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Accounting: A Case Of Common Wealth Bank Of Australia

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1.Stakeholder Analysis of Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CWBA).

2. Legislation that impact on the CWBA.

3. Resources allocated by the CWBA.

4. Who is responsible CWBA design and development.
5. Attitude test impact the organizations.

6. Positive and negative feedback on team settings.

7. Difference between the group of people and team.

8. Responsibility and accountability impact on the workers roles.

9. Impact of responsibility and accountability.

10. Skills that a team member needs to use?


1. Stakeholder Analysis of Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CWBA)

Commonwealth bank of Australia is one of the multinational banks that have more than 18 branches across UK, Australia, USA, New Zealand, Fiji and Asia. Bank has established themselves in the year 1991 as public company and has currently more than 44335 employees globally (, 2015). The CWBA is known for selling variety of customer products starting from insurance, retail banking, investment banking, Private equity to credits cards , etc. common wealth bank of Australia  has been one of the largest listed company in Australia securities exchange (Adair, 2010).  Company has various stakeholders internal and external both.

Figure 1: Stakeholders of CWBA

(Source: Allen, 2009, pp-234)

Internal stakeholders

Chairman and Board of directors:  Currently the Chairman of the commonwealth banks is Mr. David Turner and the CEO of the company is Mr. Ian Narev (, 2015).  One of the major role played by the chairman, CEO and board of director make important decision making.  These people makes all of  the important decision and strategies to reach out t the large customer base. For instance, opening of bank in USA and introducing the Global wealth management structure was one of the major decision making that has introduced by the bank as per the decision made by the upper hierarchy within the CWBA (Bel, 2010).

Employees: Other major stakeholders are employees without which the decision making cannot be successful are employees. Only making of strategies and planning will not helps the commonwealth bank rather for implementation of planning needs human resources (Augier and Teece, 2009). The plan actually gets successful if the employees are performing as per the planned. These  people helps the banks to  achieve the planning and strategy into reality.  



Customers: CBA has more than 2.5 million customers all around the globe. Company make and customized their financial products to suit the retail customers, private firms and for public companies (Zehir and Erdogan, 2011). Company designed the products as per the customer demand and tries to satisfy the variety of customers needs from banking to credit card to mutual funds etc.

Government and Regulators: Regulators make the several norms and policies to perform banking operations. Some of the major regulators that impact of the CWBA are APRA and ASIC. Regulators protected the interest of shareholders (Yan, 2011). Government are keen interested in company financial statements and tax payments of the company.

2. Legislation that impact on the CWBA

Some of the major legislation or acts that impact the common wealth bank or any of financial services company are given below:

Banking act 1959: The banking act 1959 is been reformed and came into the force on July 2014. This law very much has given the license to only few financial services to operate banking facilities in Australia (Walumbwa et al. 2011).  The banking act 1959  has set norms like variety of services offered by the several banking houses of Australia and limited some of them with only retail and mutual fund banking. Some of the major banks of Australia are Westpac bank, Common wealth bank , ANZ banking group and National Australia bank. Banking act 1959 aslo has given licensed to foreign to operate  in Australia (Vecchio et al. 2008).  Common wealth banks is been one of the major pillar of the Australian banking Industry. Common wealth bank recently has been rank by the Bloomberg as the Riskless return banking  with lowest amount of risk by just 17.09%.

Australian banking regulations ahs been regulated by the Australian Prudential regulation authority (APRA) whose major motto is supervise the Authorized the depositary that consist of the banks, micro credit companies, financial services companies along with  credit card schemes. Some of the other banking industry who are not registered under the APRA are must be licensed under the Corporation act 2001 as per the common wealth legislation law (Steers et al. 2004).  This would be totally dependent on the activities done by the financial services companies. Apart from that, there is ASIC (Australian securities and Investment Commissions) who are responsible protecting the market and consumers by checking their financial and give graduation to the shares valuations. The ADI (Authorized deposit taking institution) 13A (2) act presumes that every advance and loans given to the client must be approved from the APRA 1998 act (Niemes, 2002). 

