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B205B-Contextual Influences On Entrepreneurship And Innovation

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  • Course Code: B205B
  • University: Arab Open University
  • Country: Egypt


1.Discus the different dimensions of contexts and contextual influences on entrepreneurship and innovation, and assess the contextual influences on Heinz which affect its innovation capability.

2.Discuss the national and regional differences of culture and how do the cultural dimensions affect entrepreneurship and innovation and risk taking and assess the organizational culture at Heinz and its effect on innovation.

3.Outline the concept of digital enterprise, and assess how Heinz is using digital technology.

4.Discuss the emerging models of environmentally sustainable enterprises, and assess whether Heinz is an environmentally sustainable enterprise.

5.Outline the concept entrepreneurial marketing, and assess the marketing approach at Heinz.

6.Reflect on the experience of working on your TMA and assess how it has developed your understanding of the course concepts.


1.Contextual influences on entrepreneurship and innovation

There are many contextual factors that influence the entrepreneurship and innovation decisions of an organization. Some of the factors are as follows

Goals and strategy

The goals and objectives of the company are one of the major aspects that the company has to take care of. Unless the goals are properly defined the company will not be able to decide which the right tool or the right innovative measure to be taken. The company will have to take the right innovative strategy based on its objectives.

Heinz is a company that deals in the production of the food items like Heinz Tomato Soup, Heinz Baked Beans, Heinz Tomato Ketchup and other such products ( 2019). They could have stayed with their original products as giving them enough profit rather than looking for some newer strategies. However, they thought of focusing on the future. As a result of this, they made sure that they are taking many new strategies that will help them to attain their future goals.


The internal and external environment of the organization needs to be taken care of properly before they can bring any changes. The external affairs include the competitors that often try to win over the customers (Martin 2018). Heinz is trying to give a tough competition to its competitors by working over the information technology. They are trying to bring in the best possible tools, machinery and the capital equipment (Heidari and Pearce 2016).

Company culture is one of the important internal factors that might be taken into consideration before bringing innovation. They could find out many issues in the existing company culture. As a result of this, Heinz made sure that they are finding out and dealing with all the issues. There was a lack of understanding and cooperation among the employees. Thus they made some new changes like

  • The chefs' work program now includes time to experiment in the kitchen on innovative ideas.
  • The working environment has been improved - making it more conducive to creativity.


Heinz Innovation Fresh Ideas Folder which provides a central collection point for ideas within the organization. This is one of the important technological advancements and innovation that is being used by the organization. 



The company culture has to be employee friendly so that the employees can give in their feedbacks. This will help the company to get a well-developed culture. The employees will be getting a good flexible and friendly culture

2.National and regional differences of culture

There are often cultural differences that may lead to the changes in the entrepreneurship and innovation and risk-taking within any organization. For an instance, people of America are very open in the communication strategies (Chaboud 2016). They do not fear taking up the risks. They often challenge the business manners or the ideas of their seniors.

The regional and the cultural differences affect the risk taking and the entrepreneurship decisions. This is evident from the fact that people living in different regions have different kinds of mindset and perceptions. People living in some regions are deeply rooted in cultures. They will be taking decisions based only on their cultural and their religious aspects. For an instance the America employees are very responsive by nature. They will be open towards accepting new ideas and will also not backstep in taking up quick decisions. However on the other hand, the employees who belong from a cultural region like China will be taking up a huge amount of time before taking any decision. In other words they will have a less risk bearing capacity. They will be deeply rooted in cultural and religious values before taking any such decision.

 However, on the other hand, the people of Kuwait will try to listen to whatever is being ordered by their bosses or their seniors. Thus, they will be thinking several times before taking up the risks. Thus, Heinz is trying their level best to bring a proper employee friendly and innovative culture (Dürr et al. 2017). Similarly the employees having a rigid religious mindset will also not be able to contribute in innovation or in entrepreneurship decisions. 


The company culture in Heinz is filled with a proper culture of dynamism and innovation. They make sure that all the employees are being treated as equal irrespective of their regional or their cultural difference. Heinz has realized that one of the strategies that they can use is to diversify their products in order to meet the needs and demands of customers belonging from different target market groups. Mass Marketing is one of the important strategies that has been used by the companyAll the employees are to abide by the Global Code of Conduct and Company policies so that there is a feeling of equality maintained among one and all. The company is trying to invest on their R&D team so that they can train all their employees in understanding the importance of innovation, risk bearing capacity and a very open attitude towards the entrepreneurship ability. They are trying their level best to work over the modern scientific technology for improving their dynamic culture. The effects that have taken place on the c ompany couture of the organization are as follows-

  • Ideas and suggestions are welcomed from all directions, both internally and externally. Understanding and meeting the needs of consumers is central to this culture.
  • There was a kind of fear within the organization as the employees feared that they will not be able to take up the new and additional responsibilities.
  • The chefs' work program now includes time to experiment in the kitchen on innovative ideas. This will ensure that the chef will get some changes and innovation in his job le. As a result of this, he will be able to add some innovation to their current operational strategies.
  • They have also been successful in launching many new and innovative products that would help in attracting the attention of their customers.One of the press releases from the Heinz company said that -

Everyone likes beans, everyone likes Shepherd’s Pie, but not everyone likes cooking. One of the press releasable Bean Cuisine’ - incorporating Heinz Baked Beans into a range of traditional recipes such as Sausage Hot Pot, Cheesy Pasta Bake, and Lamb Hot Pot.

