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Importance of Phd program enrollment at Prestige University

Analyse the BABOK and 3.0 strategy analysis for the analysis of the current situation from the determination of the business needs.

It is important that the students from all around the globe are trying to enroll their Phd program or course in Prestige University. The Prestige University is one of the most renowned universities in Australia providing great opportunities and facilities for the students who want to enroll their program on Phd. It is seen that the students might be sure that before their doctoral studies that whether they are in really need of doing the Phd program or courses. The Prestige University is trying to provide the best of opportunities for the students with the administration as well the infrastructural problems to be eliminated if any and by the identification and the analysis of the business requirements as well (Pearlson Saunders and Galletta 2016). The study entails that the research office at Prestige University plays the most vital part in making the students to be successfully enroll the Phd program or course for them. It is important to identify the fact that there are some processes and the business requirements to be identified in this paper which is useful in making the students enrollment process for the Phd program or course to be done successfully and without any confusion to be developed for them.

The strategy is defined as the roadmap which is essential in leading an organization to achieve its long term goals in the future. It is very much important that in this case there is the application of the BABOK strategy analysis tool for defining g and implementing the strategy required or the management enrollment process of Phd program or course. According to the BABOK strategy analysis they consists of four components which includes the business need which is termed as the current state, risks and uncertainties, change strategies and the solution which is termed as the future state (Åström and Wittenmark 2013). So the fur components of this strategy analysis tool has been explained below

(Source: Stair and Reynolds 2013)

Analysis of Current state- According to the case scenario, the university does not have a proper system for supporting the students to have the enrollment process for their Phd programs or course to be developed properly. They do not have the sufficient amount of budget now to develop a system to help the student as well the research managers and the research administrators to help the management to do the student process to be done successfully (Power Sharda and Burstein 2015). The University does not have the proper and sufficient volume of staffs to be recruited for this problem to be resolved right now. It is seen that due to rapid enrollment of the local and the international students for Phd, there are huge pressures to be experienced by the research office right now (Pinedo 2016). The documents processing along with the other documents were not been able to manage it properly. The office of Ru Shi was run with the standalone excel spreadsheets. The University 1 has recommended that the research managers have to relocate and physically sit together in the research office but this might create inefficiencies and lack of understanding of the practices to be taken place in the management of the enrollment process. There was complete restricting of the organizational hierarchy to be taken place which might lower done the morale and the productivity of all the stakeholders involved in this business. It was also seemed that there is increase in the distance to be taken place between the research managers, supervisors and students in the faculties (Power Sharda and Burstein 2015). After the restructuring it is also seen that two of the research managers has left the job promptly. After restructuring, the Phd students felt that they are facing the difficulty in finding out their research managers and they were unsure that whom they will contact or communicate with regarding their Phd enrollment program.

Application of BABOK strategy analysis tool for enrollment process

Risks and uncertainties- The risks which have evolved from this case scenario is that there is always a dilemma that how the students will be communicating with whom in orders to meet their needs and demands (Pearlson Saunders and Galletta 2016). The students are confused and not have any understanding to communicate with the best person for meeting their needs. So there is the risk of lack of communication to be taken place between the research managers and the students.

Change Strategies or Business Needs- The business needs which is identified could be the development of the integrated management information system which is useful in record keeping of all the information and details within the integrated system to be developed. The business also needs the proper support and collaboration from the research managers, research administrators as well the supervisory panel in order to improve the communication protocols needed for the growth and sustainability of the business for Prestige University (Cho and Karp 2013). The need of hiring more and more staffs in order to handle the huge information required for the students to get enrolled properly in the Phd courses.

Future State- The last component will be the solution for the problem identified at the research office in Prestige University for the student enrollment program to be one effectively. It will also ensure that the business objectives are fulfilled or not. It also evaluates that whether the solution has any future value for the management as well for the stakeholders involved in this business (Venkatesh Brown and Bala 2013).

According to this strategy analysis model there are three steps by which the business organizations could be able to meet their business requirements and resolve any issues which they face while operating in this business environment (Pearlson Saunders and Galletta 2016). According to the case scenario given, the business requirements should be the document sorting for the proper enrollment of the student and providing a proper access as well as the student management. The business requirement is also checking the overall organizational structure of the university.

The VC need to understand to requirements and designing of the system which involves the enrollment of the students.

According to the babok Vs 3.0 strategy analysis model the future state is defined as the solution to the problems identified by any business organizations.

The future state of this business could be that there is the streamlining and flexibility in the management process to be done for the enrollment of the Phd students in Prestige University. The business requirements are basically the development of an integrated student enrollment system to be developed for the enrollment process to be managed effectively by the research managers as well the research administrators for the students (Whittington 2014). The university has started planning to develop a budget where they can be able to develop this system in the future for managing and resolving the problems of enrollment process. The research managers were relocated in the future and they were told to sit at the same office from different regions justifies the business requirements (Pedro et al 2013). This might improve the efficiency of the stakeholders and they could be able to communicate much more effectively with the students. The business also requires that the processes and the practices needs to be standardized and this will eventually happen if the system will be integrated and there will be developing of different types of functionalities to be there in the system (Power Sharda and Burstein 2015). The development of this integrated management information system will also help in the review of the processes and the feedbacks gained from the students satisfy the business requirements (Rosen 2012). The future state should be involving in finding out the copy of the previous review documents for the specific students which will be possible and satisfying the performance requirement of the business. The next could be the appointing of the business analyst who will be identifying and fulfilling all the business requirements so that it should satisfy it in the near future for dealing with the enrollment problems of Phd students

