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Describe about the Analysis of Investments and Management of Portfolios?


Diet World is a health and Fitness centre hence the company is ethically responsible for maintaining integrity within the internal environment.
Maintain confidentiality of information shared with exercise professionals
The trainers and the nutritionists should maintain professionalism and not indulge in personal relations with the clients
Avoid exaggerated adverting strategies involving false advertisements about fitness reliefs
Professionals and instructors should not indulge in any drug consumption
Any research undertaken by nutritionists or trainers in Diet World should be approved by the health organizations (Singer and Fedorinchik, 2010).

As per the code of ethics, Health, and Safety act 1974, the trainers and nutritionists at Diet world abstain from smoking and drinking. To prove the fact the authorities make annual body test of the nutritionists and trainers.

The vision of Diet World is to become prosperous in providing right nutritional solutions to the individuals with diet issues.

The mission statement of Diet World states that the organization is focused on providing guidelines for dietary requirements of individuals with the help of well-focused nutritionists.

The major goal of Diet World is to protect the well being and health of all individuals. Since majority of the population suffers from nutrition issues and obesity problems, hence e Diet World aims to provide services like weight loss programs with the help of planned diets and exercise (Satyakumar, Goud and Vani, 2012).

The positive aspects of the mission and vision statements are the emotional commitment of Diet World in providing health and dietary solutions.

The manger of Diet World uses a democratic leadership style for management of the employees and clients. Democratic leadership allows the clients and the employees to participate in important decisions (Brown and Reilly, 2012). By displaying this, style the manger priorities the right and decision of others above his own decisions. It is since that the manager also adopts the image of a coach and uses the empathetic attitude to motivate the employees. The manger provides positive feedback to the employees after working in their place and experiencing the pressure and work environment. Moreover, the manager also shows situational leadership and changes the policies fitting according to the situations. The manager also adopts the humanistic leadership style and tries to work in the employees place to make them feel equal and share their work pressure.

The adoption of the humanistic style, democratic leadership and situational leadership matches the context of the organization (Lipińska-Grobelny, 2013). The organization is concerned with the management of the client health hence adoption of democratic leadership is important.

The mangers generally use the following methods to control organizations


Setting of performance standards:

The major function that the managers may perform for controlling of the organizations is setting of performance standards.  Some of the commonly used performance measurement techniques are 360 degree performance appraisal systems and performance monitoring systems (Jaafarnejad, Rafierad and Gardeshi, 2013).

Measurement of performance: To control the performance of the employees the managers frame periodic review sessions, annual meetings and performance review sessions. With the help of these techniques, the managers able to track the productivity of the employees and control the internal factors of the organization

Structuring of organization: The appropriate structuring of the organizations has helps the managers to control the work pressure and the work productivity within the organization. The managers can make divisional or tall hierarchy organizational structures as per the requirements of the organization.

Adoption of leadership styles: The use of the appropriate leadership style helps the managers to control the employee’s productivity and makes it easier for the managers to relate to the needs of the clients (Bull, 2013). An efficient manager will adopt the leadership style that will suit the needs of the employees and will be in accordance to the organizational goals, missions and visions. At times suiting the situational needs the manager may need to generate

The organization is a fitness organization hence the above-mentioned control techniques can be usefully and effectively undertaken by the manager to implement control within the organization. The strategy of the organization is to provide health solutions and fitness solutions to the clients hence the adoptions of the leadership styles are appropriate in the current organizational setting (Brown and Reilly, 2012). The employees within this organization should be performance oriented and productive so that the clients benefit from the health solutions. Hence, the manager should undertake performance appraisal systems and reward management systems in order to review the performance of the employees and by rewarding them the organization can increase their level of productivity.



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