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Accounting Information Systems: Data Analysis

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Write about the Accounting Information Systems for Data Analysis.



Flow Chart for payment of operations of Emporium Trading regarding

Table: Flow Chart for payment of operations of Emporium Trading regarding 

Data analysis is seen to play an integral role for functioning and development of an organization. This tool along with other software is seen to be significantly useful for classifying the data of the company for recognizing the relevant patterns and trends associated to establishment of appropriate relationship. The data analysis technique is seen to be going hand-in-hand with data mining as these assists the organization to achieve more knowledge and incorporate high amount of industrial pattern, behavior and customer trend (Duais, 2013).

During the application level process, the business intelligence and the report is seen to help the management of the organization and several other corporate employees with the information with the assistance of those actions which can be taken along with taking into consideration the vital performance indicators, operations of business and customers. It has been further observed that in the past data queries and reports were generated from the end users. On the contrary, these days the firms make use of this service so that the operational employees along with analysts can function their ad hoc queries and construct reports by themselves. The data analysis tool and data mining is seen to involve the segregation by use of large set of data and recognizing the relationship and patterns among them (Khalil & Zainuddin, 2015).

The application for the data analysis needs to consider more than evaluation of data. With relevance to the particular case the work has been seen to be taking place in the beginning with various types of preparation of data, collection and enhancing of the revised models of the analysis in order to ensure that they are able to provide precise results. In addition to this, the data analysts and the analytics team has been able to appoint data engineers who have assisted the datasets to get ready for the evaluations (Prasad & Green, 2015). The initiative associated to the dialysis is seen to aid a wide variety of the use for the data in the organization. For example, various types of financial organizations evaluate the withdrawal and the expenditure activities to restrict the theft of personal information. In case of marketing and e-commerce industries are seen to undertake click stream analysis for recognizing the individuals who have visited the website and have the potential of purchasing the relevant product or services (Xing, Lv, & Xian, 2014). 


The overall analysis of the process has been able to show that the data collection is initiated where the data scientists are seen to recognize information with specific application of analysis and work independently along with other co-workers to assemble a tool for appropriate use. The information from the different types of systems may need to be mixed up with the assistance of data integration routines and converted into a standard format and downloading the same in the system of analytics. In some of the cases the process of data collection comprise of sourcing of subset out of a collection of raw data which flows into the tool and moving it into different divider along with the same system so that it can be evaluated without having an impact on the entire dataset (Fullerton et al, 2013).

The organizations are further seen to be making use of such procedures of bit analytics in order to obtain information to support their firm in an improved way and provide service to the customers more efficiently. The ability to construct multiple sources of data is seen to create more number of anticipations for development of reliable quality. For instance, relevantly look for variances in transformation velocity, granularity, and lifespan, dependency on a specific set and permissibility on a specific dataset (Amran et al., 2014). The convergence of a large amount of data analytics is seen to result in generation of new requirements for achieving accurate information associated to customers and making sure that the data is extrinsically reliable. It further aims to ensure the reliability of those data which are uncontrollable and authenticating relationship between the elements associated to data and looking for gaps and synergies and establishing that revisions of the data provided to others and highlighting the same based on skewed data. The role of the data mining and data analysis is seen to be conducive in achieving accurate information for proper functioning of business activities (Anggadini, 2015). This can be done by knowing what is more significant to the operations of the business in order to achieve better context of data. The accuracy in the datasets after analysis has been helpful in the data analysis process and data mining by providing appropriate results discover whether data and tools are considered to be useful for getting the correct answers which will influence the management to take several decisions leading to expansion and growth of the organization. The other role of data analysis and data mining has been seen in terms of adding value to the business of information technology. It is seen to be of significant used to compute the potential capabilities of business which arises out of the services associated to IT department (Daoud & Triki, 2013). It is in further seen to be important to concentrate on the object is of business and gather knowledge for the uses of services associated to IT contribution to establish the necessary business outcomes and provide the appropriate functioning base for constructing and planning of relevant services which shall be rendered in future. It is in further observed that IT services are relevant for proper functioning of various types of analytics tools and hence, it is seen to be important to upgrade these tools in an organization (Wisna, 2013).

There have been several types of ethical issues which are considered based on storage, collection and protection of data and other information in the databases. The companies are seen together and stole a pool of information with the customers in their databases. These issues are seen to be political in nature and association of such information in the database are tested with respect to view point’s associated to ethical lending of responsibilities of a firm towards their customers. It is in further seen in terms of ethical accountabilities of employees to the organization and their customers (Coman & Coman, 2013). The collection and restoration of the various types of information of customer is seen to be important for tailoring the customer service program and expansion of the business. The various types of ethical responsibilities associated to the organization have been seen to rotate towards the customers for a collection of the precise information and rectification of the errors which are discovered in the same. The ethical responsibilities are further seen to be associated to the employees who restrict browsing through information recording of customer data until it inevitably dictates and does not reveal the data to the customers (Kao & Wei, 2014). The customers are seen to be having ethical responsibilities as well and they are associated to giving information to the organization which they deal. This is seen to be inclusive of giving precise and whole data which is required and safeguarding of the obligations for not disclosing and misusing of the same. However, there have been some legal requirements which have been collected by the firm. The ethical issues are seen to comprise of privacy laws and information collected from the customers. Their ethics have been further able to cover the process for storing and using of the information. With respect to the data collection procedure from the customers, the organization tries to discover the purchasing nature of the customers in a particular time frame. This information is collected from potential customers who have made investigations about good services provided by the product (Siahaan, 2013).

The next ethical consideration is seen with accuracy of information which may lead to fouling of lives of customers. The information which are collected by the organization requires a precise and accurate decision-making and have a proper information about the customer so that it can provide accurate service to them (Ran et al,, 2015).

The access to the information associated to the customer is seen to be another ethical implication associated to accessing of the information. This is seen to be eased by the engineers and data analysts. It is of utmost importance to make use of this information by the other employees who are not related to operate with this information (Quan, Li, & Wang, 2013). The accessibility requirement is seen to be restricted for safeguarding of personal information of customers and misplacing of this information in wrong hands. The data should be stored in such a manner that it can be accessed whenever required. It is of prime importance that the customer information is stored in central database and various types of previous information related to customers are not lost (Saganuwan et al., 2013). Some of the important ethical implication associated to storing, gathering and use of the information seem to play a significant role, as it influences the customer with the secure information. The gathering of information is undertaken in an ethical way so that they are not misused by gaining the information and thereby customers can be satisfied. Henceforth, organizations required to undertake such measures so that they are able to understand the requirements of the customers and provide extensive and necessary services to the customers at the same time increasing profit and share in the market (Fitriati & Mulyani, 2015). 


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