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Airline Information Management System

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Discuss about the Airline Information Management System.



The airline business organization comprises several complex business processes that needs to complete to keep running the business as well as fulfilling the demands of the clients or the customers. The proposed information system will be responsible for providing significant level of automation in processing and Management of business operations (Hsu & Liou, 2013). In order to help airlines system in making their business more efficient by enhancing the speed and quality of the operations the system will help in achieving better performance levels in the market.

The following report consists of discussion about the functional and non-functional requirements of the information system developed for XYZ airlines. In addition to that the use cases and descriptions of those use cases for different sub systems, system capabilities are also discussed in the different sections of this report. For flight reservation subsystem

The users have to register to the system before they use the different functionalities of this sub system.  

This subsystem of the airline information system will be responsible for managing the booking of the passengers for the flights, cancellation of the booking and any other change in the reservation by the passengers.  Other functional requirements are, providing log in interfaces for authenticated user access to the system.

This sub system must delete the users if the users are inactive for 6 months or more.

After the booking is completed by the passenger this module will send a confirmation to that specific user or the passenger.

For travel service reservation system

As the XYZ airlines provides the non-flight services to the passengers thus this sub system of the proposed system will provide services like the hotel booking,  transportation booking and other services.

This sub system will send mails and communicates with the business partners to confirm the bookings by the passengers (Hsu & Liou, 2013).   Moreover when the booking is complete the system will send details about the booking to the passenger.

Handling the payroll of the employees: This is the  most important functionality of the human resource Management subsystem and taking care of the Payroll  of the employees is itself a complex task which are loaded with conditions and organization policies, so  this subsystem of the airline information system   need to complete this operation consistently for every individual subsequent to figuring his/her leaves, extra working hours and numerous different perspectives which impacts his month to month  salary.

Recruitment and training:  This module of the airline information system helps in sorting out the different activities in the recruitment process legitimately like, Management of  candidate resumes, shortlisting the candidates for the interview panel,  setting the selection criteria, number of  round of interviews and numerous different activities which should be executed as the part of the employee recruitment process.


For Accounting and Finance subsystem

Recording of the economic transaction: This subsystem of the proposed system will help in timely recording of the economic transactions by the organization as well as by the passengers. This will help the organization to track the performance of the business performance in the market against  its competitors.

Generation of the reports: This subsystem will be used to generate economic reports that will help the managers or the decision makers to determine the business strategies to improve its business and provide better services to the passengers (Hsu & Liou, 2013).   This reports will also help in the forecasting the revenue for a period and to analyze the factors that are responsible for achieving those fore casted target for the business. 

Automation of the sales force:  This subsystem will complete the processes that gives the management provides a report consisting of customers purchasing or booking behavior, developing opportunities for acquiring new clients, and managing the requirements of the different stakeholders including the passengers.

Automation of marketing processes:  This Provides the capacity to produce qualified leads, streamline the business procedures and coordination amongst the sales and the marketing departments while launching new campaigns and business strategies.

Nonfunctional requirements for the different sub-systems 

All of the above subsystem will share the same non-functional requirements such as

Simple and easy to navigate interfaces:  each of the subsystem must provide an easy to navigate user interface so that anyone with minimal technical knowledge can operate and complete their responsibilities and tasks (Hsu & Liou, 2013).

Reliability: As the information system are vulnerable to different kind of failures thus the system must be reliable and protect the confidentiality and integrity of business data.

Any use case is always initiated by a user because of a specific objective, and finishes effectively when that objective is fulfilled by using the system. It portrays the arrangement of collaborations amongst the different sub systems and the users to convey the administration that fulfills the objective of the user (Sangar & Iahad 2013). It additionally incorporates conceivable variations of this planning  e.g., elective successions that may fulfill the objective, and in addition groupings that may prompt inability to finish the administration in view of extraordinary conduct, blunder dealing with, and so forth.


