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AHT080 Communication, Culture And Media

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  • Course Code: AHT080
  • University: Coventry University
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  • Country: United Kingdom



Globalization is considered to be one of the modern phenomena that have encompassed the humanity as a whole. Doreen Massey has criticized this concept from different angles. The things are getting fast paced and the world has to catch up with this speed. Places have a huge significance in this aspect because no place can be considered as independent one. All the places on this earth have become the global places and the people have become global as well. The people of various countries live in separate places but they are considered as the global residents. The entire earth can be considered as a community. This is why globalization has a huge value indeed (Beck 2015).

The globalization of place has a huge significance since the cross-cultural issues are very much interwoven with each other indeed. The economic geography has a connection to it as well. The various aspects of globalization and place will be discussed here in this part of the paper. It can be said from the economic point of view that the capital is getting transformed indeed. A new phase of internationalization is taking place. It has been observed that more number of people is travelling longer distances. These are the issues that will be the focus of this discussion (Beck 2015).

Therefore, it can be said that the assignment enhances the clarity of the readers regarding the diversified impact of globalization across the globe.

Globalization of place

It is very intrinsic and complex to find out what exactly is meant by the sense of places in terms of globalization (Nayak 2016). It is even difficult to relate them as well. The entire world is mixing with each other and the cross cultural barriers are being broken down. No particular place can be identified by its own identity indeed. There was an era when the homogenous and coherent people lived in the communities. However, the current matter involves the fact of fragmentation and disruption. The two words ‘place’ and ‘community’ have different meanings in this scenario (Baylis, Owens and Smith 2017). There have been certain defensive and reactionary responses to the issue of place. This era can be called one of the time-space compressions. The sense of place has been very important subjects indeed. The global economy is quite complex in the modern times. The economic transactions in the modern world are becoming quite intrinsic and networks of finance economy are spreading indeed. This is why the cities are extremely important in making the economy of the globe fast and smooth (Nayak 2016).  Therefore, the transitions in the networks can be considered as an integral part in the economy in terms of stabilizing the financial parameter. An example in this context can be the smart cities, which provides uninterrupted internet connection to the people, irrespective of their location.

The state or the countries have a huge role to play in determining the financial transactions between the two countries. The word ‘place’ is of little value since the financial transactions in the modern world are made mostly by the use of technology (Baylis, Owens and Smith 2017). The importance of ‘place’ in terms of globalization has been decreasing since the focus has been shifting more to the information industries, finance and the corporate services. The states have their own governing capacities. However, the electronic spaces and hyper-mobility has set a big challenge on front of them but they are not able to write off its capacity of governing. The capitalism of modernity is very much associated with the matter of the globalization and its places (Goody 2013). Modernization is a very important word in this segment. The people want to be modern by mixing with the several viewpoints of the rest of the world. It is a known thing that globalization or modernization can never be stopped. This is why the people will have to adjust to it (Goody 2013). Hence, maintaining the pace with the altering modernization and globalization is crucial for the people in terms of keeping themselves upgraded.

The economies of the country depend largely on the several aspects of globalization. If the various countries cannot adjust to these changing conditions, they will lag behind surely. The countries export their goods and other things to other countries and thus enrich their capital of money. The export of goods has to be prioritized primarily on order to grab the advantage for the country. As the aspect of globalization has become a primarily important one, the questions of competitive advantage have been all the more significant (Campbell, Coff and Kryscynski 2012). 

It is definitely a positive point of view to see the globalization process. This process will intensify the development of the countries and the competition among the countries. The countries will prosper and adjust to the ways of modernization in this way only. Capitalism has a big say in this process of globalization. The power and politics also comes into focus only. The technology solutions or the T-S process will be an effective tool to discuss the rise of the globalization process. This is not the kind of thing that can be expressed or utilized by the facts of modernity and capitalism (Wagner 2012). For achieving success in this direction, the government officials need to indulge in meetings with the stakeholders and shareholders for developing frameworks. Herein, exposure of rational approach would be a wise step in maintaining the competitive phase. Along with this, the governmental regulations regarding the import and export activities need to be dealt wisely for maintaining the stability in the relationship with the stakeholders and shareholders.

