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Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation: Health Sociology Add in library

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Describe about the Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation for Health Sociology?


Step 1: Name of the topic

This is a written reflective report that deals with some health related topic of Australia. The topic here is dealt that, how the multidisciplinary teams can be able to contribute for ensuring greater equity of health care in Australia through the process of employing the Primary healthcare policy.

Step 2:  Sociological imagination template:

Sociological imagination is defined by Germov (2014) as a quality of mind that helps to understand most of the intimate realities that is connected with the realities of large social perspective. Quality of mind refers to the link between the troubles in private level that is related with the issues of public. Sociological imagination helps to look upon the people those are facing same issues as one person. Private problems often have been created by the public issues and can be removed by rendering a collective action among the society.   Sociological imagination helps to gather a sociological perspective of a given area (, 2015).

However, the central tendency of the health practitioner within Australia is the culture, ethnicity, dignity, culture and beliefs of people in order to receive care. Sociological imagination therefore consists of four interconnected area. This can be called as sociological template. These factors are as follows:


Historical factors:

This factor tells the process of influence of past over the present situation. In this case, I have understood that, there were lacks of health equity in Australia. Health equity can be described as the differences among the served quality of healthcare within different organization.  The experiences from the past society of Australia have been helped to derive the necessity of primary healthcare among Australian healthcare system.  

Cultural factors:

This implies the impacts of culture upon the lives of people within the society. Primary healthcare consists of different values, aspirations and principles those will help in the process of providing comprehensive healthcare at a primary level across Australia. Primary healthcare system is a valuable composition for the healthcare system of any country rather Australia. Primary healthcare system can be able to maintain the dignity, equality and value of the people.

Critical factors:

This factor tells that by which procedure people can be able to improve the social environment of the society. Therefore, a set of principles can be helpful for providing proper primary healthcare to the people of the society. On the other hand it can be stated that, globalization has happened within the society. Globalization has helped to mix the cultures of all aspects of the world. Globalization has helped to focus upon the global health crisis. At the time of viral disease, every country needs to take action in order to prevent the disease. Extensive level of mass media coverage is necessary for this purpose.

Structural factors:

This tells how various types of particular forms of social organization affect the lives of people among the society. Large number of quality team that is multidisciplinary can improve the condition of health within this society. By the effect of globalization several healthcare teams from different cultural and geographical background can take effective actions for the purpose of serving people of countries.


Step 3: Reflection of the topic:

Here I have found lots of resources those have helped me in order to understand the topic.  I have found a model of primary healthcare that is very relevant and important in order to understand my topic. Model of primary healthcare are usually sustained by integrated and functional coordination as well as system of referral. I have understood that collaboration between the healths professional is very much necessary and important for providing effective primary healthcare. I have understood by those resources or materials that an effective team of active researcher, educators, and policy makers of clinical practice will be able to improve the practice of primary healthcare for the entire community.

 As stated by Thomas (2012) this team can be able to maintain their knowledge and practice that will benefit the community as well as society at a large level. I have understood from this learning that, proper skill development process is also very necessary in order t maintain the same effective team with new members. Extensive level of knowledge and skill development will be helpful for effective building of a team. This team will also make sure about removing the health inequalities among the people of the society. I also argue that. Apart from maintaining the health of community, the health of those professional of a team should also needs to be maintained.

I have also understood that, inequalities in health often been found within various types of socio economic groups, geographical groups, ethnic groups and genders.  Rich segment of the society always stay healthy as they have the resources those can be invested for their health. On the other hand, various geographical locations also impacts upon the health of those persons. However, health inequalities should not be presented in the large sector of society. Maintaining own health is one of the fundamental rights of human being.

Therefore, I have also understood by studying some materials that society should provide opportunities equally for every people of different class or background.  People are the only intelligent animal of society. I can state that directly and indirectly people of the society can improve the condition of the society that will be helpful for removing social inequalities among the people of the society. All the resources should be properly distributed to the people. A balance should be there in order to promote health equalities to all the people of the society. Therefore, all people should protect the fundamental right of saving the health.


Step 4: Reflecting my views upon the chosen topic:

In order to reflect this theme some definitions need to be properly explained.  Multidisciplinary team in healthcare consists of various specialized person with special skills and knowledge from various types of medical backgrounds. Multidisciplinary team focuses upon both the psychological and physical needs of the particular person. Multidisciplinary team of different healthcare organization seeks to provide best practice to the users of healthcare. This team can be able to provide person centered approach to the users. Therefore, this team has an intention to provide care as per the psychological and clinical needs of the particular patient. Therefore, as per my opinion, a multidisciplinary team can be involved in the primary healthcare in order to reduce the health inequalities among the people of the community as well as society.

