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A Qualitative Exploration Wellness

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Discuss about the Qualitative Exploration of Wellness.



Wellness can be referred as the active procedure to make suitable choices for being healthy in every aspect. According to the theory of health and wellness, health can be considered as dynamic state, which consists of different aspect of any human being (Aruoma, 2015). These aspects include spiritual, social, emotional, mental as well as physical. As the theory suggests that any deceased state of the human being is caused from a specific disorder. This particular disorder can be termed as obstruction of the free flow of the life force, which causes greater deformities, disorganized functions and forms.

According to the seven dimensions of wellness theory, there are seven aspects of human being, which is highly influential for maintaining the wellness. These aspects of human wellness are mentioned below:

Occupational: The operational wellness is considered as the ability to utilize personal skills and talents to attain enriched, happy and purposeful life. Positive attitude is one of the major signs of occupational wellness.

Environmental: The environmental wellness refers to the understanding of relationship between earthly state and personal daily habits (Strout et al., 2016). It creates an effective involvement in activities for environment protection.

Spiritual: Spiritual wellness is focused on possessing various set of guiding values, principles as well as beliefs, which can provide a positive direction of life.

Social: The ability to perform successful interaction with society represents the social dimension of wellness (Strout & Howard, 2014). The major signs of good social wellness are effective communication skill, development of intimacy as well as creation of support network.

Intellectual: The intellectual dimension is highly depended on the various mental activities, which promotes creative stimulation of mind. The possession of high intellectual dimension encourages the human being to have active mind and continuous leaning (Strout et al., 2016).


Emotional: The emotional wellness is highly depended on the other wellness dimensions. The ability to express human emotions in a positive manner is called emotional wellness. These emotions include happiness, sadness, love and anger.

Physical: It consists of diverse healthy behaviours, which ensure the wellness of human being. These behaviours include protecting yourself from injuries and harm, regular medical checkups, proper nutrition as well as adequate exercise (Strout & Howard, 2014).

Each of the above dimensions has been seen to contribute in shaping the impression of the life-quality. It has been also observed that the dimensions tend to overlaps as well as influence other dimensions.  In this context, this particular study has been focused on exploring various aspects of wellness.



For the current research project, Emily Jones has been selected due to her significant experience in the wellness studies and practical wellness management in the society. Emily has been actively managing wellness for more than 12 years in the public health domain. She is responsible for helping multiple persons at a time. Majority of time these persons have been diagnosed with chronic diseases. Emily mostly focuses on easing patients’ process with the help of patient education provision, hospital discharge planning as well as advising family carers. Being actively involved in ensuring the wellness of various people has made Emily immensely insightful on this research topic. Therefore, Emily has been selected as an interviewee for collecting essential research data.


Method of Data Collection:

The research project has exclusively focused on primary research data. Although, secondary data has great popularity in regards with collecting insightful knowledge, the primary data is only capable for offering contemporary knowledge on the research issue (Taylor, Bogdan & DeVault, 2015). As the current research project has been focused on attaining proper understanding on the current aspects of wellness, the primary data collection would be most appropriate. Interview session has been selected for collecting data, as it is more appropriate for identifying trends and patterns of the research data. The participant has been selected through expert non-probability sampling technique (Palinkas et al., 2015). This particular sampling technique has helped to select appropriate participant, which would be highly capable to provide necessary insight on wellness (For Interview Questions, Refer to APPENDIX A).


Entire research project has been conducted with the help of proper rules and guidelines so that it can effectively meet its objectives. Firstly, the research has effectively devised the interview schedule in such a manner that it can answer the research question (Smith, 2015). The proper review of the literature has immensely helped to develop the interview schedule. Secondly, the most suitable participant has been selected with the help of expert non-probability sampling technique. It has been kept into consideration that proper appointment could be got so that research project could attain auspicious interview. The interview has been properly audio-recorded and later the recording has been transcribed into verbatim. The research project has been proceeded after receiving full approval from NPI Human Research Ethics Committee. Moreover, the participant has been involved in the research project with her full consent. It has been acknowledged to the participant that the collected data has been only used for research purpose (Ritchie et al., 2013). In addition, the data security has been of utmost importance. Furthermore, the research project has complied with every regulatory legislative regarding the research project (For Interview Transcription, Refer to APPENDIX B).


Analytic Strategy:

The data analysis is highly important part of the entire study, as the success of the research outcomes is greatly depended on the quality of data analysis. In the current context, the thematic analysis has been chosen for evaluating the interview data (Vaismoradi, Turunen & Bondas, 2013). This particular qualitative analysis is highly popular for its flexibility and usefulness. It helps to identify the patterned meanings in the interview transcript, which eventually helps to evaluate the interview data (Elo et al., 2014). The steps conducted in this thematic analysis process are mentioned below:

  1. Transcribing the data
  2. Familiarizing with the data
  3. Generating initial codes
  4. Searching for themes
  5. Reviewing themes
  6. Defining and naming themes
  7. Producing the report

Reflexive Statement:

The research Project has extensively focused on maintaining a neutral standpoint in every step of the research. In order to eradicate the biasness, the use of reflexive journal has been emphasized. Every decisions and logic behind it has been noted in this particular journal. The research project has also carefully considered how the participants’ responses might be influenced. The research project has made sure that the participant has been psychologically strong after the interview session.


The data analysis has been conducted by identifying various themes, which have been identified in the interview data. These themes have been quite effective to summarise entire research data in relevance with the research question. The identified themes are described below:

Description of Wellness

According to the identified data, it can be easily understood that the concept of wellness is beyond physical health. It is also depended on the spiritual as well as mental well-being. The research data has been also identified that the absence of decease cannot be termed as wellbeing, as the individual can be suffered from emotional trauma. In this context, it has been identified that the complete physical, intellectual, occupational, environmental, spiritual, emotional as well as social health can be considered as well being of any given individual.

Factors of Wellness

The data analysis has been able to point out that there are seven dimensions, which can be categorized as factors of wellness. These factors are physical health, intellectual enrichment, occupational skills, environmental awareness, spiritual stability, emotional broadness as well as social well-being. It has been also understood that in most cases financial disability and lack of time greatly hinder the achievement of wellness. The data evaluation has been also able to identify that the healthy eating, sleep and exercise greatly promotes the physical and mental wellbeing.


Importance of Wellness

As identified in the data analysis, the wellness can effectively enhance the life expectancy rate of the individuals. The wellness can ensure happy living throughout their life. The mental and social wellness can lead towards content life. In addition to that, the intellectual and occupational wellness greatly helps the individual to attain successful life.


The data evaluation has been quite successful to identify various major themes from the interview data. These themes are description of wellbeing, factors of wellbeing as well as importance of wellbeing. As the research project is aimed to understand the wellness, the data

evaluation has concentrated to unearth every aspect of wellness in the contemporary society. The description of wellness depicts the entire idea of wellness including its factors as well as importance in the contemporary world.

It has been effectively disclosed that wellness is considered as much more from mere physical health. It encompasses seven dimensions of human wellbeing. These dimensions are physical, intellectual, occupational, environmental, spiritual, emotional as well as social wellbeing. These dimensions are also considered as the factors of wellness. All of the influencers as well as barriers revolve around these factors.



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