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Analysis Of Business Operations At OZ Supermarket

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1.Write a well Presented Report for the above outlining the Business Operation. Provide three Recommendations that are well Substantiated with Journal Literature and Referenced Correctly.

2.Provide an Additional Option to the above Suggestion to Improve Customer Service also provide three Suggestions into Improving Business Service/Operation Offerings such as Customer Feedback, Product Quality Review, etc, Substantiated with Current Literature.


1.In this part of the study clear snapshot of the fundamental skeletal structure which holds each general store business together while accomplishing its objectives has been explained. The Supermarket model presents a far-reaching system to deal about the intricacy of any general store structure, and a plan which is reusable for envisioning the actual operations going on in the OZ Supermarket for easing the customer queue problem.

Analysis of Business operations at OZ Supermarket

The supermarket under discussion that is the OZ supermarket is a chain of retail newly opened selling out only, household, non-perishable and stationery goods. This new retail chain has setup a new way of buying and shopping at the supermarkets (Scherzer, 2016). The OZ supermarket has seen the problem of disabled, children, and elderly people standing in the queue which is very troublesome for them. The shopping experience because of the long queues becomes very hectic and tiring. People do not feel glad to come and shop during festive seasons. Management looked forward and decided to provide the people with such a way to shop which will not force them into standing in the long queues(Thomas, Kumar &Preshiya, 2016). People now can come and shop with pay wave technology which allows them liberty and relives them from the stress of standing in the billing counter.


The OZ supermarket has adopted the PayWave technology in its system. The Supermarket has completely aborted the system of pay with the cash. It promotes shopping with ease by urging customer to hop in grab whatever they need and then just leave the store (Ossolinski, Lam & Emery, 2014). They worked hard to achieve the goal by modifying the way supermarket works. Innovate their business operations with the Pay Wave Technology; the retail chain has completely changed a supermarket view. The costumers can now enter the store by just waving their cards in front of the gate which gives them entry to the store and then records the details of the customers like the card number, the costumer’s name, and the amount of allowable cash for shopping (Shaw, 2014).

These frameworks helps in detecting which items have been kept in the trolley for the purchase. As soon as the item is dropped into the trolley the item is noted tracking the inventory list along with its item code and the pricing (Berdaliyev, & James, 2016). There is no requirement for the person to bill the items again as it was required earlier when a customer used to remove the item during the billing process. In addition to this, the customer who does not have the necessary amount in their cards for the shopping gets a ringing alert. This way the customer is asked to recharge or add some extra amount of money in their cards. After the shopping is done completely, the customer can move out straight away. As the person moves out the billed amount is deducted from the person’s card and the shopping is done happily.

The Customers who do not have the card or children coming to shop without the card also have the facility to shop here(Ma, Nie& Lu, 2015). Such customers are provided with a temporary card intake of cash.  Those temporary cards can be used for the shopping by the people who forget their card somewhere or have not issued any card on their name.

The business operations and process being proceeded with presently are shrewd. The operations have been divided very carefully and are performed tentatively. The managing and changing of the methodology has been done keeping the welfare of the general public in mind. Now, people do not have to stand in the long queues during festive seasons when they want to be home as soon as possible (Conger, 2015). Besides people in rush to drop their children to school or picking them up, or moving ahead for the office does not have to think twice to shop before these jobs. The present ways of operating have removed the several billing counters present at the supermarket. The cost incurred on those machineries and labors have reduced. The tagging of products with the RFID chip has incurred some extra overheads which are absorbed for the goodwill and interest of the customers.

Recommendations for better Business operations

The business operations are much being followed in the interest of the customer and developing a good relation with them. Yet there are certain business processes improvements required which may further leverage the productivity. The improvements can be established in terms to the adaptability, effectiveness and efficiency (Li, 2014).

Adaptability: the process change brought into the organization may affect various strata in the organization on basis of which people such as workers, employees and customers may refuse the change brought in (Nenortait?, &Butleris, 2015). The removal of billing counters may remove the employees working at those corners which mean they may lose their jobs. A recommendation may be made of transferring those employees into the tagging section which will keep their job secure and they may happily accept the change.

Effectiveness: the effectiveness of the method has to be kept under continuous surveillance. It should be checked regularly if the customers are feeling profited and satisfied with the changes made or are they facing certain issues. A customer feedback system has to be implemented to keep a track of customer satisfaction and their reviews on the new system follow up (Xu, Huo& Sun, 2014). This will provide a chance to change any method facing issues.


Efficiency: the new operations incorporated into the business process should reduce the consumption of resources else it is of no profit and cannot be implemented. The process of removing separate billing system has reduced the extra cost and energy being used up by the machineries. Along with that customer also feel happy about no queue procedure. Nevertheless some extra costs are being incurred due to the tagging process which can be reduced by reusing the tags for same kind ofproducts. This will lessen the cost in the purchase of new RFID equipment.