Now I describe the concept of health equality within Australian sector. Moreover, Australia enjoys good health but that is not shared equally by all region of Australia. Different populations of Australia have to suffer different rate of diseases, death, life expectancy, health behaviors etc. Therefore, the rate of inequalities of Australia is associated with different system of education, income, occupation, status of employment, ethnicity as well as gender. Within the perspective of Australia, many people who are generally refugees are often victimized by health inequalities. Australian health system lacks from cultural competency. Various types of cultural barriers, language barriers as well as low literacy of health impact upon health service of Australia.

I have also found from some materials of study that, mental illness is a common phenomenon among the people of Australia. Migrant and refugee population of Australia often suffer from mental illness. People often do not get the chance to access all the resources of healthcare due to the huge sources of barriers.

However, I have understood that Functionalism theory can be applicable for this purpose of healthcare. Functionalism approach of Sociology states that, user uses the structure of society at the time of his/her crisis or necessity. Structure of the society refers to the institutions of society, like financial, healthcare etc. On the other hand, the institution also takes some elements from the user, in form of money and other benefit. The example is as we pay taxes for the healthcare and the healthcare department of government provides benefit and service to the people of the society. The users and the institution have a functional approach among them. In order to deal with healthcare issues, the functionalism approach can be very effective for understanding. By this functionalism approach, the authority can become dominant.

On the other hand, postmodernism theory has helped to discuss the individuality of a human. Every human being is consisted with different culture, value and dignity. Therefore, the person centered approach can be taken by the healthcare system for understanding the individual demand and need of the people.

Now I am describing the concept of primary healthcare as well as principles and policies of primary healthcare that is one of the major and important issues of this topic. As discussed by Calhoun (2012) I am describing the facts of policy and funding strategy of primary healthcare etc. In current situation, Australia has offered a unique opportunity of health reformation. There are several leading nursing and midwifery organizations those support the adoption of various types of policies of primary health policies. I have found that policies of primary healthcare have been adopted as the counter piece of health policy. I here describe the definition of primary healthcare.

On the other hand Dillon et al. (2012) defines the concept of primary healthcare as the essential healthcare that is made for all access of the people throughout the world. Full participation of the people is very necessary and important in order to provide primary healthcare to all the people of the world. Primary healthcare can be helpful for the development of society as well as economy of the community. Primary healthcare is also defined by Falk (2012) as a holistic approach that incorporates all status of mind, body, land, environment, socio economic status, custom etc.  I have come to the conclusion about the concept of primary healthcare that it is the cultural construct that often includes integrated as well as essential care that is based upon the scientifically and practically as well as socially applicable procedures for the people of the society. Primary healthcare requires intimate and profound knowledge of the concern community as well as health problems of the particular community.

Therefore, I have understood this particular purpose that traditionally Australia has emphasized on the purpose of primary care than primary health care. The model of primary care is followed by the Australian healthcare community.  However, various organizations of nursing and midwifery support extensive practice of primary healthcare. The broad sense of placing health within the cultural, social political as well as environmental context refers to the primary healthcare of several organizations. Nurses and midwives provides effective healthcare with proper care, treatment, rehabilitation, prevention strategies and assessment care.

Therefore, various principles and practices of primary healthcare should be aimed for the neediest group of the society. These principles should include a wide range of appropriate as well as essential activities. These principles should be acceptable and accessible to everyone among the society.  It should be affordable for all the persons of society. These principles should contribute to the self determination and self reliance of communities of society. Principles should be integrated in various parts of health program and other development sectors of society.

Therefore, practice of primary health care involves curative care, health promotion, prevention and control of some disease including AIDS and similar types of diseases. Therefore, I have analyzed that the purpose as well as objective of primary healthcare policy seeks to empower the community as well as individual consumers of health. This can hold important activities within the society in order to improve the condition of healthcare within the community as well as society. Nurses and midwives are very important in order to deliver the role of primary healthcare within the organization.  I have come to this conclusion that, primary health care workers are educated and knowledgeable. Effective skill and development process needs to be done by the people. Therefore I have analyzed that the multidisciplinary teams can be able to contribute for ensuring greater equity of health care in Australia through the process of employing the Primary healthcare policy.


Step 5: Explaining the graduate attributes:

In order to analyze this particular area of my study I have achieved the graduate attribute 1 or GA1 has been developed by me as I have started thinking about the diversified people of the society. Human beings are the most valuable element on this earth. The cultural and sociological aspect has made different human. Human beings are the most important social animal. Every human being should be included in the healthcare in order to get the most relevant and effective care at the time of crisis. I have understood the necessity as well as importance of person centered approach in order to serve every individuals of the society. Person centered approach is a very important aspect that refers to the understanding of every individual by their needs, demands and valued.  Dignity and value of every human being are being ensured by this person centered approach.


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