Banks in Australia are very much performing sustainable under the law of Anti Money laundering and counter Terrorism financing act 2006 that helps the company to prevent to use less risk based method and report the compliance programme too AUSTRAC on the subject of suspicion of the transactions (Mulnix, 2013).


3. Resources allocated by the CWBA

In order to improve the financial and human resources , CWBA  are using the various types of the strategy and policy within then  financial institution to overcome the issues (Kim and Brymer, 2011).  As the Commonwealth bank has more than 44,000 customer base who are being managed by the various HRM polices like 360 degree and peer review.  Among them more than 2000 workers are very much engage in the development of community and environments. Company spend more than AUD $ 2 million every in CSR activities and in sustainability (, 2015).

CSR report : Spending of the Commonwealth bank in Australia are given below :

2013 Spending of CWBA

Amount %

Students scholarship


Carbon reduction target


Participation in the primary schools


Donations and charity



Graph1: CWBA spending on CSR

(Source: Gardner and Cogliser, 2009,pp-494)

Company is monitoring and examining its development towards the sustainability and charity via CSR report. The total spending as per the CSR report of the 2013 was more than 2.2 million. Around 284834 are  has receive the scholarship which is  shows company is constantly keeping its track of financial investment in the Colleges and schools (, 2015). 

CSR report of the common wealth banks has shows that, company has able to reduce the more than 20% of carbon footprint since 2009 (Ellebracht et al. 2009).  CWB has been one it’s banking operations 7 days and 24 hours. More than 2000 manpower and 2.2 million of investment has been done by the CWB in order to monitor on its investment. According the CSR report, the company spends its funds in various others activities:

Other income of CWB

Total amount spend %





Loan impairment


Tax paid


Retained capital




Graph 1: Total amount spend in CWBA%

(Source: Elçi et al. 2012, pp-290)

Apart from that, company  has spend more than 200  health charity organizations which creates positive impact via investment in health and well being of youth in Australia. Company has been  one of the esteem member of the Red cross society and WHO (De Hoogh et al. 2008).

Sustainability report:  Besides CSR report , company also check its financial and manpower resources via making  sustainability report. Company has   one of the major sponsors of Clean up Australia (Sims and Quatro, 2008). Each year banks employees volunteer to be the part by spending more than 25 million hours in removing the garbage and waste materials from the Australia. Company has also been part of the Greater barrier reef foundations.

4. Who is responsible CWBA design and development

Sustainability and community initiatives department: The entire environmental design and development are being held by the Commonwealth bank and sustainability and community initiatives department (Rush, 2011). This department is being responsible for the monitoring the actual spending and conduct several programmes in order to increase the sustainability within the organizations.  This report shows that, department of sustainability and community initiatives are being part of the sustainability strategic framework that helps the organizations to manage and control its sustainability strategy successfully (Rollison, 2008). In order to create long term value for the customers and people including Shareholder Company spends most of its funding to the betterment of the wider community.  The department makes the financial statement and auditing is been conducted in order to assess the total expenditure in the foundation, charity and the reducing the carbon foot print (Davis, 2011).

Department of Internal environmental audit: Apart from that, commonwealth banks is also has separate duties department called as Internal environmental audit where the team is very much focus and  make  is pricing videos like Australian of the year and  Centre of social impact (Dale, 2007). The team conducts survey and makes the evidence of spending by taking pictures an video of the spending in order to support the sustainability initiatives. Moreover, company has given more than AUD $ 10000 scholarship is used to help the students to pay their college fees. These team design the spending and divides the team to identify whether the actual spending is been happing in right place or not (Cooper and Robertson, 2009).  The team collects the bills of spending, money certification to colleges, grants given to the community certificate and other spending certificate in order to manage the future spending.


5. Attitude test impact the organizations

Attitude testing is one of the major way of handling the future conflicts which will be raised within the business environment. Attitude testing   Within the Common wealth banking system most of attitude testing is done while Pre employment programme of the company (Conger and Riggio, 2012). Pre employment programme comprise of various programmes which indicates the nature of the employees towards their work and their values. 