Environment for the proposed system

This proposed system will be web based system.  This will help the employees, managers and the passengers to access the system through the internet at any time and from anywhere.  In order to use the system it is important to have a work station with processor Pentium 4 or higher with 100 GB of disk space.

The operating platform for this system is   suggested to be Linux or any variant of Linux which will ensure the security of data (Hsu & Liou, 2013). The front end or the user interface of the system will be designed using the ASP.Net and the database of the system will be handled using the SQL server 2008.

Whenever any type of user tries to log in the system will produce a log in Interface. B after this the user will be provided with the interfaces as per the type of the user.  If the user is an admin or employee then it will produce interfaces like the “Manage Employees”, “Manage Flights”, “and Generate Revenue reports”,

If the user is a passenger then the system will provide interfaces with the options like the “Book Tickets”, “Check Booking Status”, or “Cancel Booking” 

For the development of the information system for the XYZ airlines it is decided to use the agile system development methodology. The reason behind this selection can be stated as,   the agile methodology gives numerous opportunities for the client and the system development team   engagement in the development process – before, during and after each iteration of the development (Sangar & Iahad 2013). By including the customer or the business organization in each progression of the system development project, it helps in developing a high level of collaboration between the customer and development team, giving more chances to the group to really comprehend the organizations requirement and vision for the proposed system.

System vision document and WBS

For developing the system we assumed that the XYZ airline is facing different problems in managing its different business operation and it was extremely hard to deal with their clients as the number of customers growing heavily. It was because of their incredible client services such as pick up and drop from the airport, providing non-flight services such as hotel booking, with this increasing number of customers they began to face the issues with the fulfillment of the client demands (Hsu & Liou, 2013). The main issue was that in manual record keeping record keeping system and other isolated business processes excessive amount of employees were required, to a great degree tedious process is included, that caused inconvenience to both clients and also to the managers to manage all the business processes while maintaining productivity from the business and also the client satisfaction.

The fully developed system will be able to perform analysis of high volume, high speed business data processing.    This will ensure the organization to get faster and accurate communication about the business processes inside the organization and with the other business partners (Sangar & Iahad 2013).  In addition to that the system will reduce the time to complete the tasks by using the automation of the system which will ensure faster processing of the data and completion of the related tasks.    

Faster and inexpensive data access:  The proposed system will facilitate the employees, managers and the passengers of the airlines company to access a huge amount of data, services through the system from anywhere and at any time (Hsu & Liou, 2013).


Better co-ordination:  The employees of different departments   will be able to communicate better through having the very same data accessible to them at each time. It helps in having same data about the business processes amongst different departments and isolated systems.

Enhanced process execution: As the system will provide and update the data at real time thus any change   in any business operations will be easily detected by the employees or the managers which will help them to redesign the processes to cop up with the new circumstances and complete the different business processes on time.

Operating cost reduction with enhanced productivity:   The proposed application helps in promoting more proficient operation of the organization and furthermore enhances the supply of integrated data to managers or the decision makers; applying of this information system can likewise have an  essential part in helping the business organization to put more noteworthy emphasis on  the use of the  integrated systems keeping in mind the end goal to have an competitive advantage in the market against the competitors.

This system will positively affects productivity of the business processes, however there are a few disappointments can be confronted by frameworks clients which are specifically connected to absence of proper training and poor system implementation that can be avoided proper implementation methodology and training to the users (Hsu & Liou, 2013).



As the airline business consist of several complex business processes that are completed using isolated information systems that are designed for specific departments and specific tasks.   Most of this information systems are presently joined with the other applications, database to complete tasks fast and accurate. They produce both on-request and general reports to help the administration, enhance operations and lessen the total cost in the meantime. With the goal for making  the process of airline business more easier and effective  in their operations, the managers and the employees  have to comprehend advantages of the information systems and  the way to align the business objectives with the new information system  to better serve their different stakeholders such as the different business partners and the passengers.



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