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The author of this novel uses Frankenstein reaction towards abhorrence to show to what he actually attained is extremely incorrect in terms of intruding outside the boundaries given to us as humans. Frankenstein was so involved in his innovation and was so dedicated that he tends to overlook his family requirements and even his own requirements. And thus he shows as shows an abhorrent behaviour and feels distressed. Both the authors Frankenstein and Walton began their quest beyond what the author suggested; have God given limits to our understanding and achievements (Perry). Hence Frankenstein starts his quest by creating life and he realises his mistake after achieving his success.

This novel is about Viktor Frankenstein a young scientist who is obsessed to find the secrets of giving life. He creates a life in his laboratory with the help of organs from the dead people but had to hide it from the world for its appearance and that the world will get scared. This makes the monster angry and frustrated and he kills Victor’s little brother, Victor’s best friend and his wife. And hides in the North Pole (Hammond, pp – 181-198). Victor decides to kill his creation the monster once and for all. Victor gets hurt while taking revenge from the monster and the monster vanishes into the arctic sea accusing the mankind for lacking compassion. After the monster is abandoned he is destructive, and hungry for knowledge and with no guidance from Victor he tries to discover things himself which is negative and painful at the same time. The monster does not take revenge directly from the creator but he turns the hatred for his creator into action by killing Victor’s family, friends and victor himself. It is important to note that all the murders the monster did were due to the action of Victor that made the monster violent and ended up murdering Victor’s family (Duyfhuizen, pp – 477-492). In the book it is mentioned that when the monster is confronted he relays information in support of actions against Victor and expresses his feelings and says he is a creature and does not want to be hated. As soon as the monster is created the monster decides to explore and understand the word relationship between living things and person to person. He wanted to know more about life. To know more about relationship the monster started to observe the human family. He started to know and understand Victor’s family which created an attachment for the family. The monster tried to interact with the family but failed as the family was disgusted with him due to his hideousness. This makes the monster angry and furious and he thinks that he has no other choice but torture and destroy thing (Joshua). After the killing of Victors family and Victor the monster does not gain satisfaction as Victor is the only family he knows.


Frankenstein is a story of a monster that was separated from his creator because of its physical imperfections. The monster was created with anxiety, panic and passion and the creator took great care in selecting the best body parts and assembling it. His thoughts were like a poet while creating it. After he assembled the creature his emotions were of horror and haltered. The creature’s habits were like a child and always wanted to be loved where as Frankenstein does not see this and the monsters appearance changes his judgement (Allen, pp - 63).

Throughout the story what creature wanted was love and acceptance and the creature turns into a monster on not being loved or accepted by Victor and victors family and turns him into a murderer. Here we can understand the theme of nature versus nature. The one who was loved and grew up in a loving family. The monster who received hatred from the time he opened his eyes wanted to be loved. Victor could not return the love to the creature he created or gave birth to. From the beginning of the story we read about the Frankenstein's physical decline and his feeling about his own creation. He falls more sick seeing his own creation and seeing that the creature he created is becoming more persuasive and expressive. He is more disturbed to see the monster behaving like human and exhibiting human emotions. The more he sees the creature the sicker he feels (Crane). He has no empathy for the creature. The more the creature wanted to be accepted; Victor alienated himself from his family and friends. Once the monster approaches Victor and asks for a female companion, victor feels sorry for the monster that is all alone. But the sentiments were immediately replaced with the old feeling of hatred. But he agrees to create a fellow creature for the monster. This feeling explains the theory of love versus hatred by Shelly.

Victor decides to create a companion for the monster but changes his mind while collecting body parts for the female monster and from that moment the relationship between Victor and the monster changed dramatically.

In the novel there are many similarities between Victor and the monster he created. They both had a very strong hatred for each other. Victor seems to have denied the monster as he has denied to himself, a wife, a family and friends (Bloom). So both monster and Victor did not have the family to love and be loved. His relationship with Elizabeth is like a sister having brought up together. His sister have never been close and he never experience love and attention from his sister, hence it can be seen that the anger towards the monster is the anger vented towards himself as he never experienced love and did not speak about it. He only experiences lust for Elizabeth and his work and he himself breaks down due to lack of love. At the end of the novel it seems that both monster and Victor had similaties like the monster did not have a wife and even Victor did not have a wife. Monster did not get social acceptance and even Victor alienated himself from the world because of his work.

Victor’s emotion of anger can be seen as a frustration about his life and how false his life was. He did not have any emotional contacts with his family or friends as we were too busy doing scientific studies (MacWilliams). Hence, the relationship and emotions of the Victor with the monster is more meaningful as there bonding is full of emotions. In the end all they had was each other and the irony was that they both hated each other. They both needed each other and Victor needed the monster as he is the only relationship and the relationship is full of emotions.


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