Components of BABOK strategy analysis

The protocol is defined as the certain rules which the interviewer need to be identifying and applying in order to have the interview session to be completed in a successful manner (Scott and Davis 2015). The interview protocol for Ru Shi Liu and Katie Brennan is completely different. It is seen that for taking the interview of Ru Shi Liu there is the unstructured interview protocol to be used by the interviewer (Arvidsson Holmström and Lyytinen 2014). The interviewer is taking the interview over the telephone and asked about the different problems which the students will be facing in the future and currently. The interview is about how the lot of information in the research office could be managed there. The next is Katie Brennan who will be interviewed by the researcher. The researcher has been using the structured interview method for taking the interview for Katie Brennan. The researcher has asked Katie Brennan regarding the annual review process for the enrollment and how it should be reviewed. It should also tell that how the supervisor is playing a vital role for the students to be able to get enrolled for the Phd program for the students. The researcher will also ask that whether the need and the demands of the students are perfectly fulfilled or not from Katie Brennan.

It is seen that the main stakeholders involved in Prestige University is Ru Shi Liu and Katie Brennan. Ru Shi Liu is the new PVC research degrees in Prestige University. Katie Brennan is the research administrator who will be taking the role of research managers and looking after the annual review processes for the enrollment of Phd students in this university. The interview has been arranged by the management of this university in order to collect the desired and useful information from them so that the management could make the process streamlined and value driven for the students in the future (Kerzner and Kerzner 2017). The interviews with these two vital individuals will certainly help in making the business requirements to be understood and provide brief idea to the business analyst regarding the assessment and dealing with the business requirements (Stair and Reynolds 2013).

Questions Asked: Ru Shi

Did you experienced huge pressures in student’s enrollment?

Ans: Yes

Did you actively and sorted properly the student documents?

Ans: No

Do you have any other systems to be introduced?

Ans: No

Analysis of Current state

Do you understand all the needs of the students in different faculties?

Ans: No

Asked: Rogher

Do you receive premium services?

Ans: No

Did the system match up the requirements of the students?

Ans: No

Did the system need new designing of the system?

Ans: Yes

Did the student enrollment system is feasible?

Ans: No

It is seen that based on the information obtained from the document analysis it is seen that the user here are basically the students and the research managers who are using all the collected information coming from the students of the enrollment of the Phd program in Prestige University (Cho and Karp 2013). The user stories have been highlighted below.

The user requirements were properly explained in this section. First of all the students should need the entry form to be found at the website of the research office. The entry forms are not available first in the website of the research office what the students require at first to be seen. After that the user requires that they could be able to found out the appropriate supervisor in the research office website who will be guiding them to get enrolled effectively for the Phd program (Åström and Wittenmark 2013). The students also want that they have given additional information but now they will not share any kind of additional information to the research office (Pearlson Saunders and Galletta 2016)



No proper assistance from supervisors

It is also seen that the students need the proper help and assistance both from the supervisors as well from the research managers

No entry form at website

The students needs that they should lodge an application entry before the supervisor gets organized and after that they will talk with the supervisor regarding the Phd topic they found interest in as well.

Improper fixing time of appointments for students

The student also want that the meetings which are fixed with their supervisor should not be done fortnight and some time should be given to them to have a clear and long discussion with their individual supervisors (Sharda Delen and Turban 2013).

Simultaneous help both from research managers and supervisors

They want that there is the need of the separate student enrollment system to be developed which involves one for the local and the other for the international students (Kilburn Kilburn and Cates 2014). They also want that there should be proper link to be developed with the supervisor so that they can be able to match up their requirements.

Inappropriate process of gathering technical information

On the other hand the user could be the research managers who are involved in annual review of the documents and the information collected from the students and retrieving it from the research office website.

Non-feasible designing of the system

The research managers do not want that they should be working under the same roof as this creates inefficiencies and complexity in the enrollment process to be involved. So this will develop feasibility in the new designing of the system.

Poor communication with the supervisors and research managers.

The student needs that every department should be separated so that effective communication to be developed between them. The student also wants that the research administrators do not take up the role of research managers.

Improper review of the documents

The students should be using the website to be able to understand the enrollment process and how they should be collecting the technical information from the supervisor for getting involved in this Phd program (Galliers and Leidner 2014).

Poor process of management

The student want that there is the need to develop a proper and dedicated student enrollment system where they should be able to review their processes and documents as and when required for proper development of the management process (Mourshed Farrell and Barton 2013).


From the study it is evident that the user here could be the research managers and the students who will be constrained with the actual requirements. It concludes that Prestige University should be able to develop a dedicated and user friendly student enrollment system here the management process for the Phd program or the course could be easily accessible and information could be retrieved properly from that system. It conclude that due to the rapid increase in the local and the international students for the enrollment of the Phd program, there is increasing workloads and additional pressures at the office of Ru Shi Liu. They are trying to found innovative solutions in order to collect and retrieve the documents as well the information of the students in a proper way. It is evident that proper system is useful in managing and controlling all the required information and this will help in meeting the business requirements as well


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