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1. What factors do you think contributed to the level of success your group achieved? Provide specific examples from your experience to illustrate these factors.

2. What role(s) did you take within the group and how did you personally contribute to the level of success your group achieved? Provide some specific examples.

3. Use the literature (external readings) to discuss and explain your experiences, your own role and the success of your group. 

4. Based on your responses to questions 1, 2 and 3, discuss your strategies for enhancing the effectiveness of groups you work in with in the future.


1. Specific Example from my experience to illustrate the factors of success

In order to complete the project successfully, several factor come across. Such as –

Involvement of right people – This was the key success factors of the project. The selected people in the assignment 1 was right because thinking process and meeting criteria of the project was same both of us. We share same goals and have enough resources such as skills, knowledge, etc and the capabilities. Part from that we have the credibility in community. Most important factor was that trusting of relationship.

Communication – Levin (2010) argued that mechanism of effective communication is the key of achieving success in collaborative work. On the other hand, Hunt (2009) opined that electronic communication such as phone, fax, web, video calling, text messaging, social media, email, etc is the effective method of communication in these days. However, in order to successful completion of assignment work, both of us used electronic communication media. Apart from that, we think during undertaken of the project that electronic communication is not enough to build project or improve success. Therefore, we as a member of the project meet regularly for face to face communication. Thus a larger portion of critical part we covered easily.

Respect – Respect builds the successful collaboration (Elliott, 2013). We have effective respect skills and this provides lot of advantage in order to complete this project.

Need – Need is the strong fellow of success (Thomas, 2008). We understand the requirement of project and with effective collaboration complete the project successfully.


2. What role(s) did you take within the group and how did you personally contribute to the level of success your group achieved?

During the project, I played the role of team leader. I was fully involved with the project and make continuous collaboration with teammate and project guider. From various sources, collected wide range of information and Soccer and Cricket and put the information in order to increase quality of the assignment 1. Following are the factors that contributed by me in terms of achieving the level of success during project –

Project Scheduling – In order to achieve massive success in a project, scheduling or planning is the key term. Scheduling can helps in developing and achieving progression of the project. I negotiate the project approval from project management.

Decision making – Making of decision is the process of generating ultimate success for every project (Lekovicm 2012). For this project, I made the decision of combining both ideas of Soccer and Cricket into one assignment.

Communication – Make continuous interaction with my team mate and project guider as well as informed about the decisions, changes, issues, solutions, information that undertake, etc.

Influencing – I was making sure to my team mate about the related information that collected from various sources such as internet, books, journals, articles, etc. Apart from that, herding cats was appropriate for this project (Bush, 2013).

Negotiation – I interacted directly to the line manager of project and informed about the resources of this project. This negotiation helps to amendment the plan of this project.


3. Use the literature (external readings) to discuss and explain your experiences, your own role and the success of your group

Theory related to group development: five stage model of group develop is the appropriate as well as relevant theory for this project. Forming is the first stage that helps in characterizing uncertainty about purpose, leadership, structure of group. It helps in identifying the acceptable behaviour in project from members (Foldy and Buckley, 2009). Storming is considered as intra group conflict. It helps in imposing the group individually. Norming helps in making close relationship with the partnership and demonstrates the cohesiveness of group. Performing helps in making structure according to functions of project. Group energy has moved toward success via performing. Adjourning helps in making effective bonding and linking with the partners or team member. Thus, it typically increased the sense of commitment and support.

Team roles of Belbin are also an essential part of building effective team work. According to the Williams et al. (2012), theory and related aspect of Belbin model ensures the leader of team in developing proper structure and make capability of attaining future goals and objectives. Belbin theory allows the leader of team in playing the role of monitor and decision making for attaining success of the ongoing project. Apart from that, related theory of Belbin model allows in playing the role according to action oriented. Belbin theory allows the team leader for accepting the challenges and also has the ability to overcome that challenges.


4. Strategies for enhancing the effectiveness of group work

From the above discussion it has been understand that need to acquire some strategies that enhance the effectiveness for group work. Following will be the best strategies for building team work in an ongoing project as well as attaining future success.

Emphasizing the importance of teamwork – In order to build effective teamwork, team leader of the group has to provide information about the selected task that is set out (Archard, 2013). Leader of the team has to be providing clear idea about that particular assignment to other member of the group (Nograek, 2011). Apart from that, member of the team has to be reported or submitted their survey report daily to the team leader.

Consider roles for group member – In order to achieve success for an assignment, team leader has to make proper decision and set out the roles for each member of the team (Fichter and Beucker, 2012). It is necessary to provides the rules and suggest them the deciding role that need to be played.

Include Peer Assessment in the evaluation process – After completion of assignment by the student as a group, need to include peer assessment review. According to Williams et al. (2012), formative assessment in the assignment process will allow in redressing the assignment by the members and make able in identifying problems. Moreover, peer assessment helps in completing the assignment with mixed contribution (Aida et al. 2015). Through peer assessment, student can support the evidence for their assignment.


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