The rise of the new technologies has paved the way for the new economic processes. The social and economic lives of the human beings are also affected by this as well. The political developments that are taking place in this scenario are new as well. The various aspects that is responsible behind the betterment of the financial conditions of a country. The information about the globalization process and the innovation process that drive them to be a proper one should be aligned with the objectives of the organizations across the various countries. The quality of the people’s lives has changed quite a lot in the last few years. This change has taken place irrespective of their places where they live. The implementation of the emerging technologies has impacted at a huge level (Narula 2014). Some of the concerns that are associated with this are about the per capita incomes of the people, their health issues and the expectations from life. Several people are suffering from poverty and lack of food all across the world. In these cases the ‘so-called’ globalization or modernization has been unable to shed any effect. Adoption of latest and modern technologies, therefore, would alter the lifestyle of the people. However, focus needs to be placed on the issue of cyber crimes, which reduces the intensity of the widespread effect, which the technologies have created. Rationality and conscious approach in this direction would ensure greater protection for the public domain. Herein lays the appropriateness of the security software.

Inequality is a grave matter in the question of globalization and places. As economy is associated in a complicated manner, the effects of poverty are quite important in this context as well (Milanovic 2016). The people need to be taken care of in a better manner indeed. The capital is not at all distributed equally. This is why the evil of poverty has been looming large indeed. There are several other matters in this case as well. They are definitely related to politics of mobility, access, international migration and other factors. The international migration is a very important factor in this context (Abel, G.J. and Sander, N., 2014). 

Several people travel from one place to another in search of work or occupation. These places may fall in different hemispheres or continents. This can cause several cross-cultural issues (Kraidy 2017). The transportation costs are different in different countries. The people of one eastern country might have to face several issues in the western countries as the cultures are completely different. The gender complications and problems regarding ethnicity might cause several problems as well. Ethics, morality and other things will be very important in addressing the complicated situations (Asante 2013). If a person faces gender issues in an unknown country, he or she may have to go through a traumatic phase that will be very difficult for them to bear. The per capita income rates are also different from one another in various countries. This might cause a great up and down in the economy of those countries. It has to be stated that the space and place have not been created by themselves. They are basically social entities, carried out by the human beings. In this context, globalization plays a major role. Establishing connection with the near and dear ones in some other distant countries would act as a solution for the problem, which the individuals might be facing in the unknown countries. Viewing it from the other perspective, individual experimentation towards the issues might deviate from the aspect of globalization, however, it would strengthen the individual in the unknown and strange countries.

These places cannot be called just the products of the economic organizations (Gruenewald and Smith 2014). These places have their own entities as well. They should not be considered as money making machines. They have several other works as well. Of course the economic angle has a strong hold in society, but it should not be considered as the sole thing. Other critic like Nigel Thrift has said that these aspects of globalization are not only cause because of the modernity or capitalism. Modernism has risen to be a strong cultural force in depicting globalization. The postmodernist society aims to mix freely with all the spheres of the people who exist in this world. This is why the people have to be cautious while exchanging with their cultures. The time-space compression will have to be looked into (Kivisto 2012). The postmodernist view will have to be considered as the one that will conquer the thought process. The cultural shift has taken place so smoothly that people can say that they live in this postmodern age. The academic fashions have also changed in this course as well. The cities in the various countries have their own cultures but they are mixing freely with each other. Production is an important thing that can be considered as a positive thing driving the social change. The urban lives have really changed from the time of the 1970s.

In terms of exchanging the cultures, security needs to be given more emphasis. This is because of the safety and security of the people. Group discussions can be one of an efficient means in terms of reducing the instances of racial discriminations, conflicts and harassments. Liberal approach needs to be adopted here for the respecting the individual sentiments of the people.

