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Literature review on the process of Hierarchical Task Analysis?

• Brief history of Hierarchical task analysis (HTA);

• Goals and purpose of HTA;

• Typical application of HTA; and

• Overview of the HTA process.



A composed, purpose strategy for clarifying clients' effectiveness of tasks, "hierarchical task analysis (HTA)" emerged in human elements. In its most fundamental structure, an HTA gives a knowing of the activities clients need to perform to accomplish certain goals. The client can separate these undertakings into a few levels of subtasks. The user can utilize HTA to clarify the correspondences between a man and a product program. At the point when building up another system, HTA lets the customer find different conceivable methods to completing the same procedure. At the point when looking at a current project, it can help the user to enhance specific correspondences(Diaper & Stanton, 2004).

Goals and purpose

This analysis starts with uncovering the general reason that the individual needs to fulfil. This is then re-described into an arrangement of sub-operations and the technique indicating when they are performed. The methodology is a great essential piece of HTA since it clarifies the points of interest assets that the representative must be displayed at two, to have the capacity to sign the requirement for different activities. Every sub-operation can be re-described further if the expert needs, again as two different capacities and projects(Stanton, 2006).


Typical application

HTA needs a specific knowing of clients' activities. The client can fulfil this knowing by:

  • Recognizing the clients' primary objectives

  • Specifying the activities clients must execute to fulfil their objectives

  • Improving these methods

The inquiry of whether it is important to break down a specific capacity to a superior phase of points of interest depends on whether the expert considers that an imperative misstep strategy is liable to be uncovered by a more astounding grained analysis. In the event that the repercussions of not persistently holding up until the anxiety had diminished were not kidding and forgetting to look at the anxiety was likely, then it would be important to split down the capacity 'charge reactor' to its component activities. Tragically, until the authority has put up the capacity further, it is trying to envision how a sub-operation of the following diminished phase of glitch may don't succeed, and what the repercussions of this fizzling may be (Shepherd, 2001).


In work out, a worry of the regular nature of the PIFs of the situation being broke down will give a decent of the general shot of the error in the specific capacity being examined. In the same way, the repercussions of errors can be broken down as to the general weakness to individual misstep of the subsystem into concern. By considering these viewpoints together, it is generally clear where the analysis ought to be finished. Shifting phases of points of interest may be essential for diverse reasons, e.g. risk examination, instructing prerequisites or procedures style(Vásquez C, Gruhn & Minker, 2013).


Here the advantages and disadvantages of HTA are discussed (Embrey, 2000):


HTA is a financially savvy strategy for gathering and arranging data since the requested data needs just to be composed up to the component where it is needed for the reasons of the examination.


The requested system of HTA permits the pro to pay consideration on vital elements of the methodology which can have an impact on spot assurance.

At the point when utilized as a criticism to outline, HTA permits productive objectives to be determined by the more prominent phases of the examination preceding last decisions being made about the segments. This is critical when doling out peculiarities in the middle of representatives and computerized procedures.

HTA is best planned as a participation between the procedure pro and individuals occupied with gimmicks. Subsequently, the master creates the data of the procedure relying upon the perspectives of the line representatives who are responsible for successful capacity of the framework.

HTA can be utilized as a spot to begin for utilizing different oversight research strategies to investigate the mix-up forthcoming in the proficiency of the needful characteristics.



The specialist needs to make an assessment of mastery so as to examine the errand effectively since the strategy is not a straightforward methodology that can be utilized in a flash. Be that as it may, the vital aptitudes can be acquired sensibly rapidly through practice.

Since HTA must be completed together with workers, supervisors and experts, it obliges devotion of perseverance from dynamic individuals.



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