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Reference Internet sources to define plagiarism. Is collusion on assignments plagiarism? Why is plagiarism/collusion unfair to honest students?

Use Greenshot to copy and paste in a Word file, a simple normal view AND formula view of a spreadsheet showing row and column headings. Describe ONE other method to paste a spreadsheet in a Word file. Refer to the Spreadsheet Advice PDF for examples.

List six web sites relevant to accounting together with their URLs. Explain how is each relevant to accounting.

Find online one Australian professional accounting organisation. Describe a resource within this website (apart from ABC Learning), potentially relevant to your study of accounting. Explain why you chose this resource.

Describe the computing environment in your current or previous workplace or home office; equipment, software, processes etc. Or answer this question in relation to a possible future workplace position.

The above five questions are designed to assess your ability to use and evaluate digital resources for accounting and can be answered from any source including the computer sections of magazines and newspapers or by access to the Internet. When using the Internet include the URL reference.

Spreadsheet - check the assignment and spreadsheet requirements.

  1. Explain P A L E R. Refer to the Topic notes.
  2. Create a manual, handwritten solution. Scan or use your phone to copy and paste an image of your handwritten solution in your word file. If using a smart phone, consider using a free scanning app such as Camscanner, Office Lens or Google Drive or search for an app. Let us know which method you chose. We ask for a handwritten solution because this is the method you will use in the final exam. In the meantime, we want you to acquire spreadsheeting skills.
  3. Create a spreadsheet solution. Check the spreadsheet requirements in the Subject Outline

List four types of period end adjusting entries and give journal entries examples of each.

Distinguish between current and non-current liabilities. Give two examples of each.

Explain the current ratio. Create your own numerical example.

Plagiarism and its collusion


Plagiarism is a sort of activity which is done to steal and use someone’s work and declare that work as their individual work. Thus, one might say that plagiarism is an exploitative work. It contains two exercises. To start with, take another person's work and afterward pass it off as own work. Colleges punish such sort of work. They force high punishment on such activities

The study explains that plagiarism is an awful thing for honest students as they write and complete their work by themselves and dishonest student complete their work with the help of various websites which are offering the academic writing work. It leads dishonest student to higher marks than honest students.


A special technique is required to paste the spreadsheet in doc file along with the raw and column headings:


For pasting the spreadsheet in doc file in formula view, user have to take the help of (ctrl+~). Firstly, click the (Ctrl +~) and then go to page layout option and enable the option of print box in heading menu. Later, copy and paste the table into the doc file and afterwards, a menu box would pop up at end of the table. Lastly, click on the menu box and chose the option “paste as picture”.






AICPA assists the accounting professionals to manage and enhance the accounting techniques and accounting ethics knowledge.


FASB makes it easy for the private organization to prepare the financial statements.

Accounting info

Accounting info offers the study material to the accounting professional students.


There are various accounting bodies in Australia. IPA (institute of public accountant) is one of them. It is one of the most used professional bodies in Australia.  This accounting body assists the accounting and auditing professionals in enhancing their knowledge and it improves the overall development.  Accounting professional study material is available at this website that helps the students to enhance their knowledge (IPA, 2017).

This website offers the various study material and practice manuals to the accounting professional students such as law modules, costing modules, accounting and auditing modules etc.


Computing environment must be enough updates and should be comfortable for employees of an organization to work productively and with successfully. Computing environment is an inclusion of numerous equipment, programming and different assets. This inclusion helps the organization in achieving the goals and the objectives. Hardware incorporates CPU, monitor, mouse, keyboard, modem, scanner, data cable, printer and so on. Though, Software incorporates Database system, Spreadsheets, doc records and control point.

Software should be updated in an association to help the workers at its fullest and influence the task to ease. An updated software helps the workers to done the given task at the earliest opportunity (Science daily, 2017). Operating system of an organization should likewise be as indicated by the work so it turns out to be very simple for the workers of the organization and other individuals at working environment to done the undertaking.

Pasting spreadsheets in doc files

Power point software assists the workers toward exhibit data in an expert way. Doc documents help to records and keep up the data of the organization. Data base management is useful to keep a track over the business exercises and keep up every one of the exercises. Spreadsheet is useful to set up the financial transactions and break down the circumstance of organization.

On the other hand hardware is also essential for a business. Without the assistance of equipment and hardwires, it is not possible for the user to run the software. Hardware is helpful to give the command to the PC and get back the information. Hardware should be in a flawless state with the goal that workers could do work viably. CPU is the principle equipment (Nobes and Parker, 2008). It offers command to the software to achieve the assignment. Further, for transferring the file, data cable is useful. Modem interfaces the network to the PC. Printer and scanner help to encode and interpret the data from PC.

In this way it could said that the computing environment of an association must be up to dated with the goal that the work could be ease for the employees.   


  1. PALER:

PALER stands for payment, assets, liabilities, owner’s equity and the revenues of an organization.

  1. b) excel solution:

    S. No.

    Account Title

    Type of Account


    Loan Payable



    Rent Expense






    Office Supplies



    Salary Expense



    Salary Payable



    Property Tax Expense



    Prepaid Expenses



    Office Furniture



    Electricity and Gas Expense



    Accounts Payable



    Davis, Capital



    Service Revenue



    Accounts Receivable



    Supplier Expense






Adjusting Entries:

Accrued expenses

Expenses a/c Dr

Accrued Expenses Cr

Accrued Revenue

Accrued Revenue Dr

Revenue a/c Cr

Unearned Revenue

Revenue A/c Dr

Unearned revenue Cr

Prepaid Expenses

Prepaid expenses a/c Dr

Expenses a/c Cr

Current assets are those assets that are recorded to in the balance sheet and these assets are expected to be form into cash within a year. On the other hand, noncurrent assets are those assets which are recorded in the balance sheet but could not form into cash in a year (Accounting explained, 2017).

Current ratio could be measured on the basis of current liabilities and current assets to evaluate the liquid phase of the corporation while debt ratio could be measured on the basis of total debt and assets to evaluate the leverage state of the corporation.

Current assets


Current liabilities


Current ratio


Total debt


Total assets


Debt ratio


The above calculation explains that the current ratio of the company is quite better and the debt ratio of the case explains that the capital structure of the company is also good.


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