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Describe about the Managing Business Activities To Achieve Results?



Plan To Promote The Goals And Objectives


Planning is very important part in the organization. Planning helps us to think about the organization, to think and organize the activities required to complete our desired goal. Planning helps us in many ways like identifies the proper goals and objectives, how to formulate the strategies (Malik, 2012), it also help us to direct, monitors and motivate etc .Planning is one of the major and important part in the project and time management techniques. We can also say that planning is like a map, it tells us about  how much we are in progressed toward our project and how far we reach our destination.

Steps In Planning Process And Why It Is Necessary:

Planning is important because, without plan we can’t do anything, till childhood to lifelong we planned what to do and what not to do, simple to build up an organization we should plan how to build our organization by making an organization chart for the achievement of its goal. Planning is necessary to managing risk and uncertainty to an organization’s success. We should plan and promote how to create a team and the spirit of team building (Parra, et al, 2012), we should communicate with them well and tell their roles and responsibilities in the organization , it also create a competitive advantages to the organization (Meira, 2014).

1. The following are the steps in planning process:

2. The first step of planning process is to set up the goal and identify a company goals and requirement.

3. The second step of planning is to identify the resources, a company knows how much sales person are require and the cost of goal.

4. The third step of planning is to establish the goal related tasks, each goal have a project associated with the achievement.The fourth steps of planning are to ordering the object in terms of their importance to prioritize the goals and the tasks.

5. Another steps is to formulate the policies and strategies, how management can formulate and the plan and their strategies to accomplished the desired results

6. The last step is to integrate the plans and must be properly balanced so they can support each other.


Roles And Responsibilities As A Projec T Manager

1. Roles of project manager are:

2. As a project team member my role is to direct, administrate etc

3. As a coordinators my role is to maintain a proper project plan, daily update the project website.

4. As a system or technical developer my role is to work on with the project manager by defining and executing the requirement.

5. The role of project manager is to see while the project is deliver on time and the project manager also responsible for managing the work which is allocated in utilized by the resources (Hao, Kasper and Muehlbacher, 2012).

Responsibilities of a project manager are;

As a part of project team member my responsibility is to maintain the roles which depend on the type of project, to give the user training to the employee.

As a project manager my responsibility is to manage and lead the project team work

To recruit the staffs and consultant in the projects.

To manage a project evaluation.

The Goals And Objectives:

HR fulfill the goals and objectives in the organizations , by ensuring the company goals are for making the profits ,gaining a market share of the business , how to survive. HR also manage the employee by involving a balance between the company goals and aspirations .Human resource manager firstly concerned with the staffing objects which will help them to designing the organizational goals and identify the work of group employee (Liu and Jiang, 2015). HR manager also motivate , encourage and maximize the performance of the employee. By the bases of performance object HR manager can trained and improve and negotiate the performance of the employee.HR manager can also recruit and develop the required leadership skills and also trained the employee. In an organization the role of HR is to see the overall performance of the employee and the employer.


Designing a Plan:

There are various factors that effects the business plan are:

1. Change in a results , operations of a business plans

2. Factors that effects the business plan is a labor relations, we should maintain a proper relation between the labors and the employee (Gong and Wang, 2009).

3. If the fuel price increases there is a huge change in operating cost and conditions.

4. Difficult in upgrading the information technology which are required in the business

5. To design a business plan there are few steps which we have to follow up:

6. First we have to create our tools and requirement to start up the business, the guide lines which will help us to start up the business.

7. Second we have to start up the counseling and training part to start up the business.

8. Then we have to choose the location where we set up our business plan, a customer friendly location.

9. Also help the government loans and capital venture to get started.

10.Describe the legal structure of our business like partnership, sole proprietorship etc.

11. The most important is to register our business name.

12. We have to get our business licenses and local licenses to permit which are required when we start up the business.

13. Learn how to hire employee while start up the business

14. We should decide our money plan which is the most important part while starting up the business.


2.2.: Smart Objectives That Align In An Effective And Efficient Way


MBO stands for “management by objectives” , it is a management tools were employees and the managers work together to set their goal in a specific period of time. Basically it is a system were the organization objectives are agreed upon were the employees understand the needs and requirement of the organization .It help the employees to set up their goals according to the organizational needs.


SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time -limited. It basically means what you want to learn n how to achieve the goal.

