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A Case Study On Bobby Biscuits Company Add in library

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Describe about the Bobby Biscuits Company?




I have read the case thoroughly. And as Kerry Jones, the successful applicant in recent job recruitment process with established company Bobby’s Biscuits I would like to state some facts. I am selected as a supervisor in the Brisbane branch. On the first day of my commencement at the office it was a shock came to me that the person who has hired you, Senior Manager Michael Jackson was suspended yesterday because it would be hard to introduce you in the office in a shocking and awkward situation. By the way it was said to me that I had to report to Jill Smith, the Operations Manager who has her only recently transferred in from an interstate branch. We both met on the door of the office and she greets me and asks you to meet her in her Office to appraise you of the current situation in half an hour. It was a very confusing moment for me, Kerry Jones, because I don’t know what would happen to me. Then Jill Smith asks to Roy Rogers, the Acting Personnel Supervisor to give me a brief tour and show me to my desk. At the time of showing the office Roy whispers to me that Jill smith does not know what she is doing as she has come from an area of the company that knows nothing about baking biscuits. It would be suspected by anybody that Roy is a bit of a gossip and maybe also harboring sour grapes. He also tells me that Michael Jackson is suspected of inappropriate office behavior and has been asked to take unpaid leave whilst an investigation is undertaken. Roy seems like he is going to tell me more information but it was the time of my meeting with Jill and I thank Roy for the tour. It was unexpected to me as I had no information regarding it. Then I enter Jill’s office. But she was on the phone. So I had to wait until the hanging up of her phone. Then Jill advised me that the company is undergoing investigation for suspected food contamination which was a negative issue for my company.

It was appeared that Michael Jackson in addition to his so-called inappropriate behavior towards female staff members has also been covering up that metal shards where is discovered in some biscuit products. It gives the impression that a newly purchased machine that has is out of order and may be the starting point for the metal splinter. It is also assumed that Michael may be getting financial payments from the machine company to keep everything underneath veil of secrecy. It was uncertain who else may be drawn in with him. Jill tells me that today more than a few employees are absent with suspected influenza but it is thought that a number of those staff may also have been in on the plot. So it is very much difficult to find it out who are those. Jill advised me that the company has been inculcated by its CEO not to put together any comments to anyone on the whole of the media. Jill advises that it is to be expected that an investigative journalist from the Harper Newspaper Media Group may come within reach of staff I may be supervising to get hold of the comments on the accusations. Jill put in the picture to me that my role is to help her out in overseeing or managing the running of the Brisbane Branch in so far as I will be called on to sporadically act in a advanced supervisory role .Jill makes a comment that she thinks that I, like her, may have a hard job fitting in with some of the staff of the company. Because I am new here and she had known to my nature and she knows the nature of other employees. So she told or warns me this. Jill asks me to settle in the office but advised me that Michael Jackson’s section is way at the rear in the put in of invoices. She asked me to look at this. Also Jill says that they are receiving a lot of complaints about people complaining about foreign items being found in their biscuit packets. So Jill asks me to search through them and come about with a suggestion of how to deal with these complaints. So after all this talking I settle in my chair and started thinking. Then it was come to my mind that the company should check out the profile of each and every employee who has not turn up in the office. It would be found there that whom we can suspect on. Then we need to make sure that the suspected employee has really influenza or not. Then we should call him up in the office and ask over him about the matter. Then we can find out some hint about the authentic fact. Then we should make a plan that how we will deal with this matter. Then we should follow it up. We should make inquiries about Michael Jackson. And also we need to ask over the machine company about the things happened to us because of that faulty machine. Then we should check out the quality of the machine expressed or described about in the order and the quality of the machine that we have got. If it is found different then we should ask them the reason behind it. If it is found that there is a connection between the Machine Company and Michael Jackson. If it is proved that there is a connection between both of them then the company should sacked or fired Michael Jackson and cancels all the contracts or deals with the machine company. And The Company, Bobby’s Biscuits, should report a file to the police station because it is kind of a cheating. And the company should also castigate the other human resources who were associated with this fact or case. And the company should also look after about the fact of alleged inappropriate behavior towards female staff members because it is also not a good thing.


The company is supposed to make an investigation about this fact also. If it is found real or true then the alleged worker or workers should be punished because it is not a good thing for the goodwill of the Company as well as from the social responsibilities of the company. So it would be very difficult task for the company. And there is also a issue about the findings about foreign things in the packet of biscuit. So to sort this out the company should inspect the matter and asked over the employees relating to the packaging department. The alleged employee should be punished by the authority of the company because it is also a matter of goodwill for the company. The consumer should not be let down as it would harm the revenue of the company. So as Kerry Jones, a supervisor of the company, I would suggest to Jill Smith, the Operations Manager, and the above things to do. As it would help to the company to get back its stable or old condition. And it would also probably solve all the problems of the company. Jill smith should report this to the higher authority to solve the problem quickly. This would be my advice to Jill Smith and it would the proposal to her.

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