The modernity has become one of the most interesting things in the development of the society indeed. The advancement is based upon the technological instruments. The social change depends much on the various elitist sources. There are multiple players who wish to manipulate this social change in various ways (Benyon and Dunkerley 2014). The metropolitan cities have developed the accommodation for numerous people who belong to different religions and castes. There are other differences as well. Massey has criticized several times that this aspect of globalization always ignores the unequal power distributions and the power relations between the groups and ethnicities who belong to different groups. Globalization has a lot to focus on and this directly shifts the focus to the distribution of power across different channels (Nederveen 2012). There are certain geographic and historical discourses in this context as well. There are certain conventional framings about the globalization that have been taken as very important. The knowledge economies are quite dependent on the globalization process. The various issues like education, economy and other things can be a major judging point for the extent of how much globalization has impacted the society. It is a noted notion that the globalization has eradicated the differences between space and time and such other things. Therefore, it can be said that the success stories of the people in the fields of education, economy and others are prime evidences in deciding the impact, which globalization has created in the entire world.

The geography of power means the spaces that exist between the cities and the countries. One major way to dissolve this space is to make a stronger network of the social media. The stronger the social media networks will be, the better communication will be there. A better communication will bring the people near who live far away from each other. One of the most important things that have been left untouched during this discussion is the fact that globalization and assimilation between two or more cultures is seen from the perspective of the first world. This includes the American and European civilizations (Wolch and Dear 2014). This is considered to be as the ‘first world’ very often. The geography of power does not produce more equal power relations. This in turn shows people should be regarded as equal in terms of their power. Every person has that capability in himself to bring in some positive changes into this society. The fact is he or she will have to overcome the economic barriers and assimilate with one another very freely. Some people have argued that the cultural values work as the key components in making the society achieve the economic progress and democratization of politics as desired by people (Wolch and Dear 2014). In this sense, it can be concluded that social media has bridged the gap between the cities and countries. This has provided the people with the opportunity to strengthen their bondage with their loved ones. Along with this, social media has enabled the businesspersons to expand their business through every corners of world.

There are many political and economic matters that affect the globalization process. The political problems include the governing power issues. The governments possess all the sovereign power of the country. There are many things that can be included in the issue of governing a country (Smart and Smart 2012). The governing power has to be aware of the multicultural things that exist in the country. The media reports and political speeches are always given to manipulate the opinion of the public. There are various issues that the government has to face. These issues have to be dealt with utmost care. The media communication networks always flash all the detailed information throughout their channels. The various issues like elections, refugee issues, flood and natural calamity issues and several such things would have to be dealt with topmost care (Smart and Smart 2012). The issues related to terrorism have to be dealt with care by the government as well. In this way, the political problems have to be handled by the countries with much importance. The media bodies make all the big news globalized so they can form opinions about the actions by these various militant groups. Meetings with the governmental agencies would, therefore, would be wise step in terms of dealing with the regulations imposed on the companies and organizations regarding import and export activities and others.

The economic agendas have to be handled according the severity of the condition as well. If one country within a continent suffers from economic backdrops, other rich countries must help them positively as well (Tabb 2012). The richer countries should take steps to improve the conditions of the economically less developed countries. The richer countries must raise the funds to help the poor countries when they face severe problems regarding health, food and others. Thus globalization process can become a successful notion indeed. It is because the entire world will be benefitted from the effects of globalization (Tabb 2012).  Indulging in meetings with the trade union members would help in stabilizing the financial parameter. As a matter of specification, these meetings would assist in averting the instances of inflation, fluctuation in the prices of the raw materials among others.


This paper can be concluded by saying that globalization can be seen from various perspectives in the modern world. The concept of places has become quite an obsolete one. The world can be taken as a unified one in most circumstances. The time-space compression will be a major concern indeed. The various political and economical agenda will have to be sorted out of all the countries sit together and round up the matters. These things would have to be remembered because globalization can turn out to be helpful for most countries indeed. Frameworks need to be developed for exposing proper approach towards the factors leading to globalization. These frameworks need to be evaluated for upgrading the standard and economy of the countries. Rationality and consciousness in this evaluation would aid in maintaining the pace with the competitive ambience.


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