In smart first is specific which means where, when and how you will set your goals and objectives in the plans, like a company   earning  profit ,gaining a market share and revenue it is the specific requirement to set up the objectives. Second is a measurable which means a company able to set a particular target and also manage a good relation between the employee and the manger to fulfill the particular target. Third is achievable, its means how much you are able to attain the particular objectives and also know the resource capacities of the community and also know the overall performance of the employee. Fourth is the realistic part which means HR manager can also recruit and develop the required leadership skills and also trained the employee by knowing the level of reflection in the objectives. And lastly time bound which means they have to set up the timing period were they will accomplished their tasks.

To set up the smart objectives in your organization, your goal should be focused and well defined because a specific goal has the greater advantage to accomplish a generic goal. Then you should know how to set the target of your company by measuring the outcomes of the company goals. To set up the objectives you should know your workload schedules and the knowledge which will help you to attain the objectives and set up the goals. To make your goal objective relevant you should work hard and make your goal relevant to the organization. Last smart objective should have a time bound means they have to set the deadline period to complete the particular tasks it will motivate us to do our work well in the organization.

While setting up the project objectives they must be in compliance with human resource and other resource available in your organization are, They should design a proper compensation plan to identified the desired goal of your organization ,by setting up the compensation plan their must be a direct, indirect, and non financial compensation. While setting a good compensation plan their must be a balance between the external and the internal reward system.


The conclusion of this part is smart objective is required for the industry because it tell us how to fulfill our goals and objectives according to the specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time scaled. And management by objectives tell us about the employee and the manager working together to fulfill their targets.


2.3. Identify and explain how system are implemented by jaguar:


Business system refers to the supply chain of goods and services and we can also say that it is a value added chain which will describe the process of value chain of goods and services. It generates the economic benefit itself and also refers to the results and administrations of the business system.

 Business system is necessary because with the help of cash flow system we can know how much amount of cash needed to run the business properly and how to develop the cash flow to see how business is going on and on. It help us to know how business is doing financially by book keeping system, A book keeping system is an important system to check up all the detail and it can be done by the help of the book keepers.

System Implementation:

System implementation, define how the system should be build and how it ensure the operational and quality standard. It also helps us to deliver the phases of life cycle in the business .It help us to build up the new system.

Business system should be implemented by following a business rules which tell us how we run our association and also help us to define a clear goal which will make business rule simple as possible. It can be implemented by the business process and data conversation which is similar to the business rules.

Lean Production And Accounting Business System:

Lean production refers to the lean management and thinking, which tell us about the inventory period, space, money etc. Lean production can be a waste reduction of costs, decreased in manufacturing cycle, higher the quality and higher the profit.

Accounting systems help us to organize and helps us to gather records, summarize, and interpret the financial data for the business. Accounting system help us to exceed our expectations, timely accurate the full financial information etc.


Objectives implemented by jaguar:

The first objective that implemented by jaguar company is by creating a lower carbon vehicle solution for the customer to enable a sustainable solutions.

It helps us to reduce the environmental impacts.

They are focusing on the environmental innovations which help them to sustain their product and business operations.

They also provide an organizational responsibility which helps their people, customers to aligned and motivated by sustainability.


Conclusion of a business system is to deliver a specific goods and services to the customers. It direct as a whole which establish a component that lead to attain the particular objectives according to their plans.

Project plan and CPM analysis

It can be said that despite some of the available threats for the firm in the market, there are several scopes for the company to result in increased profitability and sustainability. Direct competition is quite low in the industry that is usually highly competitive. Some of the shops or cafeterias that are a bit distant to the location may impose a threat if the restaurant is not well maintained to attract customers. What is mostly needed is proper planning and control of operational activities. For this operation plan is essential.

Network planning helps to reduce the complexity of task. In this study, implementation of TQM within the existing supply chain system of the furniture company, network diagram will give the time of the project which will help in scheduling of the project. Below are the details of the network plan for the selected business organization.


1st Week

2nd-3rd Week

4th-5th Week

6th Week

7th Week

7-8th Week

Planning of the business







Approval of the business Plan







Recruitment of project team







Observation of market







Analysis of the market







Developing  of Marketing Plan







Investigating of the Plan







Implementation of the plan







Final project preparation







Figure 3: Gantt chart

(Source: Created by author)

Critical path analysis:


Description of activity

Duration of activity


 Formation of team

4 months


Surveys for market research

12 months


Market research results analysis

5 months


Investment for expansion in London

13 months


Plan implementation

15 months


Project completion

3 months


Table 1: Critical path analysis

(Source: created by author)

Critical path analysis

Figure 4: Critical path analysis

(Source: Created by author)




Gong, X. and Wang, X. (2009). Analysis of Industrial Organizational Structure of West China. IJBM, 3(1).

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