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Task 1

A. Using appropriate theories, review changing perspective in marketing planning. Evaluate Apple’s ability for planning its future marketing activity.

B. Examine techniques for organisational auditing and for analysing external factors that affect marketing planning. Use one of these techniques to carry out organisational auditing and analysis
of external factors that affect marketing planning in Apple. you will have applied an effective approach to study and research the marketing planning process at Apple

Task 2

Using appropriate theories, assess the main barriers to marketing planning and examine how Apple may overcome these barriers.

Task 3

A. Based on your analysis in Task 1, write a marketing plan for the launch of a new product for Apple.

B. Explain why marketing planning is essential in the strategic planning process for Apple.

C. Using Apple, examine techniques for new product development. Justify recommendations for pricing policy, distribution and communication mix for the new product.

D. You are required to explain how factors affecting effective implementation of the marketing plan have been taken into account.

Task 4

A. Using Apple, explain how ethical issues influence marketing planning and analyse examples of how organisations respond to ethical issues.

B. Analyse examples of consumer ethics and their effect on marketing planning in Apple.




Apple Inc. is the multinational organization that stays competitive in the globalized market. It keeps the competitive edge with proper planning in the business. Managers analyze competition and proper needs of the customer. It also accesses the information to keep the competitive advantage. It focuses on creativity and diversity allows the company to manage it effectively. (Adkins, 2013)

Task 1

A.  Apple’s ability for planning its future marketing activity

Marketing planning is a multiple process tool that enables the management to understand everything about the company. It succeeds in their goals and involve with the importance and perspectives.

Organization capability for planning the future activities of marketing are identified with the core competence, strengths and weaknesses, behavior and resources etc. It also identifies the skills of the organization to meet the strengths and to reduce the challenges and develop an opportunities. Apple possesses high skills on research and planning that expands the worldwide operations and the marketing strategy aims to promote the parameters such as superior quality, reliability, friendliness and design of the product. It is promoted as the product that does not only offer the ease in an individual’s life but also it is called as the cost effective solution to the issues associated with the computer. The major components of the marketing mix help to know the product and its marketing in the global scenario. (Minaxi, 2015)

The growth strategy with marketing in future of Apple consist high quality and innovative products as well as services. It increases customer loyalty and develops the strong position in the competitive market place. Innovation is the key success of Apple and it highly brings success. Innovation has been the major key to success for Apple.

The major important resources and skills of Apple was Steve Jobs and he has done the great job to form the company. He met with the growth in a very short span of time and increased the earnings in the market. Apple also followed the objectives and strategies of marketing planning for future. (Rothaermel, 2012)


The theory of marketing and distribution strategy in Apple leads to the profitable relationship, higher amount of customers, and least amount to reduce the involvement of middle men.

B. Organisational auditing

Every organization focuses on audit activity to identify the opportunity and the organizational audit for external factors are social factors, political factors, environmental and technological factors. (Johnson,, 2008)

One of the techniques to carry out organisational auditing and analysis of external factors that affect marketing planning in Apple is PESTLE analysis. With this technique, the company will successfully understand the activity:

Political factors: Since Apple is present in multiple nations, the company adheres to deal with the rules as well as regulations with respect to the rules and tax rates etc.

Environmental factors: Apple states that the company strongly leads to the impact that the company’s products on the environment have been used. There is a need to decrease the lowest level possible for less material.

Social factors: Apple has proved to be successful in multiple cultures with the fact that there is a strong dependence on advancement of technology in different corners of the globe. (David, 2009)

Technological factors: Apple is considered as the technological innovative company in the globe. Market leaders strongly served the offerings of the product at Apple. (Jurevicius, 2013)  


Task 2 

A. Main barriers and examination of Apple that may overcome these barriers

The main barriers of market planning are as discussed below:

Isolation of the marketing activity: The major reason for the failure of marketing plan is the understanding that marketing is something that a marketer possesses in their office. Marketing appointment is supreme to put the things correct and the major challenge is that the new person immediately finds the power for the development of the product, pricing, customer services etc. The new executive is powerless to influence for the importance and fails immediately. (Eloqua, 2014)

Organizational barriers and challenges: It is associated with the concern of marketing and there is the issue of corporate organization and the most important is the functions like personnel, finance, production, allocation, marketing and operations. The traditional reason for this approach is clear and also difficult to attain people for clear goals and there is a less uncertainty that it is challenging to get the people who are loyal to deal with the goals of customer satisfaction. Thus, it is clear that the top management needs to a lot for corporate culture and while development of the team, this approach has overcome the barrier of the organization. (Business, 2009)

Official designs can’t substitute the innovation and substitute: The major efforts follow the style that contains the proper skills as well as the abilities to decrease the vision of the planning. This can create disaster in the organization. (Solomon, 2011)

To overcome the barriers, the organizations need to focus on the marketing plan such as:

Management should certify the plans of organization as well as communication at multiple levels. Planning generates the coordinated effort and it offers major ways to the managers to deal with the solution. Planning forces managers to deal with the future and to remove the crisis, management leads the future and planning assures the company with respect to technology. (Gant, 2014)

The use of modern tools and technologies on the business especially focuses on the development and makes serious demands on scheduling. It is costly and expensive to generate success. (David, 2015)


Task 3 

A. Marketing plan for the product launch

Marketing is the crucial and vital factor for determining the success. It develops awareness and focuses on the need of the product to expand the business. The company is positioned in the market with the help of marketing that needs to be created in the existing markets. Apple has always focused on the steps to increase the success in the industry.

