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Anti Discrimination Law Of Australia Add in library

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Describe about the Research report on Anti Discrimination Law of Australia?


Research report on Anti Discrimination Law of Australia:

The organization is Human Rights Commission of Australia. This organization was established in the year 1986. This commission had been established by the act of Federal Parliament. This commission is an independent statutory organization that often reports to the Federal Parliament through the work of Attorney General. The vision of this commission is to ensure the right of everyone within every corner of the country (Vonk and Tollenaar, 2011).

 The Commonwealth Government and State Government have launched Anti-discrimination Law in order to protect the people of the country from any sort of harassment and discrimination (O'Halloran, 2014). Law under Commonwealth and territory government serves the same issues of human rights and discrimination. However, there are some situations where only Commonwealth Law serves the purpose. On the other hand, there are other situations where only law of territory serves the purpose (Popova, 2009).   

Much legislation are there in order to protect the rights of human, those are Age Discrimination Act 2004, Disability Discrimination Act 1992, Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986, Racial Discrimination Act 1975, Sex Discrimination Act 1984. On the other hand, Fair Work Act of 2009 is an act that relates to the workplace related issues and other purposes of workplace. Fair Work Act 2009 helps to govern the relationship of employer within Australia. It enables flexible arrangements of working structure. This act also ensures fairness within the work and lack of discrimination against the employees of a particular organization (Ellis, 2005).

Therefore, as per the scenario of ‘F’, the employer of Helen has violated the human rights of an employee.  Here, the employer of school must accept the application of Helen. The authority of school must not ignore the application of Helen only for her age (Langwith, 2008).  

According to English Common Law, the state authorities can order Helen for giving a writ petition to the authority of her workplace (Kokkoris, 2011).   

The main and foremost object of the anti discriminatory law is to provide a good social environment where everyone shall be equal before the law of the nation. It ensures the security of the individuals in the social phenomena (Latimer, 2012). It promotes non discriminatory principal irrespective of cast, creed, region, sex, age or race etc. Every person shall have the right to be treated as equal to that of the others before the eyes of the law. Making any type of discrimination among the individuals is the violation of human right which enforced by the government as well as by many international conventions and treaties (Ogle, 2010).  

Discrimination made on basis of gender is not only violation of human right but it also an offence as well as it contravenes the provisions of the law of the land. The constitution of the country provides the right among the citizen to have the equal protection of law and quality before the eyes of the law (Deaville, 2012). In present society it is notified that may be there is some kind discrimination happens but the key concept of eliminating the discrimination and infringement of rights is the globalization. Persons or authorities making such an discrimination of any kind shall be liable to be prosecuted under the provision of the law before the court of law with competent jurisdiction (Baines, 2015).

 Self evaluation form of an employee:

Self evaluation form of an employee

Name: Marry


Purpose: Self evaluation



 Don’t agree

Somewhat agree 


Strongly agree 

Totally agree 







1. The responsibilities of my job is known and understood by myself?






 2. I know the responsibilities of my supervisor?






 3. I know about my workload which is heavier than usual?






 4. I know that I can approach to my super visor with any kind of problem relating to my work?






 5. I am aware about the benefits?






 6. I recognize myself as a productive employee?






 7. I am a part of productive and active team that I believe?






 8. I know about the long term goals of my company?






 9. I know about the organizational structure of my company?






 10. I know that I am well trained for my work?






 11. Others








Client feedback form:

Feedback form

Name: Marry


Purpose: Competency of employee














1. Did I accomplish all the necessary conditions?






2. Did I provide necessary information?






 3. Was my approach good and polite?






 4. Have I represented my company in appropriate motion?






 5. Was my answers to the client are satisfactory?






 6. Did solve the problem of the client?



















1= low, 5=High

An evaluation report:

Here, Marry an employee of a reputed company which has good organizational structure as well as a good will in market field of the sector. In this process Marry was about to perform her duties regarding the services rendered by the company officials. She was at a duty to take care of the customers as to respond to them in relation to the problems facing by the customers regarding the services provided by the company. Each and every company is very much delicate regarding their good will and reputation in the market. Human resources in every organizational structure is an essential part but it does not mean that the company shall employee any random candidate into the employment of the organization, it will not develop the skill of the company but it may cause damage to the organizational structure of the company. Marry was appointed by the company with an object and expectation that she will discharge her duties towards the company as to her credential. She was vested in a very important portion of the organization; she had to take the responsibilities as to the feedback of the customers as well as to solve their queries regarding the services rendered by the company. The management authorities of the company are empowered to look after the improvement and further progress of the employee. The skill developments of the employees are also quite dependable upon the management structures and management conducts of the concern company.

Each and every employee should be responsible as their work and the future goals of the company. They must conduct their employment in such a manner that the persuasive objectives of the organizational structure are completed in accordance with the management regulation prescribed by the management authority. Here, the development of the skill as well as the improvement of the quality of work is to be looking after by the competent source of management of the company as the company has to invest on the employees to gain and secure future benefits from them up to a good extend of qualities.

The management authorities of the company should take care of the training sessions of the concern employees in the course of the employment. The training aspect of the employees are very much important as to the development of the company as well as the for the purpose of reaching the further goals of the company. The management authority of the company should render good consideration aspects for the employees, it not only encourages the spirit of work among the employees but it also attracts the minds of the employees for the future betterment of the company as to accomplishing the goals of the company. For encouraging and promoting, the workaholic nature among the employees of the company, the management authorities must ensure good work atmosphere in workplace.



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Vonk, G. and Tollenaar, A. (n.d.). Homelessness and the law.


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