Pre employment Test:  One of the major key challenges for the recruiter and selectors within the international companies to identify the true capabilities of the employees apart from their qualifications (Charnan, 2008).  Some times company may find the perfect or right candidates for the right job  but the attitude of the employees is very alienating and introvert that can make problems in future for the companies sin coming years.  CWBA has introduces the pre employment test  which is to answer some of the major question to identify whether the qualified guy is team player or the lone wolf (Burkholder, 2009).  During the time of selection of the employee are been tested via answering few question on leadership from the honey and Mumford or belibin approach to identify to acknowledge the employees attitude towards their work and their team.

CWBA uses various honey Mumford way form of leadership which  will helps to avoid the social desirability of the various indirect measures of attitudes  that will help the selected employees to avoid the  unambiguous nature of their towards their works (Brooks, 2009). There are some of the major techniques which leads to reveal the information’s of the employees behaviour towards their organizations which are used by the common wealth banks during the time of the selection are given below :

Evaluation: Evaluation is based on the positive and negative attitude of the employees. Evaluation van be based on the clean, transparent, bureaucrats or ugly and or judgmental. The evaluation phase the company uses Honey and Mumford questionnaire set of questionnaire has helped the HRM of CWBA to analyse the nature of the employees during the selection programme (Bogardus,  2009).

Potency: Another major criteria is potency of the individuals which is based on the active or passive. Apart from that, other major behvaiour  would be based on the cruel, kind and strong or weak.  This approach is been used via belbin learning style and with johari window set of questionnaire (Bass, 2010).

Activity: lastly companies organizes the team formation and give topic or activities to work on . Similarly, company checks the one group cohesiveness and group performance rather than individual intelligence.

6. Positive and negative feedback on team settings

While considering the feedback on team settings some of the major recommended and non recommended for of feedback techniques must be considered.

Non required  while giving feedback

Recommended feedback

Creating allegations and  ill-mannered atmosphere

Open forum and respectful environment

Biased towards  candidates

Non partial feelings towards any of the candidates

Being judgmental

Being non judgmental

Detail  on the body language

Focusing on the attitudes

Basing the feedback on rumor

Feedback based on the truth and facts

Feedback based on generalizations

Specific form of feedback on interview

Feedback based on unintended goals

Goal oriented feedback

CWBA uses connect model of feedback which is also  communications process  which allows the candidates to show their excitement, conflicts and enthusiasm towards their work or the team (Barrett and Mayson, 2008).  The Connect model helps the CWAG has been used for the positive and negative form of feedback.

C= C here means to commit to the relationship. The feedback must be based on the relationship of the team members (Barrett and Mayson, 2008). 

O=Optimize safety is another task which  helps the HR manager of the CBA to know the performance of the employee.

N=Narrowing the  down the decision making of the feedback rather than giving lectures (Allen, 2009).

N= Neutralize in the feedback style by  making decision which fair, unbiased and the impartial.

E=Explaining the perspective of  each decision making and giving the feedback on that basis.

C=Feedback must also must be on the behavior of the employees on only on the basis of qualifications.

T=Tracking the information and looking for real copies to check back the whether the qualifications are real or not (Adair, 2010).

While giving the feedback whether it is positive then :

Gather the evidence The evidence must be based on the fats and truth. The major objective of the positive feedback is to bring the something that can creates positive attitudes (Bogardus,  2009).

Focus on the behavior: One of the major focus is to analyse the behavior of the organizations which may lead to identify the nature of the employees.

Lastly understanding the wider picture rather than looking for narrow escape which could creates problems for the company in future or rather goes against the company.

Examples of negative and positive feedback for instance:

Interviewer: Why do you left your old company?

Answer: I felt the company because of the low salary and poor working environment. Besides that, problems with peers and colleagues have changes my decision making.