The market plan represents multiple strategies for the company that could be adopted by Apple to develop the successful market.  

For the launch of the marketing, the marketing mix was termed as the concept of marketing mix:

Product / service: This is called as the availability of the response in the market. It helps to measure the need and to deliver the high tech products.

Price: Price is the most sensitive P in the marketing that includes the cost to the market for the particular product. It adopts from the competitors in the market and Apple charges high prices and targets the middle to upper level groups of income so they can have the willingness to deal with the handsome amount.

Promotion: The vital areas under promotion are personal selling, direct marketing, sales promotion and advertising. The major objectives are to generate awareness about the product and to increase the sales for high level of brand equity. (Bradley, 2003)

Apple has been active in participation in promotion activities. It has met the strategies to increase the methods of promotion and the company promotes with the comparative advertising.

Place: This is well called for distribution and the customers possess willingness to purchase the products. Apple is innovative in its channels of distribution and involve in the increase of revenues.

Market segmentation is important to deal with the new products and for the new product i.e. Ipad the company will try to increase the customer loyalty and help to remain the market leader. It will increase the availability of benefits and high level of accessibility.

Positioning strategy will form the distinctive values to generate the edge of competitiveness.

Marketing goals and objectives: The purpose of the marketing plan is to follow the disruptive styles of marketing to launch its products with the most innovative features in the market. The expectations of the customer are very high and it plays an important role. (Sengupta, 2005)

The goals of the marketing strategy for Apple for its new product launch is

To offer the best customer satisfaction by offering them the products to their uses, needs and expectations

To manage the edge of competition in all the customer segments and

To focus on the brand image of the market

These goals are important to lead to the objectives in the market and it aims to increase the overall market share and other segments etc. (Proctor, 2000)

Smart goals

There is a need to set the goals such as below:

Specific goals: The specific goals for the market environment are to increase the customer satisfaction and this defines that the product meets its expectations. Customer expectations are very high at times of brand such as Ipad. The high amount of exclusivity which the user attains when he or she purchase the product of Apple. The customers never see the features that are added in the Apple products and the other goal is to manage the leadership.

Measurable goals: The quantitative goals in the market share are really measurable with the multiple surveys and the company has high level of comprehensive data. This offers an insight of competition in the market share of Apple.

Attainable goals: Apple is an organization to follow the disruptive strategy of marketing and the company has enough resources to reach their goals and to succeed in the market. There is a high amount of brand equity that customer’s posse to purchase at the premium prices. (Flynn, 2011)

Realistic goals: The realistic goals can be justified as Apple have enjoyed more than 95% market share in the multiple countries such as Japan, UK, Germany etc. Apple can gain the market share in new countries as well.

Timely goals: The sales targets are planned for every quarter and there is no time limit for the above goals. It introduced different versions at different times. (Erdogmus, 2012)

There might have some factors in the external focus such as:

Technology factors: Technology in the market is advanced at every phase and the features are indispensable that have been obsolete. The tech-savvy customers are the innovators in the market and technology helps to improve the characteristics. Thus, the major goals influence the uses of the product such as design and offers by featured by the similar products.

Cultural patterns: The country has been cautious with the environmental impact of the products and Apple deals with the feature in the resolution and health hazards where similar products are used. (Levina, 2010)

Legal challenges: With the legal policies needs to be followed, the business is very friendly and Apple should meet the policies and laws such as competition consumer act as well as practices. (Kotler & Armstrong, 2008)

Competitor analysis

The closes competitor of Apple in Australia is Samsung and the other players in the market are Vodafone, Motorola with the Play book. Apple should focus on the different levels of competition and they are known as:

Brand competition: Apple has huge innovations and the product of ipad had been famous in the industry with the quality conscious brand. Samsung plays with compatibility with recent software in the market and matches with the equity of Apple. (Kotler, 2009)

Product competition: Apple had increased its presence all across the customer segments and these features are important in each segment. Samsung has limited versions of their products and offered multiple varieties for consumers in market.

Generic competition: Apple has been the demand for people for the production and the online market space that considers the offline distributors and Samsung played the strong channels of distribution.

Consumer behavior: The behavior of consumers develops the crucial way to identify the product’s success. The technology enthusiasts place their orders online and Apple penetrates different sets of customer. They have been the major channel of distribution and expand the network across the nation with the help of distributors as well as franchisees. Therefore, it is assured that customer complaints should be resolved when compared with other competitors. (Hooley, 2011)

B. Marketing planning is essential in the strategic planning process for Apple

The strategic planning process is a process that helps managers to implement the strategy that could lead to the edge of sustainable advantage. This is systematic planning to meet the actions and to assess the outcomes properly. It also performs strategic planning to formulate the strategies and evaluation. It also helps to formulate the long term strategy for success. (Knowledgebank. 2009)

The well defined marketing planning helps to do the great businesses and meet the loyalty of customers with marketing practices and tactics. Strategic planning is a process at all levels of management in the organization to develop the commitment in the organization.

