.

A learning experience

Pictures speak more than words and now in the modern era the scenario is that animated pictures or videos speak more than static pictures. Websites like YouTube providing lectures, videos, episodes of courses, clipped videos of specialized topics, and various related stuff is an asset for learners to learn and sustain the concepts into the mind for a long period of time thereby promoting the value of online resources. Clippings of discussions by Thomas Friedman over much famous concept of ‘The World is Flat’ throws light over the phases of globalization i.e. 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 and with compression of the world from disperse, to a small village to tiny and then flat with globalization occurring at an individual level and the need to implement an innovative idea as soon as it strikes the mind before anyone else sitting thousand miles away does it.

Talk with the famous

Talks from eminent economists, writers, thinkers, social workers etc. over TED and presented on TEDx gives a world class experience and practical knowledge from famous personalities over numerous topics and issues. The live recording(Anderson, 2008) of talks is really inspirational and provides some rare and real facts about abundance of issues. Talk about ‘The world isn’t flat’ by Pankaj Ghemawat is a real challenge to published concepts and is presented with strong evidence and data records.

Explore, Experiment and Evaluate

The websites providing videos and links to talks are purely reliable as they either cover live talks or present snippets or clippings of lectures or presentations given by eminent personalities. However, the videos uploaded by random users cannot be relied upon for accountable or creditable(Collison, 2000) information. The number of likes, views or comments by experts also guide the quality of the content covered and information delivered.

The courses provided by some sites have full accountability with the website offering them and breach of any code of conduct or display of any wrong or wrongly presented information can be reported and asked for change or update.

The recent updates made by the site is a clear sign of up-to-date presentation(Dabbagh, 2005) of information and changes incorporated in a timely and periodic manner and therefore, calls for reliability and trust.

Some websites also provide a facility to report some article or post as spam or not suitable and authors cater to the feedback or response(Stephenson, 2001).

The selection of the websites and resources was made after an extensive research into online learning. The choice was highly influenced by the reader’s ratings(Flowers, 2001) regarding the website and reviews for the reliability and correctness of the information.

Referencing(O'Hara, 2012, pp.49-54) is also a key determinant factor which gives proof of correctness of the resource chosen.


It is summarized that in today’s competent world the only resort to diverse queries and learn from a storehouse and treasure of resources, online learning is the only aid. It is actually a conglomerate of global resources present at just a click away which can be accessed from anywhere, anytime and about anything. Online learning should be promoted but there should also be a constant monitoring over the quality and reliability of the content.


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