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Benefits Of Play For Child Add in library

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Explain why it is important for children to have opportunities for play?





Play is an important part of development for children because it leads to social, emotional, cognitive and physical happiness of children. Play also suggests a superlative opportunity for the family of the children to engage totally along with them. In spite of the advantages attained from play for both children time, free play has been noticeably reduced for some children. This report concentrates on various factors that have decreased the level of play, including a rushed standard of living of parents, changes in the structure of family, and augmented concentration to fortification activities and academics at the cost of playtime.

The benefits that play give to children:

Playing lets children use their creativity, which helps in development of the children’s imagination, agility, and poignant, cognitive, physical and strength. Playing is crucial for a healthy development of brain. By playing, children at a very early age interact and connect to the environment surrounding them. Playing helps them to discover and create a world around them, winning their frights while preparing their roles in adulthood, sometimes in coincidence with adult career giver or other children.  As they prevail through their world, play aids children to develop new potential that lead to augment confidence and the flexibility they require to confront future dispute. Undirected play helps them with opportunities for sharing or negotiating to learn how they could work in groups to provide solutions for quarrels, and to learn sills related to self-advocacy. When children play, decision-making skills are being practiced, they learn to be in motion at their own pace, determine their own interest fields, and finally connect totally in the intentions where they want to pursue in life. Preferably, the adults control the playing of the children but when adults or caregivers control play, children comply with adult concerns and systems and drop some of the advantages that play can offer to the childrens, especially in budding imagination, group skills and leadership.  In difference to inert amusement, play builds healthy bodies and lively mind. In reality it has been proposed that cheering formless play could be an outstanding way to increase the level of physical exertions in children, which is a significant approach in the declaration of the epidemic of obesity.  Conceivably, especially, play is an easy pleasure which is an exquisite part of infancy (Child Development Institute, 2015).Playing provides opportunities for Social, Physical, Intellectual, Communication and Emotional.. The opportunities which play gives for children including Learning from play, social skills from play learning new words, encourages exploring outdoor play.


The EYFS that is the Early Year Foundation Stage provides a balance for adult-guided play and child-innitiated based activities. They provide child initiated choice for the children, like if a child wants to play with a fire engine then a toy will be provided for them. In guide led play the guide provide equipments such as abacus where the child plays to understand numbers.

Playing is a vital part of learning. In fact playing is the easiest by which children can learn things about their surroundings. Learning helps to bring out the creativity and development within a child. The benefits that children take out of learning through playing are as follows:

1. They learn the ability to sense the world. Their understanding of the world, its good and bad things become clear in their eyes. If they are constantly at home and not playing in a group, then they will never develop this ability and find problems in the real world later.

2. They develop cultural and social understanding. To understand the social and cultural society is a vital part can learn and this can be learning through interaction with the outer world only.

3. It makes the children expressive and they become flexible in expressing their thoughts and feelings (, 2015).

4. Playing also develops their problem solving ability


Characteristics of an environment that supports children development and learning:

One strong feature for facilitating a proper environment for children is the available resources meant for them. These resources offer supports for development and learning for children.

  1. It should understand the needs of child play and development.

  2. It should support physical and mental development of a child through playing adequately and freely.

  3. It should enhance the emotional stability of children.

  4. It should support the children with indoor, outdoor, and emotional environment (, 2015).

Physical environment:

Physical surroundings include residential area, the relationship and bonding at house. The physical environment has a sturdy impact on both young children's learning and growth. Environments that are well designed will let children to discover, provide them logic of control and will let the children to connect in purposeful, self-directed play (, 2015). The physical environment should encourage movement like playground that would comprise of  seesaw, spring rider, trapeze rings and overhead ladder.

Socio-cultural environment:

Experiencing the social environment is a very important factor for the development of a child. A child needs to learn being in a social area to learn social behaviour. A man is a social animal, if he does not experience a social environment from his childhood chances are that he might suffer irreversible consequences later and which can lead to mental illness (, 2015. The cultural environment also plays an important role. The culture around which a child grows actually shapes up his future and mental growth. For cultural and social environment children are provided with books that have moral values like the Aesop fables. The growth of a child is influenced by the flexibilities of the culture in which he is born. A person should always understand the cultures of other people to live in harmony in this world, but this is only possible when he interacts within his own culture (, 2015). Cultural tools for children’s that should be kept in child care centres are, children musical instrument, cultural DVD for treasure chest, puppets and story books like Nona and Me, the Legend of Seven Sisters. For social development of the children in Child care centres the Centre can conduct social gatherings like conducting workshop of information sessions. Providing environmental issue lessons for social awareness is another type of equipment.


Indoor environment:

Indoor environment have an immediate impact on the young children. They should be comfortable, attractive and very interesting. They should be like second homes to the children. These are called indoor environment in a nursery because this are made to make the children feel at home. The nature of this environment is to provide the children comfortable just like their homes. The Indoor environment resources that need to be present in order to support development are- books of stories and contains colours, sand games, child learning equipments like colour pencils for drawing, cribs or playpens,  stroller, powdered tamper pens and abacus.

Outdoor environment:

The outdoor environment for child care must contain high quality of resources, space for playing, should have accessibility and stability along with decent and colourful displays for children. Getting fresh air is important for children. Certain resources like playhouse, Frisbee, boat, tree trunk climbing frame and crates should be provided for the children who would enhance their ideas and would make some physical exertion on their behalf. Apart from that the location for the playground needs to be away from traffic, safely guarded, avoid high pollution area and should not be nearby gas station or similar kind.



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