The change in business process of the OZ super market is quite sustainable also it is a great ease for the customer. The business though should look into every aspect of its working for greater productivity and customer satisfaction. The business could not proceed with the customer satisfaction alone. The operational changes introduced should go with the business profit too. Recommendations suggested for the effectiveness, efficiency and the adaptability should be looked into for the work to go on well. Business has to be responsible for the satisfaction of the customer along with the employees.

2.A general store is a business endeavor that gives an administration. It doesn't deliver its very own physical result in the typical sense. Rather, it includes an incentive by procuring existing items from remotely-found providers, collecting them in territorial stockrooms, appropriating them to nearby stores, lastly pitching the provider's items to neighborhood clients(Pickles, Barrientos &Knorringa, 2016). A supermarket’s clients are principally nearby inhabitants and independent companies that intermittently need to recharge their load of family unit items. A supermarket’s providers are fundamentally makers of family items that are set up a long way from the areas of their last clients (Richards, Hamilton &Yonezawa, 2014).

Improvement through Customer Feedback

For any business to prosper well the most important criteria which should be fulfilled is the customer satisfaction towards the service or the product provided. The customer feedback tells about their satisfaction and longings for staying with the business for long time. The customer feedback is very vital as the unhappy customers may become the greatest source for learning the drawbacks. This enhances the relationship between the customer and the business reducing the customer churn. This can provide many tangible benefits to the organization. Ultimately, it is the customer they are serving therefore their concerns and issues have to be dealt at the earliest. Various recommendations can be made for improving the customer service and enhancing the relation with them.The customer after entering can move to different sections with the trolley which they fill with their requirements. The trolleys are installed with the special RFID readers. In a RFID framework, labels are attached to every things that have to be followed or tracked (Sheba &Rajakumari, 2015). These tags are generated using a minute label chip, in some cases are known as integrated circuit (IC), which is accompanied with a radio wire which have to be incorporated into the wide range and sorts of tags and labels including security labels, names, and,clothing hang labels in addition to the wide assortment of new resource labels. The label chip saves the product’s electronic product code (EPC) and other ranged data in the memory which is fitted in the RFID structure so it can be conducted and traced by RFID per users anyplace, anywhere (Sojitra, & Patel, 2016).

Mobile Surveys: people today tend to use their phones whole day long. This can be a great advantage for the business people to grab the most out of it. It is very difficult to ignore something new popping into the notification bar. A person can ignore it once or twice and not more than that. Hence it becomes a great way to understand what customer wants and should be included into the feedback process. Most of the conventional online estimate instruments available recentlypropose responsive studies which look excellent on phones also, so certainly it should not be ignored. After the shopping is done, these people may ask for the return of the money left in their account or they may even keep the card for later use.This sort of purchasercondemnation is so significant in radiance of the detail that one can obtainlead of theconsumer’s emotions comfortable function of delivery (Harrigan, 2015). No more doesonenecessitate to hold on for the upcoming day when the personis back again at the working place to deliveranysurvey and require to get reaction from the customers which can be rather done in real-time.


Customer feedback portals: Client criticism entries can happen 24X7, every day input machines makes gathering input from clients super simple. Swiftkey, a designer of honor winning console applications for Android cell phones and tablets, utilizes client feedback portals and User Voice, to draw in and speak with their clients. They found out that feedback forums gave an incredible approach to speak with their clients and demonstrate to them the organization is tuning in and gaining ground with their help only (Elwalda, Lü& Ali, 2016). These kinds of forums are automated and help easy deliveries of feedback anytime anywhere. Thinking of manual feedback process itself seems time consuming and least efficient. Hence in regards to the improvements for the customer service such kind of portals are very much essential.The items dropping into the trolley are kept adding on the list until the shopper does not intend to stop. At any point, if the customer feels that the item placed in the trolley may not be required or is not desired he or she may place it out of the trolley. The moment the item is placed out of the trolley the item is removed from the billing list automatically and the charged cost also reduces.


Suggestion boxes: Though a very old method yet it is the most effective one for the supermarkets which are usually offline environments. These methods work well for restaurants, supermarkets and other B2B and B2C services. Suggestion Boxes helps in giving out reviews then and there keeping in mind all process that a customer went through. Besides, such a customer feedback service does not require any kind of connectivity and can be done by anyone who does not have such devices(Merlo, Eisingerich &Auh, 2014). There many people who have very less knowledge about such portals and its working. Therefore this kind of manual and offline feedback helps a lot. This type of client input gathering has been witnessed for a considerable length of time and still gives an awesome medium to connect with and tune in to clients and there valuable responses.

Whether the system of feedback is manual or computerized each requires the best and the most suitable questions asked and have to be structured well. The feedback should not be too extended as it may make the customer feel irritated. Besides the customer in hassle should always be asked to provide feedback later through portals as it will make them feel that their time is valuable for business too and also, they will not provide any kind of wrong feedback in hurry.



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