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Advance Diploma Of Business Management: Dominos

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Question: Describe about advance diploma of business management in Dominos?     Answer: Introduction: Dominos’ a very well known company in all over the world and is leading in pizza delivery and also in take away business. It’s a quick server in the food and beverages industry. Dominos operates in 56 countries. Dominos tries to match themselves with the taste and flavor of the respective countries (Cornforth, & Pioneering, E. V. O. L. U. T. I. O. N. 2014). Vision of Dominos Becoming the best operator in pizza delivery system with best workforce. Ranking number one in pizza. Ranking number one in people. Mission of Dominos The global chain of pizza delivery is being maintained with high standards and also providing the customer with excellent products and services. Best Pizzas are being served by extraordinary people. Have fun and sell more pizza.   Values of Dominos Treat and respect people as you want to be treated. Produce the best product but in less quantity. Measure, control and share what is most important. The organization always goes for long term prospects. Look into the matters where there is need to change. Set the organizations limit high so that many things can be known. Promotion within the company. Objectives of Dominos   SMART Analysis of Dominos To achieve the vision the company has to go through the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time Bound) analysis. Without this vision it will be really difficult for the company to retain their position in the market (He, Zha,& Li,2013). The first strategic objective of the company would be to effectively communicate the visions all the levels in the hierarchical structure of the management. Employees working in Dominos need to involve themselves in achieving the vision of the company.  The clear vision of Dominos is to be in the number one position and this need to be communicated well to everyone. The other strategic objective is to achieve the vision a company needs to access them by achieving the objectives. Dominos is planning to open outlets in countries like Belgium, France etc by calculating the approximate number of customers and what will be there turnover in the coming 5 years. Another objective is to know that what the company is trying to obtain and is it easily achievable or not. Impractical goals take the company downwards instead of taking them towards their vision. The growth of the previous 5 years can easily suggest that whether the vision is really achievable or not. The strategic objective for an organization is to know their resources so that they can easily achieve for that they are aiming. The capital, human resources technologies and materials are the resources which makes the vision in real. Dominos has built in a required amount of capital and human resources from their business expansion and the IT department has become technologically updated. Lastly the strategic objective is to know time limit. So that the activities involved in this are done in a positive manner and 5 years is a reasonable time period for Dominos in the current market situation. External Environment Analysis Dominos operates in a free competition environment. There are many companies who are delivering the same products and services. So there is the competition for attracting the customers. There is competition regarding the raw materials, employee etc. To make their employees stay Domino’s has offered different pay packages to them. Domino’s treat their suppliers in the same way only. These steps taken by Dominos are crucial to stay in the market and dealing with their competitors (Chou, Ding, Chang, Wong,  Lin, Wang, & Chang, 2013).   Internal Environment Analysis Dominos Pizza delivers their pizza in several countries. It had gained its status and it is an advantage for them for their upcoming outlets. Dominos monitor their stores and maintain the quality of their products. They easily understand their customer needs and act accordingly and satisfy them. In Dominos the employees works as team and try to achieve their targets keeping their standards intact (Baďurová & Ponechal, 2013). SWOT Analysis of Dominos Pizza By SWOT analysis, the strength, opportunities, weakness and threats can be easily identified. The strength and weakness are the internal factors and opportunities and threats are the external factors (Salzano, Antonionib, Landuccic, & Cozzanib, 2013). Strength and weakness helps an organization to analyze deficiencies and improve them where it is required. Opportunities and threats focus on the external condition i.e. their environmental conditions and analyze their competitors. Figure-1 – SWOT Analysis In the figure it is seen that the organization Domino’s Pizza has been divided into four quadrants. Domino’s Pizza holds an important position in the food and beverages sector, so they can cope with any situations be it internally and externally and Domino’s can take almost all the opportunities of the coming future and also can reduce their threats on their performances so that they can take action according to the competition of the markets. Domino’s does not have any specific weakness but there is deficiency in target market of organic pizza because of its shortfall and it has become a issue in the recent days. Therefore, Domino’s should mainly focus on less calorie food items and also in those food items which have low carbohydrates which will help in increase their sells (Groeneveld, Wesseler & Berentsen, 2013). PEST Analysis Wherever Domino’s open their outlets they keep the culture and taste in their mind of that country and place. PEST (Political, Economical, Social and Technological) analysis helps in understanding the political social scenario of the respective country where the new outlet will be opened (Strauss, 2010). Political Factors- For planning, the strategy in a definite market political factor plays an important role. The policies of the government play an important role in the organization growths according to their priorities and also by supporting in their business. The Union policies also regulate that what type of goods and services Dominos is providing and whether it will affect the health and safety of the customers or not. Economical Factors- In the organizations operational section the economic factors play an important role.  The inflation, taxation affects in the operation of Dominos. Social Factor- Whether the products are being prepared within the proper range and giving proper services are seen under the socio cultural factors. The culture and lifestyle of Australia is totally different from the European ma
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