3.Digital enterprise

Digital enterprises are a term used to refer to companies that use the modern and upgraded technological advancements in order to carry on with their day to day operations. A good example can be the digital transformation that took place in Deloitte. In this modern scenario, it is one of the most important aspects that the company has to take into account (Shuradze, Bogodistov and Wagner 2018). 


In order to stay in the competition, the organization is trying to upgrade itself in terms of technological advancements. In order to do that they are trying to open many online helpline systems that will help them to stay connected with their customers. They will also make sure that they are being able to widen their networking system and involve all the people within their decision-making process.

Heinz has started using the online ordering systems as part of their digital marketing strategy. They have realized that in order to stay in competition they have to uti.ize all the online digital marketing methods like online app booking systems, self pick up systems and other such aspects. They have also made sure that te customers can reach out to them through the inline customer forum and the online customer helpline numbers. Apart from this they have also extended their helpline systems by making sure that they are developing a 24*7 online chat platform as well.

4.Environmentally sustainable models

The 3 overlapping circles model is one of the emerging sustainability models. This helps in knowing the responsibilities that the company has in order to carry in with their operations successfully in the market. However it has to be noted in this context that the company cannot sustain only by looking at the society or at the economy. It has to take care of the environmental factors as well. The organization has to make sure that none of their activities are having any harmful impact on the environment. They must start using all the eco friendly methods of production. This will also help them to five back to their society in some useful productive means.

Heinz is making many efforts that will be helping them to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 15%. This has been done by using the energy reducing machines in their manufacturing units (Bajaj 2017). These energy efficient machines have helped them to check the emission of any harmful gases that might be released during the production process. They also make sure that their packaging is taking place with the energy saving and the eco-friendly products. They have launched and started using a strategy called the Growing a Better World strategy. This helps them to support the sustainability of their supply chain at each and every step. Heinz is also trying to develop a low carbon economy. They have collaborated with

The Science-Based Targets. They have also made sure that they are being able to control the emission of the greenhouse gases.

5.Entrepreneurial marketing

Entrepreneurial marketing refers to the collective strategies that are used for gaining popularity in the market. The term entrepreneurial marketing does not refer to anyone or a single kind of marketing strategy. Heinz is using all the new and advanced strategies like diversity marketing. Heinz has realized that one of the strategies that they can use is to diversify their products in order to meet the needs and demands of customers belonging from different target market groups. Mass Marketing is one of the important strategies that has been used by the company.

They have diversified their products like Barbie Pasta Shapes, come in bright pink packaging with a starry hologram effect. This will help them to diversify themselves in the field of baby products. However, they have made sure that their mass marketing strategy is also working properly. They have launched this new product range after a Barbie watch show. Thus, it can be said that the company has chosen a good platform for the selling of their newly launched item. 


6.Reflect on the experience

I have gained a good experience while working in the TMA course. This assignment has really been very helpful as I have gained a good knowledge regarding the different marketing strategies and the methods in which the organizations can carry on their operations.

I have gained a clear understanding regarding the importance the e-commerce sites and then online advertising media in this modern day scenario. In order to develop a proper connection with all the customers, the organization has to make sure that they are utilizing all the newer channels of connection.

As most of the customers are highly active on the internet and other social networking sites they will be able to know about the newly launched products of the company as and when they are being reflected via the internet or the online applications.

This assignment has also taught me how to develop a proper communication system within the organization. This is because innovation can take place properly only if there is a two-way communication system. The managers must also divide the work into channels so that the work can be carried on smoothly

I also learned that in order to survive in this age of tough competition the companies have to keep a separate amount of money in order to train their employees. A good amount of capital is to be invested in the R&D departments so that they can upgrade their products and services for satisfying the customers 



Bajaj, S., 2017. Regulation of advertisement for food products in India—advertisement for food products. In Food Safety in the 21st Century (pp. 469-477). Academic Press.

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Joe, T. ed., 2017. Exploiting Intellectual Property to Promote Innovation and Create Value (Vol. 29). World Scientific.

Martin, R., 2018. Managing Change: Corporate Culture Change Of Heinz.Shuradze, G., Bogodistov, Y. and Wagner, H.T., 2018. The role of marketing-enabled data analytics capability and organisational agility for innovation: empirical evidence from german firms. International Journal of Innovation Management, 22(04), p.1850037.


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