These types of answer lead to understand threat candidate is not a team player. So  while giving the feedback :

I am very sorry for previous experience with company. It shows that you are very lone would and team player. Please work on your behavior and come next time


7. Difference between the group of people and team

Common wealth banks have various teams within each department and also group of people who are performing their duties. Some of the major groups of people are being working in the workplace are given below:

Group of professionals: In a contemporary corporate world, companies gives more stress in team building rather than  forming a group.  Group can be easily formed in compare to the team. Group within organisations can be based on the professionals accountant, genders, expertise and age or other major factors (Brooks, 2009). Forming group based on the various factors is not much difficulty faced by the leaders. In fact, it is one of the easier process but the efficiency of the group can be variables which why it is often predicted as the vague form of people.

 Group of the people can having various personality and various goals which will make very difficult for the leaders to build consensus (Bogardus,  2009). The perspective of the group of employees can be very much friendly or intolerance. Group of people within the CWBA are formed as per the age, experience or the set of gender of the existing employees.   Groups are generally formed as for the unprofessional works.

Team works: On the other hand, team building processes is very much difficult and is based on the long term goals of the company. Since CWBA has different departments, for each department, company has form a team as per their skills, expertise and as per their qualification in the specific area (Bass, 2010).   In order to build a team every department within the CWBA leaders has to go through various stages which includes, forming, norming, storming and performing stage. Apart from that, every team works as per the goals such as business team includes, accountants, sales team, operation team. Thus each one of the team member has their own set of work and purpose which actually helps the organization to gain the overall success. Team has low amount of conflicts in compare to the group members (Cooper and Robertson, 2009).

8. Responsibility and accountability impact on the workers roles

Responsibility creates accountability within the workers.  With the help of define roles and responsibilities, company would be able reach its objectives and may achieve its goals (De Hoogh et al. 2008). Responsibilities given to the team or an individual worker gives them enough scope for performance of the works done by them. These chosen employees would be are very much accountable for such response.

 Set of responsibility given to the team within the CWBA are given below :





Responsible for cash receiving and cash paying to customers. Managing the balance of tad payables and trade payables

These people are accountable for any misplace of the cash receipt or cash payments. These members can be asked the question of misbalance of cash.


Hiring and training the employees as per the job specification of the company

Held for the wrong set of candidate  within the banking operations


Responsible for technological changes or default in any technology.

Very much accountable for failure in computer system, internet or the SAP process

Sales team

Responsible for selling the mutual fund, equity and creating the customer base.

Accountable for the increasing the customer base for the various investment portfolio sold by the bank.

9. Impact of responsibility and accountability:

 Decrease the burden of leaders: With the help of responsibility and accountability, leaders will help to boost the employee’s morale which will help to gain the confidence of the employees.  Besides that, leaders will have only to follow up on the results (Elçi et al. 2012). In this case manager of each department will be held responsibilities for his/her team performance within the banking which will gain decrease or rather reduce the burden of the employees.

Increase the confidence of employees: With set of responsibilities and higher roles give the employees to perform much better as because He/She believes that banks is very much relying on his skills. Employees will be answering his/her team manager who will helps them to perform better and increase their position within the team (Ellebracht et al. 2009). For instance , Board of directors ask  the each departments manager for the reason of failure of achieving the goal and praising  foor their achievement.

9. Behvaiour needed at the work situations

Work place aggression is very much comprises of wide range of the behaviors which starts from the coercions or verbal action. Aggression at workplace is related to the counterproductive work behvaiour and is very much suggest ht that physical harassments or emotional harming of the employees (Gardner and Cogliser, 2009).  As per the research conducted by the magazines, workplace aggression leads to harm the colleagues or the former workers or existing employees. With various range of the behaviors that has been considered as the aggressiveness within the CWBA such as:

Appearance of animosity: Some of the major behavior within the business environment which leads to foul mouth or verbal fighting.  It also may be also in the form of symbol (Kellett et al. 2002).

Obstructions: Here the manager are being watching the employees for  not performing their job and or not able to finish their objectives.

Clear violent behavior: At this stage, employees act violently and take violent actions.

Distrust within the organization leads to failure of achieving the goals. Distrust comes out of the unethical behavior from the employees such theft or felony or selling of important information  of the organization leads to distrust (Kim and Brymer, 2011).

10. Skills that a team member needs to use:

Refer to PPT


Reference List


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