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A Case Of Personal Experience And Personality Of Marisol Morales

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Describe about big issues and challenges of leading organization a case of personal experience and personality of Marisol Morales?



About Marisol Morales:

Marisol Morales life is a good example of servant leadership. Various characteristics of servant leadership can be displayed from her personality and her personal life experience. In her personality she developed various abilities and qualities that helped her land in the most suitable job that would not only give her good income but also earn respect and fulfill her dream of helping others. Her personal life experiences also boosted her confidence right from her tender age that women are no less than men. The consistent efforts of her family helped her maintain her confidence and achieve consistent growth in life. She soon achieved various characteristics of servant leadership that helped her achieve life goals and targets. These characteristics of servant leadership along with her life experience and personality can be displayed as follows.

a. From her life experience:

i. Foresight:

Marisol Morales grandmother was a foresight lady. She was married in 15th year of her age and started early for earning livings. She lived her life responsibly and met all the changes of life with confidence. However she had a foresight that she will not let her children and grandchildren to live such life. She considered education as the medium that could help her children and grandchildren to live a better life than her. Therefore even with no better resources of earning she managed to teach her children and grandchildren up to university levels so that they change their life which could be far better than from her life (Merkert, 2010).

ii. Empathy:

The early education of Marisol Morales in California brought her in contact with a diverse community consisting of people from Asia, Africa, Europe and various other parts of the world. This way she learnt a lot about the people from different ethnic groups and found that the main motive of education was learning to improve self-life. She even found that many of the locals were not getting the similar opportunity for learning and acquiring better education as she was getting. Therefore she took all efforts and sincere steps to complete her education and along with developed empathy (Laura et al., 2010).

iii. Persuasion:

The mentor of Marisol Morales actually persuaded her to participate in the social welfare activities and university programs so that she can get a good earning job and along with that complete her life dream of teaching and helping others. She found the persuasion to be dream come true. She actually lived a struggler life and even observed her parents and grandparents who made consistent efforts to improve her life through education. It was therefore an opportunity for her fulfill dreams of other children by giving them better education at no cost through participation in university programs and non-profit organization efforts to deliver education to poor and needy people. This way she now had a tool to help others and achieve her life goal through better job prospective (Kickul & Neuman, 2000).


b. From her personality:

i.  Conceptualization:

The Thunder Cats cartoon was conceptualized by Marisol Morales which enhanced her ability to look at problems. The character of Cheetarah (a lady fighter with full athletic abilities) became her ideal. That helped her belief that what boys can do, girls can do better. This way the early life conceptualization through watching moral based cartoons helped her bring up to be a confident girl that has all the abilities to deal with the changing world and meet up to the expectations of her grandmother to live a better life (Kaiser et al., 2008).

ii. Healing:

Marisol Morales soon recognized that her father was working hard on the monetary issues to support her family and give better education to his children. She therefore found it to grasp healing abilities by participating herself in university jobs so that she could support her father on the financial grounds. She soon became a financial support for her family even when women did not have achieved much grace in earnings during that time period (Hamiliton & Cynthia, 2005).

iii. Listening:

Marisol Morales developed good listening ability of servant leadership. She met various activities, scholars and community members to understand and learn about the social structure and process that was changing society in that period. She even took voluntary participation in various campaigns that was backed by social and community members at government offices and even president office. This way she learnt from listening that society required a lot more change that actually realized till date. Thus by participating through protest she actually made her mark in the present day world community through which she fought for social welfare of people (Gill, 2002).

iv. Awareness:

Marisol Morales developed awareness from the surroundings through which she realized general awareness about her realized the available opportunity that was given to youth in college for teaching others. She therefore took the opportunity to participate in programs that gave tremendous opportunities of offering job that was her dear requirements. Along with the job, the opportunity was providing her platform to serve others through delivery of education which reminded of her grandmother who wanted the same for them. Therefore she happily took to teaching others through non-profit organization so that every single person in the society can be given education so that he or she can make efforts to improve life and achieve best of life (Armstrong, 2006).


In the end, we can say that almost all the characteristics of servant leadership were present in Marisol Morales until she grew up. She learnt a lot from her life. The personal life experiences with her grandmother and father helped her learn about the various facts and truths of being no so economical stable. But these experiences helped her develop various servant leadership characteristics which she observed in her grandmother and father which was foresight, persuasion and empathy. Also she developed various characteristics of servant leadership in her personality including awareness, listening, and conceptualization and listening. These characteristics helped her achieve high success and help others which was like a dream come true for her.



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