It brings communication and ensures success in the strategies. For Apple, marketing planning is important for Apple because it helps in developing new product with respect to innovation. It generates strategic goals and provides success with innovation. Culture also develops the values and attitudes of employees and it is followed by the top management that helps in communication of the employees that ensures success with respect to the execution of the strategies. It is also important because the technology and competition creates instability in the business. (Stanleigh, 2015) 

The strategic planning is the managerial process that creates and evolves market opportunities and success of the company. It engages staff and helps to understand the development of strategies.  

C. Techniques for new product development and recommendations 

To examine the techniques of new product development, creativity and innovation plays an important role in success. Creativity strongly focuses on problem solving and new ideas. It is important for new product development. It is designed into organization and innovation involves information and values from resources. It is equally important to that helps to generate the success of the product. (Murphy, 2007)

For the new product, pricing is known to be the important part of the marketing strategy and marketing mix. It is because the price of the product is determined with its quality and product development. It increases the revenues and profits. With the introduction of the new product, the company can increase its profits and market share. Skimming occurs with the high price in an attempt to increase the market attraction and to achieve the objectives of the business, the mix of marketing communication is important such as:

Product: The product is defined and focuses on strong branding and fashion. To generate the interest of the customer, Apple has made their products popular in the market. It has developed the portable devices with proper strategies and opportunities that will help Apple to achieve high level of growth and development in a short span of time. (Michael, 2014)

Price: As per the customers, the price plays a substantial role and the price if fixed in terms of brand and quality. Apple possesses the standard price for most of their products.

Place: Place is called as the distribution and channel and it is the means of product distribution and the types of distributors are called as indirect and direct distribution. Distribution is effective and efficient in terms of marketing goals and objectives. Intensive distribution is important to sell the low price products and consumers have high level of skills to deal with the product’s distribution.

Promotion: Promotion for the new product i.e. ipad helps to communicate the target markets and it is developed with sales promotion, public relations and marketing as well as personal selling. With lots of promotions, the communication process is spread properly among the customers to manage and to handle the complaints as well as queries.

Apple can advertise with the help of promotional activities and it also attracts the number of customers to purchase the products of Apple. (Ron, 2015)

D. Factors affecting effective implementation of the marketing plan have been taken into account

The factors that affect the effective implementation of the marketing plan are as follows:

Developing the intimacy of customer:

With respect to the formulation of customer satisfaction and retention, the company increases success for customers. The marketers possess increased amount of intimacy in the strategy of marketing.

Brand: The second important factor is called as the brand that is associated with the environment of the company.

Innovation: Innovation does not happen in department and it only happens in the department of supply chain. The strategy of marketing helps in positive association and the company focuses on incremental growth with continuous pricing strategy of skimming method. (Robert, 2012)


Task 4 

A. Ethical issues influence marketing planning 

Ethical issues affect the competition with respect to the false information associated with the competitors’ product and Apple should possess the honest marketing strategies for competition. The kind of ethical issues have impacts on strategic marketing and the company Apple should come up with major strategies. The other effect is the perception or the image of the company; hence the company needs to satisfy to make the customers trustworthy with respect to the credibility on the business in a professional approach. (Lee, 2009)

There is a requirement of organization to develop the marketing to consumers and some ethical issues drive the consumers away and its marketing strategy. The ethical issue would be the fact that the consumers are believed that the products are able to deal with the needs and it focuses on the customer satisfaction. Thus, it strongly impacts the strategic marketing because the strategy itself focuses on profit. The ethical issue in an organization has been offered its employees low salary, poor packages and the company should meet the products to ensure the level of protection. Therefore, to market the strategies of organization, this needs to be environmental friendly.

To recommend, the company should focus on the laws and policies for proper conduct and it should establish the success in a better way. (Vance,, 2009)


B. Analyse examples of consumer ethics and their effect on marketing planning in Apple

Apple has demonstrated the supplier’s purchase for ethical reasons and it has proved the willingness to fix the issues. To control the ethics internally as well as externally, the manager can be challenging. To manage the supplier is the big responsibility that the company should take it seriously. Apple focuses on their suppliers to manage the highest ethical policies and standards. The company evaluates its suppliers to meet the instructions of their suppliers. Ethics is an important part of the culture of the organization and managers focus on the proper training to meet the success of the organization. It contains business practices, employee’s training, verification of hours of work etc.

Planning, organizing and leading as well as controlling help the company (Apple) to deal with the success. It focuses on external factor that impacts the process of management and also it impacts the technology that is the internal factor. Thus, Apple is applied to the four functions of management and it innovates through innovation and creativity. Diversity focuses on Apple to manage it effectively and it allows to effectively managing the work goals. Strategic planning also contains the importance of ethics and policies for the company. Ethics and policies play an important role in the culture of the organization. It is competitive and essential for Apple to use the multiple functions of management to manage it effectively. (Brennan, et,al, 2010)  



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