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You have to develop a segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP) plan targeting the Australian tourist market which the Orangutan Foundation could use to know to which Australian tourists to promote its conservation strategy. Your task is to promote its conservation strategy to Australian volunteer tourists. You are required to conduct a literature review of about 500-800 words on the topic using keywords such as volunteer tourism, segmentation, targeting and positioning.




Executive summary

This paper described the several aspect of volunteer tourism. It is regarded as an emerging form of alternative tourism. It believed to attract travelers with a sense of altruism who like something’s different in their holidays. The aim of this chapter is to provide perspective and actionable information concerning this fast growing and significant form of volunteering.This paper explores the STP plan for the Australian tourist to provide better understanding about the Australian tourist nature. This study investigates that how volunteer tourism is interpreted by volunteer travelers and members of volunteer organization.


Volunteer tourism is also known as volunteer vacation, volunteer travel and voluntourism. It is a form of tourism which contribute traveler in voluntary work for charity purpose. In the other word, the volunteer tourism concentrates on altruistic or goodwill activities whilst on holiday. Volunteer tourism is a new idea of tourism that helps to maximum use of holidays. (Connors 2011) Further, volunteer tourism is mainly promoted through religious organization for travel based charity for their team members to help in underdeveloped countries as part of their religious mission or responsibility. Modern history of volunteer tourism is to provide several relief, reconstruction services and rehabilitation. In the 1961, Peace Corps a US government agency that provides American volunteers to all over the world for volunteer assistance. The non-profit organization such as Red Cross pioneered is recruiting, training and sending volunteers in the foreign countries for disaster relief service. (Novelli 2007) The main aim of this paper is to promoting conservation strategy for Austrian volunteer tourist. This study determined the role of non-governmental organization (NGOs) as significant facilitators of a successful connection between volunteer tourist and local communities.

Literature review

Literature on volunteer tourism is very broad. Volunteer tourism received academic attention which has a growing area in tourism studies and lighting its potentially transformative nature. However, there is several definition of volunteer tourism but no single definition is widely accepted. The most common used definition was discovered by Wearing that it is applies to those tourist who has several reasons, volunteer an organized way to spend holiday that might involve or alleviating poverty of some groups in society. In the 1990s, corporate sector is started to volunteer tourism as a part of business travel towards the common goal of corporate social responsibility, improving their brand image among the consumer and social entrepreneurship. For example: Avaya Inc conducted its 2006 global sales and partner conference in New Orleans to help the city that was suffered by Hurrieane Katrina. (Benson 2010)


Furthermore, there are various world famous organizations including Voluntary Service Overseas, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and Earthwatch and Youth Challenge International as well as many charitable bodies, NGOs and commercial tour operators that offer a variety of volunteer tourism opportunities. (Barbieri, Santos & Katsube 2012) Conservation International, Antipodeans and Australian Volunteers are the few names which an offering pleasure trip to Australian volunteer tourist. Further, volunteer tourism spend more time, work and money to benefit from an abroad community, an often high level benefit is the intrinsic rewards gained by the on the grounded community. NGOs participate to the furthering of option philosophies in tourism such as egocentrism, community development, feminism and post structuralism. The volunteer tourist’s life-changing experience is determined by exploratory qualitative research which was origin in Australia and New Zealand. They were 19-23 age groups when they participated in volunteer tourism project. (Benson 2010)

STP plan for the Australian tourist market

Tourism is significant export industry for Australia which creates millions jobs. Segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP) plan determine the Australian tourist situation in the worldwide. The main goals of the STP plan is to focus on the application of the several marketing weapons (such as advertising, electronic marketing, database marketing, pricing and promotion) to ultimately improve marketing results. Indeed, segmentation is partition or section of overall market with specific needs and desires of the tourist customers. It is process of partition of more groups of consumer. Targeting is groups of customers which help to choose segments of the appropriate for the market and explain the product or services that will be offered in each segment. Positioning is an activity which to find out the tourism problem and opportunity and built a solution through specific research. It makes a different variety of tourism services which can beat your competitors. (Fyall & Garrod 2005) In the regard of STP model, Australia become desirable holiday place for the UK traveler due to variety of beaches, outback, city lifestyle, rainforests and adventure concern. They provide flights in affordable prices so more than 50 percent of all European came from the UK. The UK is the biggest source of visitors for Australia rather than Japan and New Zeal and that is presented the segmentation of Australian market.


The UK is main target country for Australian tourism. So, the Australian High Commission has permitted to over the 40000 working visas to the UK. The main objective of working holiday scheme is to provide opportunity for young people (18-30). Australia is the desirable nation for working because there is no language problem for UK traveler. It is very challenging to provide increasing the number of alternative, affordable holiday opportunities for the Australia Tourist Commission (ATC) that is presented the positioning plan for the Australia tourist. ATC was founded in 1967 to promote Australia as international tourism place. ATCs main objectives are increase the benefit for Australia from abroad visitors and also raise the number of traveler to Australia from abroad countries. To fulfill to objective, we need to take action in these areas: convert interest of the partner which already works with Australia, helping business to cooperate in mutual understanding between tourist ventures and supports travelers to make their plan to Australia through basis of provided information that is presented positioning model for problem solutions for Australian tourist. Several employees came to Orleans and worked with volunteer project by Habitat for Humanity and the American Red Cross. This corporate intend was to provide volunteer service for affected people. (Llewellyn & Mylne 2004)


From the above discussion, it can be concluded that volunteer tourism is fast growing kinds of alternative tourism in the worldwide. Volunteer tourism provides an opportunity to enrapture itself in a target oriented activity while on vacation. Volunteer tourism provides permission to traveler to help a local project through their work experience. However, volunteer tourism combination of the non-profit/voluntary and tourism industry. STP plan of Australian tourist determines the efficiency and effectiveness of the plan in the volunteer tourism industry. Those tourists are desire to make something’s different during their holidays so they should participate in volunteer tourism to fulfill their dream to maximum use of holidays.


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